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  1. Pretty sure there's a boatload of scouts that will be surprised to learn that MLB teams kept on virtually 100% of their employees.
  2. I haven't spoken with anyone connected with the Kernels about this, so these comments shouldn't be considered anything more than my opinions, but I can imagine the Kernels have multiple concerns, beyond any possible costs to move up a class. Those, to the extent they exist, would be one-time costs. Of larger concern, I would imagine, are those additional costs that will be recurring. 1. Losing Burlington and Clinton will mean CR loses 2 'commuter series' rivals. Teams were able to bus to these games and home again after each game, meaning no hotel costs. CR will still be close to Quad Citi
  3. Whew! We made it! I know I can’t be the only person who wouldn’t have bet much money a couple of months ago on the chances of MLB even having a Postseason in 2020. It looked pretty bleak when the Marlins and Cardinals started things off with a bunch of postponed games. But here we are. The American League starts their first round on Tuesday and the National League gets going on Wednesday. And, yes, the Minnesota Twins will be participating in this rather strange endeavor, having squeaked through with a second consecutive American League Central Division championship. When I initially p
  4. I guess. But one got crappy infield defense behind him and one didn't, as well.
  5. I like it when the Twins put up crooked numbers in the first inning.
  6. I'd guess not wanting us to hear everything said by the benches and on the field is actually the main reason they're piping in the sound. Has little to do with ambiance.
  7. I'm thinking a year away, as well. The old Twins/Sox rivalry could get really interesting again starting next season. (Maybe sooner, since anything can happen in a 60 game stretch.)
  8. Max does love to ambush pitchers on that first pitch of a game. Has to be in the scouting report. I'm amazed he gets a first pitch anywhere near the strike zone.
  9. Not gonna lie. 4 months ago, I would have bet there would not be an MLB Opening Day in 2020.
  10. With Opening Day of the 2020 Major League Baseball season now upon us, I thought I would take a quick peek at what, if any, adjustments the sportsbooks I subscribe to have made compared to those I posted in Part 4 of this "Bet On It!" series earlier in July, as teams were making their way back into their abbreviated summer camps. It turns out, however, that my fellow betting subscribers have given the oddsmakers at William Hill and Elite Sportsbook very little reason to make adjustments to their MLB season odds. I was pleased to see that William Hill has again begun taking bets on the Divi
  11. When I posted Part 3 of this "Bet On It!" series back on March 8, it's unlikely any of us could have foreseen that four months later we still wouldn't have seen Major League Baseball's Opening Day. Within just a couple of weeks from the time that article was posted, pretty much all MLB bets had been taken off the board at the sportsbooks. Now, as we try to celebrate our nation's birthday, the two books that I'm a member of have begun to post some MLB baseball action, though neither William Hill nor Elite Sportsbook have a full range of options available yet. (This article was originally
  12. It may be because I’ve spent years enjoying Class A Midwest League baseball, which routinely splits its season into two halves with every team’s record resetting to 0-0 by mid-to-late June, but I find myself embracing the plans for big leaguers to sprint through a 60-game Major League season in 2020. I am not only embracing it, I’m excited about it! (This article was originally posted at Knuckleballsblog.com) In fact, the only thing tempering my enthusiasm is the concern we all (I would hope) have about potential COVID-related health issues for players, coaches and other people necessary
  13. Yeah, I'm also one who suspects we haven't seen the last of Balazovic, in terms of the 60 man list. Hard for me to imagine they won't want to be getting hands-on development time with him, even if he never sets foot on a mound during a game in 2020.
  14. "Most, if not all, of the extra 20 guys selected will not see the field. Hopefully. So it's about coaching and development." While I really hope this is the case, I'm not so sure it will be. I think you have to be prepared to lose several players to illness for 2-3 weeks at a time (overlapping periods, in most cases), especially if this "second wave" increases in intensity. So, I'd make sure my 60-man pool is mostly composed of players I would be willing to put on a Major League field in games that count.
  15. Fifty games? In a Major League Baseball season? It's some kind of joke, right? We wish it was, but in 2020, the year a pandemic threatened to scratch entire professional and college sports seasons, it's starting to feel like baseball fans will be lucky to get even a 50-game season. I know. "Lucky" isn't how I really feel, either. But when you consider that we're almost certainly going to see zero minor league games in 2020, a 50-game MLB regular season, followed by an expanded post-season, is starting to look not so bad. But how would you possibly put together a 50-game schedule that wou
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