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  1. Exactly. now when he needs to get back to that. Either the Twins hitting coaches or those back at St. Paul need to get him back in that groove.
  2. If you put Enlow on the major league 60 Day IL, he will be considered on the active roster and will receive service time and major league pay. I don't see the Twins doing that.
  3. Except after the Rule 5 draft, Palacios might be gone. That may be what they are protecting against.
  4. The reason teams don't take their own inititive on training players offseason is that they don't want to open the beehive and allow the yankees to step in and blow everybody away spending money to develop players. I'm sure teams are restricted to keep the playing field level, so any new approaches would have to be agreed upon by all the teams.
  5. Another shortstop the Twins developed comes to mind. Jay Bell. But they trades him to Cleveland for Bert Blyleven. Bell became a very good player after Cleveland traded him to Pittsburg.
  6. My question is, what happens to minor league spring training if MLB spring training gets moved back into the time slot when minor leaguers would be using those facilities for spring training?
  7. in response to this post, I don't believe the Twins will put Enlow on the 60-day IL. If they did they would have to put him on the 26 man roster first, then put him on IR, where he would collect service time as a major leaguer. I don't thin the Twins will do that. He will remain on somebody's 7-day IL list in the minors for the season.
  8. A lefthander throwing 97 is a great asset, especially with secondaries to back it up. This should be interesting to follow.
  9. That's a pretty good haul of present and future pieces for a guy that is crowded out of playing time for the Twins. I believe Arraez is a pretty valuable trade piece.
  10. As for putting Enlow on the 60-Day IL list, that is only possible if he is first promoted to the active roster, then placed on the IL. In that case he will earn major league service time while on the IL. I do not forsee the Twins doing that. Otherwise, he will just be on the minor league 7-day list.
  11. And thus, what is the chance that Palacios ends up being a Rule 5 pick by someone like the Pirates or the Orioles?
  12. Palacious has been around for quite a while, and seems to get pretty good marks for defense. He has pretty decent batting stats, not outrageous strikeout numbers, decent walk numbers and even steals a few bases. So what does he have left to prove before he is a legitimate prospect to play shortstop for the big club, because he sure doesn't get much mention for that possibility?
  13. Yes, Herb. Without Herb, I would not have been an every day with my transistor radio glued to my ear fan. Thanks for the memories.
  14. Not really short, but relatively so, Charlie Manuel played not so well foe parts of 4 seasons.
  15. Thad Levine hinted at the possibility that there would be more pitchers going shorter stints as a possible scenario this season. I look for maybe all of these young guys that are on the fringe of being MLB ready to be worked short stints as either openers or as 3-4 inning pieces that are moved up and down between the Twins and the Saints. That gets them all some experience and management a look at them in a major league environment, and a way to fill the Twins needs for more pitching, both in the rotation and the bullpen.
  16. I don't like the idea of players getting to get out of the 6th year of club control just because they are older. The club still has just as much invested in that player as they do in other players. And those players are able to negotiate longer term extentions with the club if they feel that is in their best interest. And I do think that scenario could actually backfire on most players that will be thrust into free agency with others. I have no problem with increasing the wages of the first 3 years of service. Say $600,000, then 700,000 then 800,000. And with some form of incentive so that the top 20% of performers get an extra 100,000 in year 2 and 3. Any player making it past 3 years of service would then have earned at least $2.1 million, which is quite frankly more than most of us will earn in our lifetime. And they will still be left with arbitration years if they are good enough.
  17. How about this to try to keep teams from totally tanking like Houston, Baltimore, Detroit: If a team finishes in the bottom 5 in the standings, they would not qualify for the number 1 pick if they finish in the bottom 5 the next season. If they continue in the bottom 5 in subsequent seasons, they would loose 2 more potential spots in the draft, the 2nd and 3rd spots the next season, the the 4th and 5th. Also, if the finish in the bottom 10 after finishing in the bottom third for 3 seasons, they would loose out on one more spot in the draft, the first being the 6th pick and the following season being the 7th. Eventually, the will be forced to spend enough money to compete so they don't force themselves out of all the best draft positions. I think this allows a team to right it's ship over a short period of time to limit the damage, but not allow them to lose for years on end.
  18. How about this: For revenue sharing teams that fall into the bottom third of the standings, in the subsequent year if they lower their payroll, the amount of the reduction is subtracted from their revenue sharing. I would think that would entice them to spend that money, and maybe more to keep from falling into the bottom third again the next season.
  19. As far as Enlow and the injured list goes, the only way to put him on the 60-Day injured list is to activate him the active roster, then put him on injured list. In that case he is using up major league service time. He can not go on the 60 day list if he is still on a minor league roster.
  20. Hopeful they can sign Trey Cabbage back. And Maggi and Refsnyder and Whitefield perhaps.
  21. I would like the Twins to acquire Paul DeJong from St. louis. He is not going to set the world on fire offensively, but certainly way ahead of what they had last season. And his defense is good. St. Louis seems to want to move on, too. They have been mentioned in connection with Trevor Story for sure.
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