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  1. As far as Enlow and the injured list goes, the only way to put him on the 60-Day injured list is to activate him the active roster, then put him on injured list. In that case he is using up major league service time. He can not go on the 60 day list if he is still on a minor league roster.
  2. Hopeful they can sign Trey Cabbage back. And Maggi and Refsnyder and Whitefield perhaps.
  3. I would like the Twins to acquire Paul DeJong from St. louis. He is not going to set the world on fire offensively, but certainly way ahead of what they had last season. And his defense is good. St. Louis seems to want to move on, too. They have been mentioned in connection with Trevor Story for sure.
  4. My earliest memory is not about meeting any players, as I never attended a MLB game until I was about 30. But I was a big Twins fan. I was in Detroit sometime in probably 1985, while Kirby Puckett was still hitting lead off. I was there for work, but I ended up spending the weekend. The Twins were playing the Tigers, so my first MLB game was at old Tigers Stadium. I bought a ticket from some guy outside the stadium that was trying to get rid of it, and I ended up sitting about 10 rows up from 3rd base, great seats. So of course Kirby was the first batter in the game, and he hit a towering home run on the very first pitch. Can't top that experience with much. I think the Twins ended up winning the game like 8-0 if I remember right. As far as a dream experience, I would love to meet and talk with Tony Oliva.
  5. Wouldn't it be a thrill for him, and the organization, to take someone like him, with really no idea of what he is really capable of at this point, and turn him into a MLB baseball player? Wouldn't that light the fire for baseball around the world?
  6. $13 million a year for a bullpen arm? Can't afford to send Hughes to the bullpen at this point.
  7. I'm just not sure where you guys get your ideas from. You complain when Ryan doesn't go out and spend millions over several years on old overused bullpen arms, while they are bursting at the seams with strong armed young guys waiting in the wings for a chance. Yet you complain when they use the veteran guys that they have and that they already owe millions of dollars to. Plouffe is arguably the 2nd best bat on the team, yet you want to jettison him. Every GM loves to be able to bring the young guys along slowly, plugging them into the right situations and letting them figure it out a little at a time. Thus, you keep Fien while you let the young guys pick up some of the low leverage situations until they are ready. I mean really, they have an abundance of strong, young arms, but who do you think has shown they are truly ready for MLB, not even Tonkin at this point. Yet you don't want to go out and commit to a guy that is going to get 3 years at $9 million a year, and block the young guys. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you have a good core of young players coming together that are going to start making some serious money in a couple years. You don't want to commit yourself to a bunch of long term contracts and not be able to lock those guys up when the time is right.
  8. Just look at what Buxton did in his few AAA at bats last season. These guys usually need to have that kind of success at that level for a while to build their confidence before getting to MLB, where they see nothing but the best pitchers. Kepler and Walker have seen no AAA, and Walker is not close to being ready. Sure they will need to see MLB pitching at some point this season, but give them a half season at Rochester.
  9. Every team loads up on these types of fringe players who can compete for jobs and be fillers at AAA and AA. Sometimes you luck out and get a Shane Robinson or a Matt Gurrier or Casey Fien, but usually they are just emergency backups and some even get cut in spring training. The hope is that the cream of the crop surfaces and takes the jobs away from these signings. Bottom line is they cost nearly nothing but might turn into a gold mine. A certain Tigers outfielder comes to mind.
  10. Buxton, Kepler and Walker all need further AB's in AAA. The outfield needs to be Arcia, Rosario, and Sano to begin with, and have Santana as backup CF along with either Mastro or Bensen as defensive replacement, 4th outfielder. Park at DH. Vargas still has an option, so he could go down to AAA, or stay up as a bench bat. I know that is not ideal defensively, but they can play mix and match depending on circumstances.
  11. Everybody seems to think all this money being spent on free agents is free money. Ever think about where that money comes from. From the ticket prices, the price at the concession stand, the soveneir stand, the price of your beer to pay for the advertising money, YOUR CABLE TV BILL. "Not my money" doesn't sound so smart now, huh?
  12. I don't think anybody on these boards gives the Twins scouting department enough credit for determining the value of players. Murphy was a highly regarded catching prospect as he moved through the Yankee's system. Sitting as McCann's backup did nothing for his development. Every one of these catchers you talked about here has a track record in the major leagues, and every one of them was rejected by their previous team, including Bethancourt. The Yankees and Twins were both dealing from positions of strength and both GMs said they hated to lose the player they lost, but needed to upgrade another position. That's how trades work.
  13. Not sure if the trading for relief help is anything coming from any Twins insiders, or if it is just idle chatter. I don't think trading Plouffe at the time is in the team's best interest. Take some time to see how Park works out, if Sano can play the outfield, how Buxton comes around, if Arcia get's his act together, what Kepler becomes, and what the abundance of big arms in the minors turn into. Sign a few affordable relief pitchers and make a trade at the deadline if necessary. Plouffe will stil have 1 1/2 seasons at that point and be pretty valuable. And I would like to see a lineup with Buxton, Mauer, Dozier, Sano, Park, Plouffe, Rosario (or Arcia, Kepler), Murphy, Escobar. That will score a lot of runs, and the defense would be OK.
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