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    TaterTot reacted to Bodie in Sinclair bankruptcy   
    From what I have read (and some of it seems contradictory) the Twins games will be available. At worst, they will be streamed "free" via the MLB app.  
    I haven't seen if you'll still have to pay the normal fees for said MLB app, or if a/the free version/level to get the "free" Twins stream.  From my  (limited) reading on the subject it sounds like it would actually  be free, MLB app (or some version of it) included.  This would cover all teams with a regional Bally network.
    As an added bonus there would be no regional blackouts in this scenario, and MLB has promised repeatedly (or has been repeatedly quoted) as saying that the local announcer  and commentators will be retained.
    The preferred option is for MLB to "supervise" each of the networks through the season, but that depends on how the bankruptcy court handles the question of Bally's assets.
    Long answer short, we will be able to get the Twins games this year (reportedly) for no additional costs.  Where (TV, internet, smoke signals or whatever) still is unknown and until the bankruptcy court starts making decisions, unknowable.
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    TaterTot reacted to VivaBomboRivera! in Sinclair bankruptcy   
    Just announced 
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    TaterTot reacted to Trov in Sinclair bankruptcy   
    There is still a lot of unknown for that.  There are many options.  One, Balley pays the teams but not their loans and keep showing games retaining rights.  Two, bankruptcy court does not allow the teams to back out of contracts when they are not paid and games are still shown by Balley.  Three, the Twins are able to back out of contract with Balley and sell their rights to highest bidder. Four, the Twins back out of contract and do not have anyone step up and MLB allows fans to stream on their app because there would be no blackout due to no local broadcast rights.  Manfred said that is the last option at this point, but did say they would do that at minimum.  I am sure it will require some level of subscription cost however.  
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    TaterTot reacted to Hosken Bombo Disco in Do the Twins Prefer Positionless Prospects?   
    There were no factual arguments being made about Eddie Matthews and there was no sworn claim that he ever played only one position and was never moved for any reason. 
    Here was all that was said:
    "Can you imagine Willie Mays playing anywhere but CF?  Eddie Mathews any place but 3B?"
    Let's drop it.
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    TaterTot got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in Do the Twins Prefer Positionless Prospects?   
    I think that in the end it really comes down too who are they going to have at short, who at other infield positions, and who playing corner outfield spots. For now we are JUST FINE with Correa at short though.
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    TaterTot reacted to ashbury in Rocco's Dog   
    "Sit.  Can you sit?  Sit, please."  That it so Rocco!
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    TaterTot got a reaction from weitz41 in Rocco's Dog   
    Why don’t we get that dog to pitch in place of pagan!
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    TaterTot got a reaction from farmerguychris in Rocco's Dog   
    Why don’t we get that dog to pitch in place of pagan!
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    TaterTot got a reaction from cHawk in Rocco's Dog   
    Why don’t we get that dog to pitch in place of pagan!
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    TaterTot reacted to whosafraidofluigirussolo in Rocco's Dog   
    Waiting for a small but vocal percentage of the people who post on this site to chime in about how Rocco will never let his dog go more than 5 feet from him
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    TaterTot got a reaction from Brock Beauchamp in Finally! MLB tv includes minor league games!   
    People have been talking a lot about Bally going bankrupt, and MLB possibly terminating their contracts with Bally, and instead removing blackout restrictions on their app, but as a fan of the minor leagues, I am also exited that MLB tv is now officially broadcasting MiLB games on the app too. I have long wanted to watch saints or cedar rapids games, but unwilling to pay for the MiLB tv app which I would only use once in a while. The price for MLB tv went up 10$, but is is well worth it to be able to watch brooks lee and others work their way up to the bigs.
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    TaterTot got a reaction from gil4 in Rumor: Twins sign Solano   
    I think that Solano at his best could be a dollar-store version of Luis arráez, good contact, not much power. They are going to have a fun time trying to fit 36 players on the 26 man roster though.
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    TaterTot reacted to nmcowboy in Where now for Miguel Sano   
    But can Sano SING?  Sorry, couldn't resist....
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    TaterTot reacted to specialiststeve in Where now for Miguel Sano   
    I was a huge Miggy fan when he hit the scene.. then I could not understand why they kept him around at the end. 
    That being said.. he really should sign a 2 year deal and learn how to hit the off-speed stuff and some discipline. Would be in his best interest!
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    TaterTot reacted to CRF in Are You Ready for Emilio Pagan to Work?   
    Yup...at one of the local fast food places. 
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    TaterTot reacted to Rod Carews Birthday in Will Max Kepler and Joey Gallo have higher averages now that shift ban is in effect?   
    I think that just having less defenders in the way of the ball will give them a little better batting average. . . maybe 20 points or so, but I think Kepler's issues run deeper than that. The last couple of years when we all complained about Miguel Sano's excessive strikeouts, Kepler was essentially doing the same thing with weak contact and easy ground balls and the shift wasn't taking away any home runs.  Joey Gallo we know less about, so I'm not as confident with the predictions.  It would be amazing if we could get him back to vintage Gallo with lots of strikeouts but lots of run producing as well, but I would be exceedingly happy (as would the Twins) with a return to the "pretty good" Joey Gallo of a couple of years ago.  That would be a fine addition to the lineup.
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