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    sun reacted to Doctor Gast in Does Alex Reyes Make Sense for the Twins?   
    Thanks Ted for laying this out for us. Myself I wouldn’t take a ticket on him, if he was a SP I’d dial him back and see what he has. But since he is a RP there’s not much dialing back you can do. So his injury risk is too high for me to put him on the 40 man roster.
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    sun reacted to dxpavelka in An Ace From Within; Dreams of Duran   
    Not exactly sure how many conclusions I'd draw from a 16 inning season but, sure feel free to do so.  Joe Ryan had ONE minor league season in which he pitched 98 innings.  Pablo Lopez had one minor league season over 100 innings.  Bailey Ober has never pitched over 78 innings in a minor league season.  Josh Winder one year over 72 innings.  Louis Varland has had one season over 115 innings in the minors.  Chris Paddack never tossed more than 90 minor league innings in a season.  Wanna go around the league(s)?  Aaron Nola never tossed more than 110 innings in a minor league season.  Gerritt Cole over 115 once.  Justin Verlander hit 118.  Guys throwing lots of minor league innings is not really a thing.  Teams limit guys to avoid arm issues.  We can do whatever you'd like with him this year.  None of which is gonna get us an ace.
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