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    NotAboutWinning reacted to Muppet in Byron Buxton: No longer a center fielder?   
    They said he'd be primarily a DH until May. I'll wait at least until mid May to decide whether to expect him back in the field. As for the anemic offense so far... it is still April and he has always been streaky. Last year his offensive numbers were pretty close as DH as CF. Let's hold tight a bit and wait until summer before we start getting antsy. 
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    NotAboutWinning reacted to davidborton in Rocco Baldelli; The Perfect Modern Manager   
    "You don't have to like it, hell it infuriates me, but it is not changing any time soon, so why fight it? Instead, let us enjoy having Mr. Baldelli as the Twins' manager for as long as possible...."

    Enjoy Baldelli and the FO. Not. Too data driven.
    Just finished Joe Madden's book in which he argues that data IS critical, but it must be tempered by judgement, what's going on w/a player at that moment, how well the pitcher's ball is moving and his control at that moment, and "gut."
    Gut relates to the innate use of a manager's own mental algorithms (which we all employ daily) -- a hire which you make at the office; how to interact w/your children in critical situations; how best to manage, influence, lead, work with a team at work etc. The book cites studies which support integrating "gut" (experience, relationships, context, senses).
    It isn't all data.
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    NotAboutWinning reacted to Aerodeliria in Rocco Baldelli; The Perfect Modern Manager   
    Personally, I think there are three glaring problems with Baldelli's approach: 1) The numbers are not a sufficient substitute for preparation and being ready to play--focus supercedes all other psychological constructs; 2) the numbers do not necessarily reflect what is happening on the field; for example, a pitcher is at 75 pitches and facing a hitter for the third time, but the pitcher in that particular game has a better than his usual slider on that night; everyone knows it, but the numbers don't (it slices both ways; the next time out, he is getting hard right from the start; the numbers say leave him in, but everyone knows his breaking balls aren't breaking and his fastball has almost no movement), and 3) the numbers indicate typical trends for the situation at hand, but looking at the data is no substitute for assessing the intensity of the moment and reacting to it--call it 'instinct' as one Daily member did.
    Perhaps, I could sum it up in this way: Baseball cannot be reduced to a board game (even though I think I may have a version of APBA hidden somewhere among my unused treasures). Trends and data only get the manager to the 90th percentile so to speak, but it is at that point where good managing really begins IMHO.
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    NotAboutWinning reacted to tony&rodney in Rocco Baldelli; The Perfect Modern Manager   
    It is a good idea for baseball fans to watch Francona manage about 100 complete games to get a better idea of the difference a manager can make within a game. Just watch how Francona talks with the players, press, umpires and how he goes about making decisions. 100 games of watching Cleveland under Francona is very instructive.
    I don't have any problem with Baldelli specifically. He just lacks the skills of Francona. Not every team can have Francona either but if you watch at least 100 Cleveland games you should be able to understand the differences, and then you will know that Baldelli is not the perfect modern manager. 
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    NotAboutWinning reacted to Doctor Gast in Winning more games with better outfield wall padding   
    Great idea Glunn! I've thought the same thing, surprized that why more hasn't been done pertaining to this. How safe was that old baggy wall in the Metrodome?
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    NotAboutWinning got a reaction from Hunter McCall in Is "Fishing in the Ocean" the Best Option for the Twins?   
    I think you're spot on. Unfortunately, the FO doesn't have the equipment for fishing in the ocean, but is not satisfied with a stringer of walleyes from Winnie... to put it in Minnesota terms ?
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