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    MTV got a reaction from TopGunn#22 in Mill1634's Trade Deadline Blueprint: Going for It   
    -Mahle just got put on the injured list, so he might not get traded. Also I don’t think the reds would want ONLY infielders
    -Kelly wouldn’t be a bad addition, however I doubt the D-Backs would want to depart with Mantiply when he has control until 2027 and isn’t even in arbitration yet, plus the Twins shouldn’t move Wallner. 
    -Bard for Henriquez sounds like a good deal, no complaints
    -Robertson would be another good addition, but I think the Twins might need to give up just a little more
    -Bell shouldn’t be traded for, especially with that package. Kirilloff, Miranda, and Arraez are more than enough at 1B. If anything add a better outfielder (probably at the expense of one), also the Twins shouldn’t trade off Steer unless they’re hunting for some bigger trade candidates. Not everyone gets inducted to the Futures game.
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