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  1. If another team puts a higher value on Kepler than our FO and is willing to pay up, then trade him. But I hope our FO factors in next year's rule changes when they value Kep. I'm in the camp that Kep will benefit materially. And not valuing Kepler accordingly risks a sell-low event.
  2. Excepting Moran, the jury still being out, this award has been a kiss of death for the most part for past winners of this award. Just saying, there's no reason to miss the two AVs, Curtiss and Hildenberger.
  3. The Twins should be discounting tickets. They're running out a AAA-caliber team onto the field this month.
  4. The FO put the team in a position to contend about a year ahead of what one reasonably could expect given the 2021 disaster. Injuries undoubtedly played a part in derailing a terrific, unexpectedly excellent start to 2022. I tried to find some underlying cause in the long list of injuries, some reason to point a finger at the medical staff as overcautious, but I couldn't find that. To the extent one believes there's a lack of "want-to" on this roster and that's due to Rocco and his staff, well fine. But, I'm in the camp that says 2023 will be the real test for this roster. If there was somehow a WAR calculation for managers, some way of objectively determining Rocco's contribution or lack thereof, great, but I don't see replacing Baldelli as a material boost for this team. Firing Rocco boils down to, "I'm pissed, let's do something dramatic even though we still can't articulate why."
  5. A shift ban will add 70 points to Kepler's batting average. Kepler is the undisputed king of 4-3. And I loved games under 2:30. 2:15 and under was unusual with Koufax or Gibson on the mound.
  6. Meh, I'll wait until the season's over to assess fully. Not only was Rocco dealt a faulty hand at the beginning of this season, but this team has also had an IL list longer than the phone book. The Correa deal signaled all-in for 2022, but this organization's development track is clearly pointing for 2023 and beyond. Right now, I"m betting Correa and Rocco will be in our dugout in 2023.
  7. You can only hang so many breaking balls to Jake Cave before he makes you think he's a star in the making....
  8. And I thought the Twins overpaid for Buxton.... Take a bow, TD.
  9. Agreed. The FO's moves have been head-scratchers. But, I can't see chucking Rocco when the injury list (another entire subject altogether) is longer than the St. Paul whitepages.
  10. We don't have many minor league chips worth dealing right now for any number of reasons. The FO could surprise, but methinks it's steady as she goes, ..., into third place.
  11. So, if you haven't come round to this face the likelihood that Smeltzer and Sanchez will be our #s 4 and 5 starters for the rest of the season....
  12. Wallner is a terrific prospect, but he has to avoid becoming the left-handed hitting Sano strikeout king.
  13. Very few organizations are going to give Sano a look next year so it will be interesting to see how he responds when the pressure is really on him to approach his potential. The Twins have bent over backwards for Sano and he's a decent sort. But, I've always had the feeling Sano's been pampered. Shoe's on the other foot now.
  14. Methinks something's wrong with Ryan. Things have been headed downhill for several weeks. Betting he'll be headed to the IL shortly....
  15. This article might have been consisted of a one-word sentence: "Nobody."
  16. They've been playing .500 ball for quite a while now. If the pitching doesn't turn around (and I'd argue they should be shopping to bolster the bullpen before the starters who should be tanned, rested and as good as they're ever going to be for the 2H), then the Twins look like a 3rd-place team to me. Montas is a classic buy-high situation for one season of control max. Oakland has all the leverage. This isn't the year to play in that sandbox.
  17. Mental toughness, extra effort. You don't learn that hitting .350 in AAA.
  18. Lewis' comments about this illustrate his never-say-die, forward-looking optimism, the sort of attitude that draws people to him. I'd sign him to a lifetime contract now. His leadership qualities will serve the Twins well long after his physical skills wane, and the kid's going to get back ALL of his physical skills, don't doubt him.
  19. Larnach's homer today in Toronto would still be flying but for their 2d deck in right field --- 413' at 112 mph and 25 deg angle.
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