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  1. As has been said before by others, health is probably the key to the equation. However, something no one is talking about much is the lack of innings that the starting pitching has in the tank. Some of the young (and old actually) only pitched a few innings last year and ramping them up to 160-200 innings isn't going to be possible, at least not if we want them around for future years. So, in the short term, for this year, we probably STILL need starting pitching more than anything else.
  2. I am very pleased with this trade. Gray is without a doubt a solid MLB pitcher -- likely won't win the CYA but also likely about as good as Berrios was last year. We gave up a guy who was several years and several stages of development away from the big leagues -- IF he actually gets there. I am pleased that they traded a player when his value was (likely artificially) high instead of waiting until the shine came off and he had no value. We have a large number of young pitchers with potential and we just used some of that future potential to help us now. I'm hoping that they aren't done making deals. Let's re-tool and make a good run in 2022! Go Twins!
  3. Good move. You have to give up something to get something. The Twins need pitching for this year and Gray provides that. Keep on going!
  4. So, in real terms for real people (not baseball owners) — You own a $20,000 car. It needs a $400 brake job. Instead of fixing it so it is usable, you park it because it’s not worth fixing. Sorry owners, you are an entirely new brand of stupid.
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  6. If Eddie Rosario were the only player in the league (or even on the Twins team) that doesn't hustle every step of the way, then I think that something (likely short of benching) would be warranted. However, as stated above, that behavior is more the rule than the exception around baseball, so the short answer to the question is "no." I would also consider that the "publicity" on this comes out of the mouths of the White Sox announcers. These guys are not exactly the "A" team in the broadcast world -- I live by Chicago -- and will frequently demagogue the opposing teams' players to make themselves look smart. They also had a couple of their young players sounding like future hall of famers during the game last night, so take any of their comments with an entire barrel of salt. Finally, to all of those folks out there who are down on Eddie Rosario, this is the guy who might be the catalyst for this team in many ways -- I am reminded of Gary Gaetti and when he left the Twins. Does he swing at some bad pitches. . . yes. Does he hit some of those same pitches out of the park. . . also yes. Does he make some boneheaded plays in the field. . . yes. Did he make perhaps the throw of the season a few days back. . . also yes. He makes clutch plays. He is a serious run producer. You take a little bit of not very good (or very smart) with the good. I very much hope that he is one of the guys they manage to sign long term. Rosario is a winner and makes things happen on the field.
  7. I think the best second half is going to come from Berrios. I would really like to see him keep having success and keep making the adjustments that will enable him to be the Twins ace for years to come. On the batting side, I think the safe money is on Rosario, but I wouldn't bet against one of the young underachievers (Buxton or Sano) to come back with a vengeance if they don't spend too much time in the minors.
  8. 1.) Where are you from? Tripp, SD but currently live in the Chicago suburbs 2.) Age Range? 52 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? I used to read SethSpeaks all the time and came over when it did. 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? None really, but coached my kids 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? Favorite - Harmon Killebrew. Underappreciated - Gary Gaetti. Current - Eddie Rosario 6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? MLB Trade Rumors 7.) Favorite Twitter follows? Non Twitter user 8.) Other interests outside of baseball. Fishing, Music, Soccer 9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums, blogs, articles, topics... wahtever you like. The articles are the best part. There is a huge amount of good writing and good knowledge out there. 10.) Tell us what we can do better. What features or other topics would you like to see in-season or out of season? An out of season "Best Twins of all time" feature would be cool. Could start some great arguments! 11.) Have you been to any of the Twins Daily "events?" Unfortunately no.
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