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    Kipp35 reacted to Tim in Post Lock out Moves: Potential Twins Trades   
    I love the concept of potentially working with the Padres on a deal. 
    If the Twins were open to taking on salary in a deal that included one of / both Hosmer and Myers, the return would be massive.
    Kepler makes a lot of sense from a need standpoint for the Pads as well.
    The Hosmer contract after this season quite honestly isn't that bad if you look at how its broken down.
    2022 - 20 mil
    2023 - 13 mil
    2024 - 13 mil
    2025 - 13 mil
    If you really could get back a player like Abrams, I'm all over it. 
    Adrian Morejon is also a player I really like and a nice buy low candidate.
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