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    Eicemann reacted to Minny505 in Gilberto Celestino - The Contact King   
    A high-contact, walk-taking, slap-hitting, speedster has a lot of value. This version of him is better than I had hoped for. Let's see if he can keep it up!
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    Eicemann reacted to Sielk in Gilberto Celestino - The Contact King   
    Great analysis!
    I really like what Celestino has been doing so far, filling in all over the outfield and providing some offense too. Very helpful for the Twins. 
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    Eicemann reacted to RpR in Gilberto Celestino - The Contact King   
    Let's hope he continues near his current pace; I love his speed in the outfield and defense is what the Twins cannot afford to lose.
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    Eicemann reacted to Karbo in I choose to see the Twins Roster Half Full   
    I for one am still very concerned with our bullpen. I just don't see any real shut down relief guys other than maybe Duran and history is so short for him that is just going on pure "stuff". I know they don't want a set closer and all which leaves a big problem since Rocco hasn't shown the ability to get the most out of his pen in his time here yet. IMO he has been pretty bad managing his pen over the last couple years and with what seems to be available so far that could spell trouble as the season warms and the bats warm.
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    Eicemann got a reaction from Greglw3 in OOTP: Acting aggressively to rebuild Twins   
    I'd love to see the Twins take a run at Rodon.  I just don't see it happening.  T. Walker intrigues me, as does Hamilton in a reserve OF role.  He's a better complement to the starters in that role than Captain CAVEman. Your bullpen still needs work IMO. I like Giles, but adding him isn't enough,
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