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    cjm0926 reacted to Rosterman in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    You just never know. Injuries can sure curb a career (Romero) and it could do the same for Thorpe who had a ride, again, last season.
    Otherwise, list pretty good about those who did at least get to the majors.
    Littell had that dynamite season as a starter. Felt the Twins gave up on him too soon (he did pass thru waivers). When it came time FOR HIM to find a new home, he grabed the chance, at a loss for the Twins. Of course the Twins signed Brandon Waddell instead, as well as Ian Hamilton, and made a 40-man spot for Ian Gibault.
    I still don't know why the Twins kept Cave instead of Wade. I was surprised someone gambled on Baddoo, as the Twins would've had the guy stuck at High-A with a smidgen of playing time at AA if he ahd stayed with the Twins.
    Rortvedt was actually ahead of Jeffers for a moment there. That guy has cannons in his arms. Now can he swing them into the bat?
    I do wish the Twins had given Gonsalves the same chance they gave, say, Barnes and Jax. Not that he ahs done much anyways.
    And Blankenhorn. Teams much see something: he was woth four organizations in 2021 - Twins, Mets, Dodgers, Mariners.
    What is interesting is that Lewis and Javier have yet to get a taste of the majors. Javier up for Rule 5 again (and could've been a minor league free agent and give the Twins a $3.5 million loss by just walking away).
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    cjm0926 reacted to big dog in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Thanks, this was an interesting look back.
    Gonsalves- totally agree, I had high hopes for him and busted.
    Baddoo- was surprised they left him available, was surprised he was taken, was really surprised with the results. I'm predicting a big sophomore slump.
    Wade- didn't mind trading him, but I wish it had been for someone who might actually be a major league pitcher someday.
    Littell- also agree, I always liked him and was surprised they let him go.
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    cjm0926 reacted to Prince William in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    He did not throw a slider is a possible cause.
    He has a bad 2020 and was outrighted. At the end of the season he was not added back to the 40 man. As near as I can piece together, Zack had paid his dues and could opt for free agency at the end of the year and did just that.  https://www.mlb.com/player/zack-littell-641793
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    cjm0926 reacted to TopGunn#22 in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    I agree with the Killebrew and Vic Power takes, but there was ANOTHER Twins 1B-man who hit left handed and threw right handed.  He just came up as a 2B-man.  That guy was Rod Carew.  One small correction I'll point out:  You have Mauer and Morneau BOTH winning the MVP in 2006.  Morneau was the 2006 winner.  Mauer won in 2009 when he hit .365 with 28 HR's.  I also think Kiriloff is destined to be a 1B-man who occasionally plays a corner OF spot.  He's our best player there.  Sano is destined to be our DH most of the time who occasionally plays 1B.  I think Kiriloff could be a sneaky good fantasy baseball selection next year in the later rounds.  Not sure if he'll be a 1B-man exclusively or also have some OF eligibility but I think he's ready to break out.  If the lockout continues, Kiriloff should jump to the Wild and skate on the same line as Kaprisov.    
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    cjm0926 reacted to Highlander1 in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    It all comes down to Alex's wrist. If it heals properly his stoke should put up numbers in the .300 avg, 25 big flies, 90 runs and rbi neighborhood. That is some nice real estate. If the wrist nags I believe those numbers drop to around .250, 10 and 60/60. OUCH. 
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    cjm0926 reacted to Andrew Mahlke in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    This is awesome analysis, I think Kirilloff is definitely the Twins 1B of the future, and he got extremely unlucky this year. This Baseball Savant leaderboard shows that Kirilloff's expected batting average (based on statcast factors) was .291 but his lack of luck caused him to hit .251. This 40 point difference was the 8th highest in all of MLB among players with > 100 batted balls. His expected slugging percentage was .541 but he only slugged .423. The 118 point difference was the second highest in MLB among players with >100 batted balls.
    He was also extremely unlucky with injury. There was a noticeable difference after June and you could see that his wrist was bothering him. If Kirilloff can overcome the wrist injury and get back to mashing balls, it will only be a matter of time until he is one of the best hitters in the American League.
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    cjm0926 reacted to RJA in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    Great contibution. Thanks for the article.  It would be great to see Kirilloff at first, and I suspect we will some of the time this year, and probably full time in 23 once Sano is gone (assuming Sano doesn't have a huge rebound year).  I really hope his wrist is not going to be a nagging issue his whole career.
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    cjm0926 reacted to mikelink45 in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    I really liked this look at historic 1B and how the Twins have used the position.  If we extend the list to Twins history Harmon Killebrew played 1B for 14 of his 21 seasons.   Bats R - throws R.  The trend did not start in the first two decades.  My eye test - back then both eyes worked - said Vic Power (3 years a Twin) was the best fielding and most fun of all the 1B - he was also R/R.  994 Fielding average, 7 gold gloves, 
    Thanks for your new era review!
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    cjm0926 reacted to h2oface in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    Kirilloff, unlike Hrbek, Morneau, and Mauer, throws left-handed, too. His predecessors all batted left-handed, but threw right-handed. Some believe that wearing the glove on the right hand at first make the best fielding first basemen, and it is an inherent defensive advantage. Maybe we will find out.
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    cjm0926 reacted to wsnydes in A Trend With Twins First Basemen   
    That's certainly where he belongs, 1B.  That Sano guy needs to get out of the way though.
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    cjm0926 reacted to bean5302 in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Mauer forced Little to drink half and half despite being lactose intolerant, convinced Little would get better if he put on weight.
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    cjm0926 reacted to Minny505 in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    The Littell decision still stumps me. He had to have had an ugly run-in with someone in a power position in the org that essentially got him DFA'd. Nothing else makes sense. 
    Anderson, Baddoo, Wade...even though they hurt, I still understand the reasoning. Not Littell though.
    Anyone with any insight able to help me sleep better at night?
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    cjm0926 reacted to dgdynasty in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    This seems fitting: “If Ifs And Buts Were Candy And Nuts, We’d All Have A Merry Christmas”
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    cjm0926 reacted to Danchat in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    This list just makes me sad. When Garver and Arraez are the most accomplished players on this list, and they didn't even crack the top 15... this organization has been a graveyard for pitching prospects, and this needs to change.
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    cjm0926 got a reaction from Minny505 in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    I dont get where you are getting negative numbers for Arraez at 3B, in over 400 innings at 3B he had 5 Defensive Runs Saved, and over 300 at 2B he had 2 DRS. I remember reading in another article that he ranked 4th out of all 3B on SABR's defensive rankings in 2021 at 3B, but I am not super familiar with SABR. For the comment on Jeffers, I would certainly be fine with moving him, but for a good return. I don't want to merely dump him, if he can help us land a good arm, I'm all for it.
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    cjm0926 reacted to terrydactyls in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Most of those numbers are gibberish to me.  I'm too old too figure out what Rtot, Rdrs, RF, etc mean or how to interpret what is good.  All I know is what I read and that is Arraez was bad at second and good at third.  That I can understand.
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    cjm0926 reacted to Seth Stohs in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    I love looking back at old prospect rankings... 
    Once had a Twins big leaguer come up to me and say "how could you rank (So-n-So) ahead of me??"  Then we laughed about it. 
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    cjm0926 reacted to Old fox in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    A good trade is who you get back and if the player preforms above expectations. 
    I prefer to keep Jeffers, Rortvedt then Garver because he can play 1b or DH. Physically catcher is hell on the body.
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    cjm0926 reacted to 4twinsJA in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Nice blog cjm, prospects are difficult to project future success. Part of present Twins problems with pitching now is that none of these tp 15 prospects are contributing at the MLB level. Hoping present crop of prospects especially the pitchers have more success.
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    cjm0926 reacted to ashbury in Revisiting the Twins 2018 Top Prospects   
    Saved the best for last in this list!
    As Casey Stengel or Yogi Berra or Mark Twain said, you can sum up baseball in one word: "you never know".
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    cjm0926 reacted to tony&rodney in My 2022 Offseason Blueprint, Round 2: Manaea, Iglesias   
    Opinions differ. They are similar. The money will almost surely favor Berrios though. 
    Berrios is no longer a Twin, but he did everything possible to succeed and i wish him well.
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    cjm0926 reacted to farmerguychris in A Possible Pitcher Trade Target: Luis Severino   
    Would love to have him on our team, however with that said - can't see any possible way the Yankees trade him to us for anything we would be willing to offer them.  Do they want Jake Cave back - he must have some special powers we don't know about.
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    cjm0926 reacted to tony&rodney in My 2022 Offseason Blueprint, Round 2: Manaea, Iglesias   
    Winder may just be the best young pitcher the Twins have. i would trade Ryan before giving up Winder.
    Bassitt is a good add and may not require such a high price. Trades may also be on hold as roster decisions are made, meaning we wait until February to see what happens to complete the 2022 team.
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    cjm0926 reacted to Seansy in My 2022 Offseason Blueprint, Round 2: Manaea, Iglesias   
    No way Stroman takes 4/80 after what Gausman and Ray signed for. He will want a MINIMUM of 5/100 and it will likely take much more per year to sign him given his durability and longer track record of above average production than Gausman or Ray.
    Otherwise it is a pretty solid plan!
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    cjm0926 reacted to Jkeady12 in My 2022 Offseason Blueprint, Round 2: Manaea, Iglesias   
    love this lineup! maybe someone other than Stroman. feel like he is due for regression and not sure he is a clubhouse fit. maybe a Marlans or another Oakland pitcher. really like the bullpen especially with Knebel, Hand and  Rogers for. late innings. i really believe they. need Miranda up early and feel like I would rather have Arraez in the outfield and not bother with Piscotti.
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