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    joefish got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in Previewing 3 Club Options Facing the Twins   
    Yes, keep Grey. He's  the closest thing we have to an Ace. I enjoy watching him pitch. Our young arms can learn a lot from him. 
    Sano no
    Bundy not so much 
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    joefish reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Previewing 3 Club Options Facing the Twins   
    Tell Sano and Bundy, "Thank you for being a Twin and for your work and good luck with your new team." Tell Gray: "Thank you for 2022 and welcome back for 2023".
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    joefish reacted to Cap'n Piranha in Previewing 3 Club Options Facing the Twins   
    I think it should be pretty easy to find the 2023 version of Dylan Bundy, and pay him less than $10M.  Given that, I don’t think it makes sense to pay $11M to actual Dylan Bundy.
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    joefish reacted to DJL44 in Ranking the Twins Most Needed IL Players   
    Jeffers has allowed 3 more stolen bases than league average.
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    joefish reacted to Vanimal46 in Crickets for Sano   
    Nothing left to say about Sano as a Twin. The last 3 years have been a disaster and it’s best for both parties to go their separate ways. 
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    joefish reacted to USAFChief in MLB is Broken   
    Yup, baseball is broken.
    1. Bust the union, like the NFL did, is step one. The union is by far the biggest detriment to competitive balance. Players, BTW, needn't lose much if any money in thr process. A little more can go to the minor leagues, more to the average MLB players, a lot less to the few at the top.
    2. Share the money. Almost all of it. This is one area where ownership needs to show some foresight. Share it among ownership, and the players.
    3. Hard salary cap and hard salary floor. Non negotiable. No exceptions. The Dodgers don't get to spend 1 penny over the cap. The A's don't get to spend 1 penny under. If they're sharing revenues, this is doable. 
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    joefish reacted to rv78 in Slovenly Oaf Thinks Buxton Should Play Through Pain   
    When he is playing, running the bases or chasing a fly ball he doesn't appear to be in pain. No grimacing, no limping. Yes, he is being coddled, however if he isn't going to be productive he should just go on the IL and heal. Since the All-Star break he has been a liability, not an asset.
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    joefish reacted to Eris in 4 Better Options Than Emilio Pagán for the Minnesota Twins Bullpen   
    There aspects of Pagan that are quite good. He has 55 SO in 38 IP (13K/9).  This is slightly better than Duran’s 61 SO in 48 IP (11.4K/9). I am not sure all the reasons this doesn’t translate into results. Too many BB and too many balls that are crushed when he is ahead in the count are some of his issues. Poor command and too predictable pitching selection also contribute.  It will be interesting to see if Pagan improves with Leon behind the plate.
    data is from Fangraphs. 
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    joefish reacted to Whitey333 in 4 Better Options Than Emilio Pagán for the Minnesota Twins Bullpen   
    I agree with you.  Not sure about Strotman but Pagan has been terrible.  Then we can send Rocco out with Pagan. I know that's not going to happen.  Looks like a b team lineup again today at home.  No Buxton, No Correa, some players playing out of position.  They have tomorrow off they don't need two days off in a row IMO.  Although I must admit they have both been terrible anyway for the past 4-5 weeks.  Looks like a Toronto blowout today.  I notice they thought the game was important enough to have their regular players in
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    joefish reacted to Bob Twins Fan Since 61 in Understanding Alex Kirilloff's Wrist Surgery   
    Sucks for Alex and the Twins.
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    joefish got a reaction from wabene in Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Total Team Effort Gives Twins a Win   
    Taking the win yesterday, while using up our best bullpen arms, was worth the win and worth whatever happens today. 
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    joefish got a reaction from Mortimerkenny21 in Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Total Team Effort Gives Twins a Win   
    Taking the win yesterday, while using up our best bullpen arms, was worth the win and worth whatever happens today. 
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    joefish got a reaction from Squirrel in Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Total Team Effort Gives Twins a Win   
    Taking the win yesterday, while using up our best bullpen arms, was worth the win and worth whatever happens today. 
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    joefish reacted to Mark G in Twins 6, Blue Jays 5: Twins Walk Off the Jays to End a Wild Game   
    I remember thinking to myself in the bottom of the 10th, why don't they intentionally walk Cave?  His run means nothing, and it sets up a force at every base but home.  Then, later, with 2nd and 3rd, why not intentionally walk Beckham to set up a force at every base including home?  But they never even considered it, from the looks of it.  I have never understood that lack of strategy.  So I looked at our stats for the year, and as an entire team we have only been issued 5 intentional walks all season so far.  And our pitching staff has only issued 4 ourselves.  Seems strange that a strategy so simple is almost gone from the game.  Makes me wonder if that is another of the analytics in play.  
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    joefish reacted to nicksaviking in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    Brock was bursting at the seems trying not to squeal; thought I’d throw him a bone.
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    joefish reacted to h2oface in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    Because it is sooooooo important who put it to writing first? I, for one, could care less who found out first. Somebody told them and knew before they did! It matters not. Everyone knows soon enough.
    It is the race to be first that so often results in wrong or false info. 
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    joefish reacted to bighat in Twins 3, Tigers 5: Big Day Ends in Loss to Tigers   
    Great post, especially this part. Last night the Twins got 2 RBI from Nick Gordon and a HR from Mark Contreras. The day before it was Jose Miranda. Where the heck is everyone else? 
    I mentioned in a post on yesterday's game thread that Arraez, Buxton, Correa and Polanco absolutely have to start carrying this team. Polanco's batting .237 now and has gone ice cold, Buxton's not even playing, and Correa & Arraez are sprinkling in a few hits & walks here and there but nobody's catching fire. 
    All the pitching in the world won't help unless this team can score runs. They've been shut out more times than any other team in baseball, which is a very scary statistic no matter how their offense stacks up on paper. 
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    joefish reacted to PDX Twin in Game Thread: Twins @ Brewers, 7/27/22, 1:10PM CDT (11:10AM PDT)   
    Why are they spending the pregame talking to a guy in a Red Sox jersey about the Yankees' trade deadline in the build-up to a Twins-Brewers game?? This is why I hate national broadcasts. It's rarely about the teams playing and always about the big audience (NY).
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    joefish reacted to terrydactyls in 3 X-Factors for the Twins in the Second Half   
    I would submit the front office as another X factor.  They have just six days to make this team an actual contender. 
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    joefish reacted to Whitey333 in In Second Half, Buckle Up for Closest AL Central Race Since 2017   
    I've been confused about the Twins all year.  You never know what team is going to show up.  Twins are 3-7 in last 10 games giving up 68 runs.  What was very disheartening was the beat down from White Sox.  Twins had no energy.  They looked awful.  We need to win both the games this weekend in Detroit.  Chicago has the easiest schedule over the last 4-5 weeks.  Twins are like 23-29 in their last 52 games.  This is more indicative of their play.  Lately the pitching has been terrible.  Many stretches the offense goes missing in action.  They are only an average fielding team.  Their baserunning ranks amongst the worst in all of baseball.  Twins also don't steal bases and can't throw out would be base stealers.  Twins bullpen has given up 55 homeruns.  Way too many.  The ERA us around 5.15 good for 25th out of the 30 teams.  They show stretches where they play good baseball and other stretches where they are just awful.  This team has so many holes and flaws.  Guess we should feel lucky we are in such a terrible division.  We are in first place but not a first place calibre team!
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    joefish reacted to Karbo in Predicting the Twins Top Three Stars of the Second Half   
    If the Twins can land a frontline starter I'd put Ober in the pen for the rest of the year, if he can get healthy. There is also Larnach coming back. But what we really need is for Rocco to be a bit more flexible with his starters IMO. I know I've been told I'm told "old school" about it but there have been many times that I felt the starter may have been able to deeper into a game and he gets yanked due to the "spread sheet" of our manager. An extra few outs here or there would take that much of a load off an over worked (and IMO under talented) bullpen.
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    joefish got a reaction from RpR in Get to Know Twins Draft Pick Brooks Lee   
    Wishful thinking is one of baseball's greatest attributes. 
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    joefish got a reaction from wabene in Get to Know Twins Draft Pick Brooks Lee   
    Wishful thinking is one of baseball's greatest attributes. 
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    joefish reacted to RpR in Trade Rumor: What would a Luis Castillo trade look like?   
    Miranda's fielding is abysmal, dump him.
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    joefish reacted to Harrison Greeley III in The Twins Face a Deceivingly Complicated Decision at the Trade Deadline   
    I'm enjoying this regular season. It's preferable to being terrible for six months. They have players who take great at-bats that are fun to watch. 

    That being said, they are clearly in the 2nd tier of the AL with TB/BOS/TOR/SEA. The Yankees and Astros are the top tier. The Yankees in particular have outscored every MLB team and have given up the fewest runs in the AL. No matter what the Twins do at the deadline, their playoff chances hinge on whether or not the Yankees somehow choke in October. And even if they do, Houston has to choke as well. 

    But I think the 'Twins should be sellers' thing is non-sense. They have a maturing crop in  Kirilloff/Miranda/Ryan/Duran/Larnach/Jeffers/Jax/Celestino developing this year to pair with Buxton/Arraez/Polanco in 2023-25. There's a value in gaining the experience they're all getting this year, They're a winning team full of young players trying to maintain a division lead. This is better for development than dozens of games that essentially amount to garbage time experience. 

    I would be fine with them relatively standing pat with a Terry Ryan-esque deadline, just getting a couple modest, helpful pickups for the bullpen at the deadline and not paying a big price for them. I don't want them being aggressive buyers or sellers. I'm fine with an 85-90 win 2022, theoretically prepping them to launch into the top tier in 2023-27. And I think that's the likeliest scenario for how the front office sees it too. 
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