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    spanman2 reacted to Dantes929 in The Best Two Words In Baseball: World Series   
    Nah,  best two words in baseball are Opening Day.    Granted I am always more of a journey than a destination guy.    You can't win the World Series in March.  You can't win a playoff game in March.  You can't even qualify for the playoffs in March.   It may have been an abstract goal in 87 and 91 but no one was saying it out loud.   They went about their business and it just developed.   I remember them talking about it in ST of 2010 for all the good it did them.    Its great to be confident and have goals but why put the pressure on yourselves.   Its enough pressure just to make the playoffs.   Win one playoff game, then start shooting higher.  Can;t do that in March or April.
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    spanman2 got a reaction from Nash Walker in R-E-L-A-X: A preview and prediction of game one with Oakland   
    I like it!!! Sign me up.
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    spanman2 got a reaction from Patrick Wozniak in End of the Rope for Schoop?   
    I would trust Arraez today over Schoop if I needed a pressure packed AB...see last night.  With that being said I see him continuing to start over Arraez at least in the short term.  I don't see Arraez rocking the you best play me boat.  Schoop wont be back next year IMO.  TK was on with Reusse last night...TK says the kid just seems to get it.  Normally he likes to see about 2 years of AB'S before coming to that conclusion,  That is a good endorsement!!  
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    spanman2 got a reaction from mikelink45 in So Long Bill Buckner   
    He makes the play=extra innings.  Who knows what happens then?  They had an opportunity in Game 7...guy was a great ball player for many many years.  66th on MLB all time hit list according to baseball-reference...guy had to move his family to Idaho...at the end of the day it is a game/entertainment...not good what he went through after that...RIP Buck.
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    spanman2 reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Pump the brakes on the hypetrain people.   
    The Phillies are not a litmus test because the Twins will be playing without the DH, which the Twins will be able to use 95% of the time the rest of the season. This weakens the Twinkies' lineup, no matter whether Cruz plays or not against the Phillies.  In summation 4-1 is better than 1-4. And that's all I've got to say about that.
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    spanman2 reacted to Miles Death in Off The Rails: Mauer Raked by Souhan   
    It's bizarre how many people disregard basic facts and reason when judging Joe Mauer. If you have that toward of attitude it's because you simply don't like him on a personal level. Your tweet in February is pretty simple: Fangraphs value of Mauer - $298.8 million, total earned - $195.025 million. I enjoyed catching the national TV shows (MLB Whiparound, Intentional Talk) the day after his 2,000th hit and contrasting the praise the national media gives him, with some of our local media's treatment.
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    spanman2 reacted to Seth Stohs in The Unpleasant Dilemma of Joe Mauer   
    I don't get that blog, huhguy? I don't know why I'm even responding. No, you're not going to sit him on the bench. You're going to play him pretty much every day when he's healthy, and you're going to hope and assume that he'll be a .300/.380/.450 type of guy the next four years. 
    Like Paul said.. who cares about the money? It's spent. Can't take it back, and they would have done the same thing 4 years ago when they did it. 
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