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  1. Haha
    Monkeypaws reacted to ashbury in Just Dreamin'   
    If you were offered the GM job, did you take into account that you'd be replacing Thad Levine but would still report to Derek Falvey who would have to sign off on all your proposed moves?
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    Monkeypaws reacted to bighat in Where Is MLB’s Planned Taxi Squad?   
    Hit the bullseye - the MLB came up with all of these safety nets so that they could play through a clubhouse spread of this virus. And now, instead of using the fire escape they built, they're panicking and making things worse.
    Know what shoulda happened?
    Every team should have had an entire 30-man "B Squad" that practiced and played simulated games in a bubble. Positive test on the "A Squad"? They're all subbed out, and - in the case of the Cardinals, for example - the B Squad flies to Milwaukee and plays the Brewers. You could have a lot of good AAA guys who could stay sharp that way. And the season could roll on.
    Yeah, I'm sure there would be some issues with service time and all the money and 40-man roster stuff would have to have been hashed out. But honestly this would have been the best idea.
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    Monkeypaws reacted to Rosterman in Are Homer Bailey and Rich Hill Really A Good Idea?   
    The only plus is that the Twins can open the season looking at the future. They don't need five starters every fifth day. And they will be able to get a good hard look at a possible advancement by Dobnak, Graterol, Thorpe or Smeltzer to be a part of the rotation for most of the season and going into 2021 as being viable starters. If you have real pitching arms in the minors, you need to give them a chance. Otherwise, why draft rotation arms. Just buy them each and every season.
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    Monkeypaws got a reaction from Thrylos in 2017 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: 56-60   
    Nice in-depth look: will enjoy reading future installments.
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    Monkeypaws got a reaction from Cody Christie in REVIEW: 'Tony Oliva' by Thom Henninger   
    I'm reading this right now - his is certainly an interesting story, and considering he accomplished what he did while playing through injuries is remarkable. 
    Pretty similar career to Puckett really, minus the championships. Given his role as good-will ambassador for the game of baseball on top of his career, I'd love to see him enshrined eventually. 
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