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    Seth Stohs got a reaction from PatPfund for a video, Three Questions With... Kernels Broadcaster Thomas Breach   
    A new show, Seth asks Minnesota native and new Cedar Rapids Kernels broadcaster Thomas Breach three questions about his background, his role with the Kernels, and the prospects he covers in Cedar Rapids. 
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    Seth Stohs got a reaction from Dman for a video, Twins Spotlight: David Festa   
    Seth chatted with Twins RHP prospect and 2021 draft pick David Festa about growing up in New Jersey, heading to Seton Hall, getting drafted, his interests, his pitches, and much more
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    Seth Stohs reacted to Tom Froemming for a video, How Might Jose Miranda Factor Into The 2022 Roster?   
    Minnesota Twins prospect Jose Miranda figures to make his MLB debut at some point in 2022, but where does he fit into the roster? Here I discuss some of the options that would make the most sense and also offer an outside-the-box idea.
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    Seth Stohs got a reaction from Michael (ClassicMNTwins) for a video, Twins Spotlight: Louie and Gus Varland   
    Seth chats with the Varland brothers. Gus Varland is a pitching prospect who spent 2021 with the Dodgers AA affiliate. Louie Varland was the Twins minor league pitcher of the year in 2021, splitting time between Low-A and High-A. We'll see how the brothers have helped each other since their young days through today when they work together toward their goal of pitching in the big leagues.
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