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Posts posted by Danchat

  1. Sure, why not. Sisk might turn out, but we didn't give him a shot last year and our relief prospects usually flame out, so it's no big loss. It's about time they find a real backup CF after pretending like Cave and Celestino/others were good enough backups to Buxton. 

    It definitely feels like one OF is still going to be moved, I feel like Kepler is the odd man out. If Larnach is good to go I'd rather have his bat in the lineup, especially with plus defenders in Buxton, Gallo, and Taylor on the team.

  2. 4 hours ago, nicksaviking said:

    They could do some of those, but there's only one player this team needs to figure out how to work an extension, and it's not those guys.

    Jefferson’s extension won’t have crazy cap hits until 2025, which is why I didn’t mention it, but I expect that will get done. At most it’ll raise his 2023 cap hit by $2-3M due to the signing bonus.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Mike Sixel said:

    I wouldn't be upset with blowing it up. I wouldn't be upset with some changes and blowing up the D. I suspect the latter 

    They've committed to a "competitive rebuild", so there isn't going to be a nuking of the roster, and ownership wouldn't allow it in the first place. They'll make changes on D, no doubt, but they'll be spending a good chunk of their cap space on getting Tomlinson, Peterson, and maybe Bradbury back. I would also guess we see Hockenson and Cousins get extensions to lower their 2023 cap hits to allow room for free agents (probably a few defensive ones). And we have perhaps the least amount of draft capital in football minus a few teams that traded their 1sts away. This isn't a year to rebuild, last year they had that chance and they passed.

  4. 1 hour ago, sun said:

    Folks are vastly under-estimating the value of Kyle Farmer. His role will be much more important than Urshela's was. He also saves payroll and has 2 years of control which is critical given that Lewis and the prospects need more time. Meanwhile Correa's window is open and the Twins absolutely need Farmer's talent on the field & as a right hand bat. He can play any position & he'll be an important option for Rocco. 

    Sure the Twins need pitching which is next, but we also need Lewis and Kirilloff to succeed and they're still unproven, whereas Farmer is an anchor, Every player is only one play away from injury.  

    And that's not even mentioning the importance of signing Vasquez, another right hand bat.

    Urshela had a 3 WAR season last year, you think Farmer is doing to top that? I don’t see him slotting in as a starter like Gio was, he probably plays the Adrianza / Marwin G role. That’ll still get him a lot of ABs since nobody on this team can stay healthy, but I don’t see him in the #4-6 spots in the lineup and hitting like Gio did.

  5. 4 hours ago, Mike Sixel said:

    They should deal Donald. He's worth it. I mean, they should deal everyone, but they won't.

    I wonder what kind of package he'd return... though he's not in his prime any longer and had a down year, plus he hinted at retirement after the Super Bowl. It'd also cost the Rams more on the cap to move him, but if they're getting a haul then I could see it... but he seems like a guy who is going to retire with the Rams. Then again, Watt did move on with the Cardinals for a couple years before he rode into the sunset, so who knows?

  6. Not sure why they bother to trade a young international prospect for a guy they are probably going to DFA soon, but whatever. Seems like another guy who should have been in the pen full-time last year, yet was starting games for Texas' AAA team. Moving failed starters to the pen is a rather fruitful strategy and it's worth a shot, I just don't know if it makes sense to keep him on the 40 man roster.

  7. Martin doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation as Arraez, Luis hit .318 at AA (.298 in his first couple months), and Martin couldn’t hit well even in his second go-around at AA! There are few players who pan out like Arraez and Merrifield do. 

    Nick Gordon is a solid comparison, I could see Martin taking the late bloomer route as a backup OF who has a decent season or two in the majors. But if he wants to be more than that, he needs to be more than a prospect whose only strengths are stealing bases and taking a ton of walks.

  8. B-B-But they were never serious about signing him, or so it went from so many people. Turns out Kyle Farmer was not plan A for the starting SS job.

    6/200 is fine, I highly prefer the shorter term. I give the deal an A+, with the only concern being the injuries. Turns out the Twins we’re willing to spend again this year, just like how they set a new payroll record every past year. Still don’t like the Gallo move, but ‘cheap Pohlads’ whiners be damned.

    And can we stop acting like Boras is some sort of genius? He didn’t end up getting Correa that big of a deal and it turned out Carlos was open to playing here long term. We just needed to pony up the most cash, and while it took some MRIs to get there, in the end the Twins are risking it. I will laid them for that over signing mediocre FAs.

  9. 2 hours ago, nicksaviking said:

    Hendricks pitched three seasons for the Twins. Their foolishness stemmed from not trying him in the pen before cutting him loose. Looks like the Twins did start that with Enlow last year, but he was still in AA ball, and not doing well.

    I'm not terribly worried about him becoming great. I'll also be a dissenter in saying that I think the odds of him getting claimed are less than 50%. The bloom has been off of his rose since 2019.

    I don't think the FO has ever DFA'd a guy and he turned into something... sure, I reacted poorly when we DFA'd Travis Blankenhorn and Edwar Colina, but I trust the FO knows what they're doing when it comes to that.

  10. It sounds like the plan is to play the starters for a set amount of time, then put the backups in. I wouldn't be shocked if some veterans get the whole game off, perhaps Thielen/Z Smith/Tomlinson. Give Reed / Udoh the whole game at C and RT to determine things for the next week.

    Let's not forget the Bears are going to be starting Nathan freaking Peterman at QB, and the rest of their roster is only slightly better than the average practice squad. I'll post the depth chart later, it was really bad back when we played them in September and now it's historically bad. Plus they need to lose to get the #1 pick in the draft, and the Texans might actually be able to beat the Colts and lose the #1 overall pick... Lovie Smith's last gift to the Bears!

  11. 2 hours ago, Aggies7 said:

    All those articles about what correa was going to do with our offer reminded me of when I wanted to ask out the hot girl in high school, wondering what I could promise her so she’d give me a chance. Meanwhile she was texting 3 stud athletes from the school two towns over. Never had a chance 

    So what’s the allegory for the two failed physicals / upset potential boyfriends?

  12. For me the real story is Enlow, they must be pretty low on him to DFA him now, as I have to think with his pedigree he gets claimed. I would have liked to see him as a full time reliever and see if he could make it to the bigs by the end of the year. Another pitching prospect goes down the drain…

    Ortega’s profile reminds me of Megill, high fastball speeds but too hittable. That BB/9 is not going to fly here.


  13. 9 minutes ago, Mike Sixel said:

    The D is 31st in points allowed and the OL is decimated. If they play Cousins, or JJ or Cook in Chicago they should just quit, because it would be very bad if one of them got hurt. Hell, bench Darrisaw too. I guess PP and, um, Harry and Danielle on D?

    Eh, this ain’t decimated, ask the Rams or Titans what a decimated OL is, they’re both down at least 5 guys.

    Udoh played pretty well at RT, and it is his natural position - he won’t be close to as good as O’Neill, but could be acceptable. Mancz is probably better than Schlottmann and Reed, but Bradbury should be back.

  14. I was wrong, I thought our letdown was coming against the Giants, turned out it was the Packers. Why can't this team ever lose a one possession game? 

    Some other notes:

    Slipping around on the grass was a big reason why the 1st half was so uncompetitive... how did they screw this up? They know playing in Lambeau is like this!

    Schlottmann's leg is broken, so he's done. O'Neill probably won't be able to play until the Championship/Super Bowl, so the OL will have to be Darrisaw-Cleveland-Reed-Ingram-Udoh until Bradbury is ready. Garrett should be ready by the first playoff game.

  15. Just now, Battle ur tail off said:

    Kepler's trade value?

    By himself, my guess would be basically a lottery pick type prospect. Someone not in a teams top 20 guys for sure.

    This is why picking up Gallo made zero sense. They are very similar players. So we are going to pay someone more money to do the same job and we are going to move the guy we have for a nobody...

    I don’t think the Twins would be moving him for a lottery ticket, it sounds like there is some demand for him. I’d guess he gets one #11-20 prospect or a MLB reliever.

  16. 4 hours ago, Johnny Ringo said:

    Is there any reason to believe the Twins really offered CC 10 years/$285 in the first place? Boras has every incentive to let that rumor live. He wants deep perceived interest for every client, whether it's real or not. 

    Kate Upton was going to marry us if Verlander hadn't intervened. On Carlos and Kate, we need to move on folks. 

    The business model is clear. Try to be 500ish, get in the playoffs if possible, sell beer and make money. 

    I'm an ardent fan but I don't feel good about being complicit in the plan.  

    At least 4 sources have reported the same offer from what I’ve seen, it would be hard to believe that it was some sort of fabrication at this point. The offer fits the FO’s MO of coming up short to a top tier FA, so I don’t see reason to doubt it.

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