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  1. "...goon, who has a pair of sweatpants he calls “my going-out ones.” " Is this a disguised slight at Gleeman who got his one free pair of Mac Weldon's back in 2020?
  2. I agree with the guys assessment that getting Mahle out of Cincinnati will help improve his HR rate.
  3. Just listened and according to the show the five games lost to Cleveland the Twins had, at one time, a max Win Probability for each game of 92%, 98%, 82%, 95%, and 89%. Based on my third grade probabilities class doesn't this work out to the Twins have an overall chance of 62.5% to have won all five of these games. (0.92 x 0.98 x 0.82 x .95 x 0.89 = 0.625, 62.5%) Conversely, the chance that Cleveland wins all five games is 0.08 x 0.02 x 0.18 x 0.05 x 0.11 = 0.00000158, 0.000158%) Is there someone out there that can confirm, or correct, my math? Somehow I can believe the Twins should have one all five 62% of the time given the numbers, but Cleveland's chance is so miniscule I can hardly believe it.
  4. Winder needs to be up and back in the pen. He won the job out of spring training as one of their best pitchers. How has that changed?
  5. Top 3 WPA: Sano .624, Larnach .243, Paddack .192 How does Kepler with an RBI double and a 2 run HR not get on this list?
  6. In the words of Steinman and Meatloaf - "All revved up with no place to go."
  7. Just listened to this episode and would strongly suggest that if you want a cheap laugh you listen to the last minute at 1/2 speed. Gleeman sounds totally in love, and drunk, when talking about Zendaya and the Geeks laughing reminds of my younger days getting high.
  8. "Rice University is notoriously known for overworking its pitchers, with many of its graduates having injuries during their professional careers." - You would think that talented pitchers with professional aspirations would avoid Rice if it is truly notoriously known that they overwork pitchers. I have got to believe they have other good options where to go to school to pitch.
  9. I remember watching Martin & Lewis movies as reruns on Saturday afternoons in the 60's. You probably have to be in your seventy' to have gone to see the movies in a theater.
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