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  1. I also recall that the Jays grabbed Ray very early in FA, so it would have been hard for us to have a chance anyways.
  2. Definitely would have been hard to pick these successes, other than Kolten Wong. I wanted him badly for that price. But also thought Simmons would fit really well (bye bye, my credibility in this post). Ray's bouceback wasn't a given due to all his free passes, but I think it was easy to predict he'd be better than Happless. Shoemaker never should have gotten a major league deal. That play on upside was just a terrible idea and everyone seemed to know it. Relievers are so damn tricky, I can't even lie that I would have done better.
  3. I can appreciate the intent of this article - seemingly just to give you whatever thought process may develop. I thought it was such an interesting situation when Simmons hit the team with Covid, because at the time it was believed his production would be mostly irreplaceable. If he were to infect everyone at a time that we were still trying to contend (and his production was this bad), I think he'd be gone (trying to convey a hypothetical, hope it worked). On a serious note, I think it's ridiculous to say that athletes (or anyone) can't have an opinion and voice it like the rest of us (even though Simmons opinion here, and that of others of similar mind, is absolutely bat**** and dangerous). Get your dang vaccine and stop endangering others with selfishness (goes for everyone, seriously!)
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