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    LewFordLives reacted to Jimmy Jam in Non-tendering Taylor Rogers Would Be a Huge Mistake   
    The Twins are the most out of touch, backwards team in MLB. Just the latest example; You need starting pitching, so let's trade Jose Berrios. Instead of adding to Berrios with 2-3 other good quality starters, you trade him and now have none. Now you need 3-4 good quality starters. Just when a pitcher is about to bust onto the scene and finally cash-in, the Twins MO is to trade for would-be prospects that might be ready in 3 to 5 years, and the cycle continues. I have absolutely given up on this team making sound baseball decisions. Pitching, pitching, pitching... and then more pitching. That is the name of the game, just ask the winner of 2 world series, Tom Kelly. The teams that have it are in the playoffs year after year after year. Not this loser organization. Pull your head out of your butts please! You can win with average to slightly below average hitting, but you will never win consistently without above average to good to great pitching...period! Quit paying big bucks for dime a dozen fielders and start paying for top quality pitching, then maybe I'll come back...but for now and into the immediate future, I'll be rooting for the teams that get it and understand this very simple concept! Just ask another local team who has a roster full of "star" players but doesn't seem to understand that you win games in the trenches, O-line and D-line. And it's not just drafting those positions, it's knowing who to draft at those positions. If those position groups are strong, even a mediocre QB-RB-WR group can win ballgames. Man, this town's professional team ownership and management is absolutely pathetic and largely mediocre in their own right.  Figure it out boys, or pack your bags! The fans of Minnesota deserve a hell of a lot better than what these teams and ownership groups provide year in and year out! Two world series wins in 60+ years of men's baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. My God, that's pathetic! Go Lynx!
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