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    218263 reacted to insagt1 in Letting Byron Buxton Walk Will Haunt   
    You're only allowed one or two real bad decisions when trying to build a ballclub. If the Twins whiff on this one, they will have their fanbase riled up and thats not a good optic given that this year's team could lose 90-100 games. Letting the face of the 'revitalized' team walk is no way to build a winner.
    Just about everything that has happened to the 2021 Twins has been bad. They never got to field their dream lineup. The pitching staff totally fell apart. Most the hitters were experiencing their worst career year...until a couple of them have tried to salvage their season. And the injuries this year have been brutal.
    If they can't figure out how to keep one of the best talents in the game....what good will come of it?
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    218263 got a reaction from Hosken Bombo Disco in Game Score: White Sox 5, Twins 3   
    Baldelli should’ve walked Sheets. His run meant nothing, and a right hander Burger was on deck. They would’ve had a force play/double play set up. Was really their only chance of getting out of that mess.
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