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    RpR reacted to Heiny in Still Looking Up for Larnach   
    Don't Sleep on Larnach.  He will be an all-star.  He will adjust to the off-speed pitches and I believe he will drastically improve on defense with good coaching.  This kid will get another chance and will crush it.  Hopefully with the Twins.
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    RpR reacted to RJA in Still Looking Up for Larnach   
    I think Larnach will be fine long term.  I don't think he compares to Rooker at all, for many of the reasons you identify, Cody.  Plus, he is a smart guy.  He studies the game and will do what is necessary to adjust.  I never write off a great prospect after one trip to the majors.  Look at Torii's struggles early on.  Plus, he was injured.  I think he will likely start at St. Paul, do well and be promoted next year.  I think he will be an important piece long term.  
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    RpR reacted to nicksaviking in Still Looking Up for Larnach   
    The Twins have always had more success with offensive prospects than pitching, I think that’s a big reason 2021 was so disappointing. At least one of Larnach, Kirilloff, Rooker or Celestino should have popped. They all crashed in one way or another. Need this to happen this year.
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    RpR got a reaction from Nine of twelve in MLB Expansion   
    Too many teams already; gawdawful play--offs make the the regular season and farce and it will get worse.
    Hmm, lets see, World Series at Thanksgiving, brilliant.
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    RpR got a reaction from darwin22 in Journeyman Zack Greinke has a Place on the 2022 Minnesota Twins   
    He has 9 career home runs and stolen bases with a .225 batting average, he could be a 4th outfielder.
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    RpR got a reaction from bean5302 in Here are Three Creative Trade Options to Bolster the Twins Rotation   
    Bringing up rookies whose show  best years in the BIg Show, show, they are really just minor league, or maybe back-end Bull Pen pitchers during a time when Baseball  ,due to greed and politics,  is losing spectators and is dangerously close to becoming even more irrelevant on the sport scene, would be foolish.
    The owners see they are losing spectators and are NOT going to use the Twins as a extension of AAA baseball to see how many of their rookies wash-out ; they want a team that is on it s worst day .500 and can maybe crawl into a a tail-end play-off game.
    To not do so means they lose a lot more money, and to the Pohlads money is the bottom line, period.
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    RpR reacted to dxpavelka in How good are we?   
    I've learned that guys like Olney are NEVER wrong.  Not even sure why the Twins are planning to play this season. 
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    RpR reacted to Trov in Minnesota Twins to Sign 3 Top International Talents   
    International signings are even more of a crap shoot than most drafts.  They are so young and you have no real clue how they will grow and develop.  It used to be you also had no clue how old they really were too, but that seems to be less of issues these days.  
    Here is to hoping one of them work out well, or like the Sano, Polonco, Kepler trio all make the majors. Some years you hit jackpots, and some years you swing and miss. 
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    RpR got a reaction from Hunter48 in Here are Three Creative Trade Options to Bolster the Twins Rotation   
    Happ pitched well for St. Louis, I think a new coach is as important as new pitchers.
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    RpR got a reaction from bean5302 in Why an Elvis Andrus Trade Will Solve All of the Twins' Problems (Almost)   
    Here is Simmons' defense, -- that would be a foolish move' --  Andrus career BA is .272, after this year Simmons is .265.

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    RpR reacted to Major League Ready in 3 Reasons Why Now Is Not the Time For a Rebuild   
    St. Louis let Pujlos walk which was a great decision.  I am not suggesting Berrios is going to be dead weight like Pujlos was for the last 5 years but letting a player go is not necessary inconsistent with the approach you are advocating. It aids in the development of the steady stream of young talent you reference.
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    RpR reacted to USAFChief in 3 Reasons Why Now Is Not the Time For a Rebuild   
    Well, I guess if offering an 8 yr, $200m contract is "letting him walk."
    The Cardinals tried very hard to retain Pujols.
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    RpR reacted to Major League Ready in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    Arraez was 142nd among position players in Fwar last year.  Let's not get too carried away with his trade value or any suggestion that he could not be replaced.  
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    RpR reacted to tony&rodney in 3 Reasons Why Now Is Not the Time For a Rebuild   
    Unfortunately, this is the crux of every discussion so far in building a team for 2022 and beyond. They have to rebuild the entire rotation from Opening Day 2021 and while the task is difficult it can still be accomplished through a free agent signing and two trades. I'm not yet prepared for 2-3 seasons of 90+ losses.
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    RpR reacted to tony&rodney in MLB Expansion   
    The comments about talent are quite interesting. When one considers the vast call for the Twins to roster players without MLB experience to "see what they have" versus the comments about the lack of talent in MLB, it flies in the face of numbers. Now I have always been into numbers and stats and really haven't found saber-metrics to be so revolutionary, but when one considers the influx of Black Americans and Latin players into baseball (not even mentioning Asian and others) in the past 75 years along with the improvements in the medical field and training it boggles the mind to suggest that the baseball players today are not talented enough or that there are not enough players to field additional teams.
    While one should take care to compare the different professional leagues in North America, it is a simple numerical fact that baseball has more parity than either the NFL or NBA. Now golf, which I do not follow (golf is a good walk spoiled), could likely say that there is plenty of decent golfers today and there is room for more tournaments. I don't know about that, but baseball has talent oozing from many places and the hold on expansion is a hold on expanding the interest and development of the game. Expansion is overdue.
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    RpR reacted to Unwinder in MLB Expansion   
    Hey, I've seen three different people in this thread say that one benefit of expansion would be eliminating interleague play. Is there something bad about interleague play that I don't know about? Why don't people like it? I've seen this come up before, and I'm very curious and want to understand it.
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    RpR reacted to Andrew Mahlke in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    I respect your point. However them extending Buxton and signing other free agents aren't mutually exclusive events. They have sooo many front office members where they could've signed free agents while also extending Buxton. I agree they should've made some signings but not at the expense of losing Buxton. They should've done both
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    RpR reacted to Andrew Mahlke in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    When Buxton was 22-24, most fans viewed him as a bust. He still had a higher bWAR in those years than Arraez, and he wasn't even close to his potential.
    Why wouldn't you be optimistic about having one of the most talented players in the league? 
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    RpR reacted to LA VIkes Fan in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    At the risk of repeating what others have said, this is not a yes or no question. There is no reason for the Twins to declare Arraez as somehow "untouchable" in a trade, nor is there any reason to give him away to open up a spot for others. He has value to the Twins on the field next year. He may have more more value to the Twins as a trade chip because there is the chance that we could combine him with either high end hitting prospect or slightly lesser pitching prospect and potentially get a quality starter. A quality starter does not mean a number 1 starter, more like a 2/3. Getting a 1/2 means trading Arraez and 2 high end hitting prospects or a high-end hitter and high-end pitching prospect. I would do the former for a quality pitcher like Sonny Gray if we can extend him so we have at least 2-3 years of control. I would do the latter at if the return was someone like Chris Bassett from Oakland, but only if we also extend him at least 2 years past his present one year remaining, or if we get a younger pitcher like Lopez or Sanchez from the Marlins plus a solid MLB ready pitching pitching prospect like Meyer. Otherwise, we keep Arraez.
    By the way, to those of you suggesting the solution is to move Polanco back to short and put Arraez in as the everyday 2B,  clears dear God don't let the FO hear you. Polanco is a great hitting, solid fielding 2nd baseman, even All-Star game worthy. He is a lousy fielding, injury prone shortstop whose bat takes a hit when he has to play SS.  Even worse, Arraez is average at best at 2nd base so now we have a below average fielding middle infield behind a bunch of young, kid pitchers trying to transition to the major leagues. Moreover, any FA starter is not going to come to a team that has a lousy fielding middle infield since it will make that pitcher look bad. To me, that is a recipe for a disaster. Assuming we do not trade Arraez, Polanco needs to stay at 2nd base and Arraez can get his 500 bats at the DH, 3B, and occasionally at the 2B spots. The team then needs to sign a quality defensive shortstop and frankly not really care whether the guy can hit.
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    RpR got a reaction from Heiny in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    Arraez is as much like Oliva as Sano is like Molitor.
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    RpR reacted to PDX Twin in 3 Reasons Why Now Is Not the Time For a Rebuild   
    I think that, rather than a tank-and-rebuild philosophy,  the Twins aspire to emulating St. Louis: a perennial contender and occasional pennant winner. This requires not a break-down followed by rebuild, but a steady flow of young talent overlapping with a selective investment in veteran talent. If this is the case, they really should have signed Berrios to an extension, but everything else fits. Of course, Maeda's injury is a monkey-wrench in the works for next year, but I think the front office wants the young generation (Kirilloff, Larnach, Duran, Balazovic, Martin, Lewis, etc.) to take over soon and does not want to block them with expensive, aging players on the decline.
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    RpR reacted to Squirrel in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    I still think, no ... the time to trade Donaldson is mid-season, especially if he's doing well and we're not. Miranda will have his opportunities going between the Twins and the Saints to start the year, unless we move Arraez. Donaldson was/is a big part of our offense. You cannot expect Miranda to just step into that  ... RoY if he does, but that is not something you can expect. You keep Donaldson to start the season. Frankly, I really think these discussions that Miranda is the 'next coming for 3rd base' are premature. Let him get his feet wet at the big league level first, then decide what to do with JD, not before, and potentially be left with a gaping hole. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it!  
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    RpR reacted to dgdynasty in 3 Reasons Why Now Is Not the Time For a Rebuild   
    2022 is for evaluating our youth. 2023 is for building and demonstrating consistency. 2024 better be playoffs. 2025 is when we should expect to compete for the crown or the FO failed.
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