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    RonCoomersOPS reacted to jmlease1 in Let Me Talk About Catchers   
    are you just trolling in every thread now? Jeffers is a far superior defensive catcher by basically any possible metric, including the eye test. Astudillo got few chances at catcher this year because the Twins know he's not really any good back there. (Jeffers, even through his struggles, was a more valuable hitter at catcher as well)
    Astudillo is a fun player and obviously a likable guy, but he's not any kind of solution at catcher and doesn't hit or defend enough to deserve a spot on the 40-man, let alone the MLB roster.
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    RonCoomersOPS reacted to chpettit19 in Grading Falvey's Drafts   
    Ok, give Larnach 0.2 WAR. He's still outdone what 93% of that entire class will do for their entire careers. How does that earn him a C? In the schools I went to being in the top 93% was an A. That's my problem. You're not using historical data and are crushing, or at least downgrading, picks that have either done better than you're giving them credit for or haven't had nearly enough time to make any kind of reasonable assessment of. Your expectations just aren't in line with MLB draft reality. Moral of this story is 4 years isn't enough time to grade a draft pick, let alone less than a season.
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    RonCoomersOPS reacted to jmlease1 in Grading Falvey's Drafts   
    Well, some of this context has already been done at places like Baseball America and FanGraphs; didn't take hours to track it down, more like 10 minutes. But you're putting forward the analysis of the front office's draft ability, so it's fair game if you've missed something important, and I think you have.
    But the biggest problem with this as a blog post for me is that the thesis feels incoherent. Almost everything you're presenting is highly critical of the front office's draft results and strategy...but then you tell us that the final grade is still ok and you're not calling for them to be fired like an Uber driver. If you believe that their strategy is wrong, that they're making a lot of mistakes, and that their drafts are not panning out and should have better results by now, then stick with it. Don't cop out and tell me a "C" grade is ok; tell me why you're right to give them what will be perceived as a pretty crummy grade.
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    RonCoomersOPS reacted to Seth Stohs in Grading Falvey's Drafts   
    Just a few thoughts from the analysis (great work and thought put into it)... 
    1.) They have been Sean Johnson's drafts. He is the scouting director and responsible for drafting. Falvey provides a framework and some of the thought process. He has encouraged the scouting department to work with the player development and communicate between the departments. 
    2.) The Twins don't and shouldn't care what any other rating system puts for their rankings. They should trust their scouts and evaluators (dozens) over 2-4 people at sites like MLB.com, Baseball America or any other site think. 
    3.) The two "Huge Reach" guys with some playing time (Jeffers and Steer) sure look like good picks ot this point. 
    4.) Injuries are always a factor, unfortunately. 
    It will be good to look at this analysis in 3-4 more years when we'll know a lot more about all of these players. 
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    RonCoomersOPS got a reaction from Bandguy in Just Dreamin'   
    I'd rather not have a shortstop next year than re-sign Simmons.
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    RonCoomersOPS got a reaction from wabene in Just Dreamin'   
    I'd rather not have a shortstop next year than re-sign Simmons.
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    RonCoomersOPS got a reaction from mikelink45 in Which Pitching Prospect Will Help Twins Next?   
    Charlie Barnes is probably the next in line, but Josh Winder is likely the next one that will really be impactful (not to dismiss Barnes, I think he's probably a #4 guy for a good long while; Winder is a guy who I think could make us all quickly feel better about trading Berrios).
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