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    SanoMustGo got a reaction from TopGunn#22 in Bullpen Blues - A Twins Blog   
    I think Rocco has proven to me he can't handle a pitching staff(If he is really making these decisions).  I think he is a puppet for the FO.
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    SanoMustGo got a reaction from Tim in Wheeling n' Dealing in The West - Dodgers and Padres   
    We are losing now, and even if they return, I expect this team to lose next year too unless the entire pitching staff is gutted and the FO is able to rebuild it completely in ONE offseason.  That will cost alot of money.  If this team is bad again next year it just pushes the entire process back another season.  This is going to happen one way or another in the next 1.5 years, so do it now.  If the FO tries to patch this thing together the same way they have in the past and it fails again...you will have one pissed off fan base.  Ohh, and the team defense needs an overhaul too.
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