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    Unwinder reacted to Mortimerkenny21 in 2021 MLB Postseason Predictions!!! (Wild Card & Division Series Edition)   
    Good, the Yankees are already out!
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    Unwinder reacted to wabene in 40-man roster decisions, part 1: position players   
    One thing people forget about teams in places like Florida is the population is from all over the US and they bring their fan allegiances with them. Add in crappy ballparks and the time of year when people are indoors, it's just not conducive to that boys of summer experience.
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    Unwinder reacted to Brock Beauchamp in 40-man roster decisions, part 1: position players   
    Ughhhhh I cannot state how much I hate this brand of baseball thought. Who cares if Polanco has "peaked"? He's a good player and the Twins need good players. Every team needs good players.
    Tampa is an extremely well-run franchise but they're also a bunch of empty uniforms. There's a reason the fanbase is non-existent. They're also a ****ing scam. Their entire payroll budget is roughly what they received in national television revenue from MLB this season. They're raking in money hand over fist and deserve huge ridicule for it. They pull the crap they do on their fans because they want to, not because they need to.
    As a fan, I want my team to be good and I want to cheer on players I recognize and like. The Twins do not need to operate like Tampa. No team needs to operate like Tampa, including Tampa.
    There are times it makes sense to trade good players. I didn't have an issue with the Berrios trade due to the short-term incompetence of the team and the return on the player. I didn't love trading Berrios but understood it was a reasonable baseball move.
    But it's a big jump to go from Berrios to trading a good, cost-controlled player in his prime like Polanco. That would just straight-up piss me off.
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    Unwinder reacted to chpettit19 in Grading Falvey's Drafts   
    I guess for me it comes down to what your expectations are. You say you're almost ready to label Cavaco and Sabato busts despite them having 1 year of professional ball under their belt. That seems incredibly aggressive to me. Cavaco has 332 total minor league ABs in 88 total games (according to MLB.com). Sabato has 361 in 107. That's less than 1 season of play and you're saying they're already likely busts? That's some tough grading right there.
    I haven't been overly impressed with their drafts (I did like the Lewis, Larnach, and Petty picks), but I don't think they've been awful (Cavaco has the athleticism that creates the type of ceiling you want with a 1st round pick and Sabato absolutely crushed some of the best college baseball talent during his 2 years in NC). If Lewis had reached the majors last year or this year as was predicted before a pandemic and freak knee injury ruined both those plans I think things look a lot different.
    In a season ticket holder Q and A Levine spoke a little to their draft strategy. They feel the data shows that getting high end, elite bats later in the draft is much harder than finding impact pitching. They feel that your best chance to get game changing hitters is to get them early and that's what they were attempting to do with the bats they took. Their approach is to go after guys with elite tools (Lewis and Cavaco) or guys who dominated college baseball (Larnach, Sabato, Rooker, Wallner, Soularie) and look like they could have game changing bats. They believe they can turn pitchers with an already elite pitch into more complete pitchers and can get those guys later. That's their approach to pitching in general, actually. Find a guy with a pitch they can already put in their back pocket (Ryan fb, Petty fb, Wisler slider, Maeda split, Pineda slider, Duran fb, etc) and then use their technology based coaching to develop more pitches (Balazovic, really good article on the athletic today about his new splitter), add velo (Ober), or improve control (hopefully improve everyone's). Now you can certainly debate if that's the correct strategy (I know it's pretty universally accepted that you take a bat over an arm if they're closely ranked as bats are more likely to turn out) or if they've executed their vision well. But I think it's important to at least take their strategy and goals into consideration.
    I also think expectations on baseball draft prospects need to be tempered to a great degree. As Dman pointed out, the success rate is miniscule. To truly evaluate any FO and their ability to draft and develop you need to compare them to every other drafted and developed player. Like is Larnach really that far behind his 2018 draft class peers? I'd argue no. There aren't a bunch of them taking the league by storm already. He's among the handful that have made it to the bigs, and none of them are world beaters yet. I wouldn't say he's the best of the bunch by any means, but he's not getting drastically outdone by the players taken after him or anything. To me it's too early to judge these drafts, or their draft and development ability at all. It's a total incomplete grade to me.
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    Unwinder reacted to Squirrel in Saddest sports city   
    I appreciate the acknowledgement, and I wasn't trying to throw it in anyone's face, and whether or not they are truly 'lesser', as some here have indicated, I think those were championships that excited the fanbase and the city, which is why I mentioned it. Honestly, I don't follow basketball at all, either WNBA or NBA, and I don't live in Minnesota, but I still heard and read about their successes, so, they garnered some attention, which is why I mentioned it. I don't think it's completely true that Minnesota is completely devoid of 'happiness' since '91, but I get the general gist of the 'major 4 men's sports' in Minnesota being devoid of bringing us happiness.  
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    Unwinder reacted to Vanimal46 in Saddest sports city   
    I think there is a lot of pent up frustration, jealousy, and insecurity with Minnesota sports fans that may be unique to the region. I am not an exception to this, but I try my best not to act like this all the time  
    30 years without a championship in the men’s major 4 sports is the source of the frustration. Frankly, only the Vikings have gotten relatively close to a championship in those 30 years. The Twins can’t overcome the Yankees in the playoffs, the T-Wolves have been a laughingstock for 15 years, and the Wild haven’t been able to put it all together. 
    I think there is a TON of jealousy from fans. You can see it on this very thread that we’re using tax dollars to support “billionaire owner overlords”. A common theme I see all the time is bitching about the highest paid player on the team, and essentially running them out of town. Joe Mauer was the local hero who could do no wrong. Then once he became the highest paid player on the team and a career altering concussion happens, the hate starts pouring in. Josh Donaldson this year has had unwarranted attacks written about him on this very site. Kirk Cousins is the most polarizing player in the state. The list goes on and on. 
    Finally, I think there’s a ton of insecurity from fans. There’s a constant worry that player X will never sign here because of cold weather, or a myriad of other things that aren’t important as money. As soon as a current Minnesota sports player says they may be looking elsewhere after their contract is over, fans turn on them saying “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Jimmy Butler is a prime example. He was the only reason the T Wolves were relevant for a year. The minute he expressed his concerns about the team and maybe playing elsewhere, people wanted him gone immediately. 
    It’s a truly wild dynamic here. I highly doubt people at Dodgers Daily bitch about paying Matt Kemp deferred money all these years later. Or if they won or lost a trade from 2 years ago. It’s only here. And I don’t know why. 
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    Unwinder reacted to dex8425 in Saddest sports city   
    I was born in '91, so I've never seen a MN major sports championship, but if the Royals and Marlins can win a WS, the Twins should be able to. The Brewers have a shot this year getting zero help from their former MVP; there's no excuse for the Twins not winning a world series or playoff series when teams like the Marlins, Royals, Brewers, Reds, Rays, Rockies, and Cardinals have done it recently. I mean, the Rays have been to two world series in recent memory in the toughest division in baseball with zero fan support, a crappy stadium, and the lowest average payroll in the league. 
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    Unwinder got a reaction from In My La Z boy in The Grand "Re-Tool" Experiment   
    This very thorough look at the retool scenario certainly dampens my enthusiasm for it.
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    Unwinder got a reaction from Tim in The Grand "Re-Tool" Experiment   
    This very thorough look at the retool scenario certainly dampens my enthusiasm for it.
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    Unwinder reacted to Tim in The Grand "Re-Tool" Experiment   
    Yea I mean I kinda leaned toward that being my preference throughout the entire piece.
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    Unwinder reacted to wsnydes in Going Forward - Retool or Rebuild?   
    Too early to label the FO a failure.  There's enough there to retool, especially with position players.  I'm not convinced there is with pitching, but that's another discussion.  What to do with Polanco is a question in and of itself though.  Assuming that Donaldson, Simmons and even Sano (doubtful) are all dealt, is there enough infield depth to replace an entire infield?  Obviously, something that can help would need to come back in a deal somewhere.  I like Polanco (at 2B, not SS), but I'm not opposed to dealing him because I do think he has decent value.  Tearing down an entire infield feels more like a rebuild rather than a retool though.
    Regarding Buxton and Berrios, this question will hang over this team until they're either extended or gone.  However, it's an important one to answer to determine the direction of the team long term.  If they're both gone, the team has further to go to reach serious contender status.  There's already too much to do on the pitching side.
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    Unwinder got a reaction from Cormac McCarthy in Blood Quotidian: Volume Two, The Leverage Trilogy   
    This guy doesn't care about ERA, to him, WAR is god.
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