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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Brock Beauchamp in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    I want to make up posters of Rocco pointing at cameras and yelling "**** YOU" to the umpire in NY. Just beautiful.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Brock Beauchamp in GAME THREAD: Twins vs. Blue Jays, 8/7/22, 1:10CT | 2:10ET   
    Oh man, Rocco is mad as hell.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to randy_moist in Tyler Duffey Waived   
    He was legitimately great between 2019 and 2020. Combined ERA+ 194 in a fireman's role. Great peripherals too. I think you're having selective memory
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to nicksaviking in Jorge Lopez to the Twins!   
    I didn't realize the Twins had four healthy pitchers to trade.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Danchat in Celestino   
    It's nice to have Celestino in CF rather than other options like Kepler/Cave/the other guys we trotted out in 2022. Defensively he's a great option, also better than Gordon. He is slumping at the plate and has zero power, but if he can maintain his .350 OBP, he's a fine to put in the back third of the lineup. I do like Contreras and while he does have more pop in his bat, he's more of a good corner OF like Kepler and he's not going to get on base as much. 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to prouster in Celestino   
    Celestino has so far put up a 103 ops+. Not world beating by any means, but perfectly fine for a fourth outfielder who plays very good defense. I don’t understand why you send a guy like that to the minors. 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to High heat in Celestino   
    With the Buxton knee injury that flares up and can be out or DH restricted for days you need Celestino.  Gordon is your swiss army knife and is used as such.  He continues to provide middle infield insurance as well as OF depth.  No thanks Mark Contreras. 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to nicksaviking in Managerial questions   
    So subpar starters dooming the club is on the GM during TKs run, but poor bullpen arms dooming (get real, this is a good team) the club is on Baldelli.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to lecroy24fan in Sinclair/Bally's standalone soft opening tomorrow! (not in the Twin Cities though)   
    Bally does not own the rights. Sinclair owns them. Bally pays Sinclair for the naming rights of the RSN's.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to ashbury in 2022 Season Begins! - Where Are Our EX-MINNESOTA TWINS   
    We never should have traded him. And good riddance!
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Riverbrian in Can we just celebrate Luis Arraez for a moment?   
    It's ok to pray at the alter of OPS. But while doing this let's not diminish the simple value of simply not making an out. 
    Every extra guy that steps to the plate in the inning increases the odds of runs scored. Guys who don't make outs... gives everyone else's OPS a bigger bang for that buck. 
    Arraez is big value for us. 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Mike Sixel in Rant on Empty Seats At Target Field   
    Also I'm not sure why anyone cares. 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Craig Arko in Handling Byron Buxton   
    Since we have no clue as to what 'the right thing' is; perhaps we are best off reserving judgement. Painful and difficult as that may be.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to DocBauer in Smeltzer called up to start Saturday night   
    No doubt Smeltzer's best role is as a long/mid bullpen arm. He was surprisingly solid as a backend arm in 2019. He had a bad disc in his neck that lead to loss of feeling in his left hand in 2021 and ruined his season. If I'm not mistaken, he made a comment that "something" popped up in 2020 from his previous cancer battle that affected his 2020. Sorry if I'm not recalling 100%. He had a healthy and quality ST this year. He's been pretty solid for St Paul thus far in 2022. He's about 8th on the current depth chart, but injuries happen and sometimes you have to dig that deep, even if it's one game. But I don't think he's exactly a sacrificial lamb in this game. 
    The Twins need Thielbar to keep doing what he's been doing the past few seasons, and so far this season, for as long as he can. The Twins need Moran to establish himself ASAP for 2022 and beyond. There are a handful of LH arms coming up that are "interesting", and they need at least one to establish themselves as a quality BP piece to join Moran. But Smeltzer has a chance to stick for a season or two as a mid/long guy. With Coloumbe out for now, tonight could be huge for him going forward. Time may be running out for him.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to SwainZag in GAME THREAD: Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 04/30/2022 @ 4:10 PM EST   
    With that HR from Garlick, he now has 10 HR in 110 career AB against LHP, which comes out to a HR in every 11 ABS....which is slightly more nuts.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to D. Hocking in Fun with numbers 2022 edition   
    When a season is not going well, the definition of "fun" can often be a bit contorted from its traditional meaning.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Game Thread Twins vs Mariners 13:10 cdt 4/10/2022 ad   
    Buxton just feels different now... he had a swagger and openness in that post-game interview that he simply didn't have in previous seasons.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to notoriousgod71 in Game Thread: Twins vs. Seattle, 4/9/22 @ 1:10pm CT   
    I would really love to blame Rocco for everything short of the plague but I find it difficult to blame him with the (lack of) options this team has.
    I place the blame on falvine who not only did nothing to improve an already ghastly bullpen but actively sabotaged it by trading away its best reliever.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to nicksaviking in Celestino promoted, will be on Twins 28-man; Winder also confirmed   
    Not much for power that's for sure. But he did have an .827 OPS in St. Paul last year. He had a bit of a strange journey, he was a pretty modest hitter in AA, got called up to the majors and didn't hit, but then went to AAA and  was a better player than he was in AA. I think Celestino is still solidly a TBD.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to USAFChief in EX-TWINS IN 2022: Where Are They Now?   
    I always felt like Rocco didn't give him enough ABs.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Azviking101 in Twins acquire SP Sonny Gray   
    I do like it. Petty was a long way out and the overall value gives the twins a win here. But they have to sign some players through free agency as well. You cannot just build a team through trades alone 
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to mikelink45 in EX-TWINS IN 2022: Where Are They Now?   
    It might not mean anything to you, but for many of this we find the nostalgia and the movements within the game to be fascinating.  
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Mike Sixel in Eddie Rosario   
    I'm at a loss to understand some people's belief that the Twins should basically never trust a rookie, and keep every veteran, even at a level of pay no other team was willing to come close to. 
    I'm happy he is getting to have some success this year! I don't get why we can't be happy for that, and realize it was time to move on (even if it didn't work......not successful does not mean not correct, anymore than successful means correct).
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Ex Twins in 2021: Where Are They Now?   
    Butera's career is one of the most fascinating things about baseball I've been following for the past 10+ years.
    His career OPS+ is 48.
    He has made $8.4m in his career.
    I fully understand why that has happened and good for Drew but still fascinating.
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    Benchwarmerjim reacted to Unwinder in Griffin Jax, the two-headed monster   
    Jax strikes me as extremely intelligent, methodical, and driven. I don't know if he can stick as a starter, but I expect him to make all the right choices to maximize his chances.
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