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    JensenGregory reacted to GKuehl in Our foundational players - the big six   
    My best guess on the next "Core 6": Byron Buxton, who I think we re-sign next offseason for 5 years, $100 million, Alex Kirilloff, Trevor Larnach, Royce Lewis, Jhoan Duran, and Jordan Balazovic. I also thought long and hard about putting Luis Arraez in here because of how much I love his bat at the top of the lineup. 
    While re-signing Buxton presents a huge risk because of his injury history, his potential is too high for us to give up on; we play so much better when he is manning CF. Kirilloff looks like he'll be the Twins 1B for the next decade or so, with Larnach taking over RF. I am curious to see where Lewis ends up long term, is he an infielder or an outfielder? I'm extremely excited about this next phase of arms coming up through the system, Duran and Balazovic are the top two, but there is genuine depth within our organization's pitching depth with Canterino, Winder, Sands, Enlow, etc. 
    I am sure that there will be a few surprises/breakouts, maybe someone like Sabato or Wallner will breakout in a big way. I still believe that this current version has enough talent to contend. Even after having watched these first two months of the season, if we could start the season over right now, I would still bet on the Twins making the playoffs. 
    I'm curious to hear thoughts from the rest of you! Comments, critiques?
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    JensenGregory reacted to In My La Z boy in Our foundational players - the big six   
    My question's are these - Who are the next 6 foundational players? All 6 of these were products of the Terry Ryan era. Does Falvey even have the next 6 in the system? Are any of the current 6 going to be a part of the next 6? I can't believe our window is already closed and we're talking about this. Dammit. I do still think Berrios and Buxton can and should be a part of the next 6. Can we sign them? Do we want to sign them? I have lots of questions. 
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    JensenGregory reacted to Brock Beauchamp in On Narrative   
    How does this blog entry not have comments? This is really a fantastic take and nails exactly how I feel about this team. I'm frustrated as hell by the Twins' play since starting the season 5-2 but people are scapegoating way too fast and way too readily without a lot of evidence to support these takes.
    The point I keep hammering at is "how do you explain a team of veterans losing 10% of their OPS in the last third of the game?" These aren't young players being "tainted" by a coaching staff or clubhouse cancer. These are guys with thousands of PAs each, guys who have been in the league 5+ years, guys who never had this problem until roughly five minutes ago.
    The Twins are unlucky, shades of bad (seemingly different every night), and unlucky.
    Josh Donaldson, one of the best third basemen of this generation, had three errors in two nights. 
    To that I say "WTF" and there are so many instances of that kind of completely nonsensical situation in the Twins 2021 season.
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