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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Riverbrian in The Arraez-Lopez Trade Hints at the Injury Status of Key Players   
    Yeah... I get that... I'm very pro lots of options in case of injury or struggles. I am very anti Eggs in one Basket in case of injury or struggles.   
    I explained it in a post earlier. It's the expectation that a healthy Kirilloff is going to replace what we lost with Arraez is the weight. 
    Take a load off Arraez... Take a load for free... Take a load off Arraez... And... And... And... You put the load... put the load right on Kirilloff. 
    Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm are better at this sort of thing than I am. 😀 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to I wish the twins were good in The Arraez-Lopez Trade Hints at the Injury Status of Key Players   
    HIPPA applies to medical professionals and other related entities. Employers - including sports teams - aren't covered under the law. Athletes consent to share their medicals with their employer/team when they sign their contracts, and the employer/team is free share that information with the media. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Heistyman in 2023 Twins Top 10 Prospect Rankings: Where Does Jose Salas Fit?   
    I received my Twins Prospect rankings from Prospects Live yesterday and this is how they ranked him. They are not kind to Wallner and Balazovic.
    1. Brooks Lee, SS - 55 OFP
    2. Royce Lewis, SS - 50 OFP
    3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF - 50 OFP
    4. Edouard Julien, 2B - 50 OFP
    5. Connor Prielipp, LHP - 50 OFP
    6. Louie Varland, RHP - 50 OFP
    7. Simeon Woods Richardson, RHP - 50 OFP
    8. Marco Raya, RHP - 50 OFP
    9. Jose Salas, SS - 50 OFP
    10. Austin Martin, SS - 45 OFP
    11. David Festa, RHP - 45 OFP
    12. Matt Canterino, RHP - 45 OFP
    13. Tanner Schobel, SS - 45 OFP
    14. Yasser Mercedes, OF - 45 OFP
    15. Misael Urbina, OF - 45 OFP
    16. Jose Rodriguez, OF - 45 OFP
    17. Noah Miller, SS - 45 OFP
    18. Jordan Balazovic, RHP - 45 OFP
    19. Alejandro Hidalgo, RHP - 45 OFP
    20. Matt Wallner, OF - 40 OFP
    21. Ronny Henriquez, RHP - 40 OFP
    22. Cole Sands, RHP - 40 OFP
    23. Danny De Andrade, SS/3B - 40 OFP
    24. Aaron Sabato, 1B - 40 OFP
    25. Michael Helman, UTIL - 40 OFP
    26. Blayne Enlow, RHP - 40 OFP
    27. Cory Lewis, RHP - 40 OFP
    28. Sean Mooney, RHP - 40 OFP
    29. Bryan Acuna, SS - 40 OFP
    30. Ben Ross, UTIL - 40 OFP
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in 2023 Twins Top 10 Prospect Rankings: Where Does Jose Salas Fit?   
    Really nice attachment showing the franchise position starters since the beginning. Brings back lots of memories. Back to when I first started loving baseball and the Washington Senators in 1954 visiting my grandparents in Washington. Eddie Yost (the "walking man"), Mickey Vernon, Wayne Terwilliger, Pete Runnels, on and on for 68 summers. Every year I get excited as spring training approaches. And 2 years out of 68, I got to celebrate my team being the world champion. But in all of the 68 years, I have been able to celebrate baseball., except the season of 68 when I was overseas in the army.  I'm ready for another season to begin. And hopefully some of you will able to be with me in Ft. Myers to see the Twins play the Tigers and the Orioles and the Dominican all stars. Play ball. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Cris E in 2023 Twins Top 10 Prospect Rankings: Where Does Jose Salas Fit?   
    As much fun as a list like this is, a decent amount of the value some of them is going to provide will only come in the form of a trade. Don't fall in love, because we don't have room for all these guys to play here.  
    With that in mind, I'm all in on @tarheeltwinsfan plan of going and getting Vazquez' heir via trade. AZ and TOR swapped stud young players a few weeks ago to fill organizational needs and we should consider it as well. Some things are very hard to do, so not everyone does everything equally well. We are cranking out the middle infield prospects these days and so we are trading from that wealth to buy things we haven't been creating in-house, mostly pitching. But it's also been a long time since we drafted and developed a non-Mauer catcher that anyone else thought highly of.  I just checked: it was a 32 year gap between Jeffers leading the team in games caught in 2020 and Tim Laudner in 1988 with only Mauer in between. There is no indication that we're even trying to figure this out, so we may as well get shopping.   
    BTW, out of nine positions last year, the Twins featured starters  Polanco, Miranda, Gordon, Kepler, Arraez and Celestino coming up with the Twins and only Correa, Sanchez and Urshela debuting elsewhere. It was the same number in 2021 too, which is pretty darn good development and one more cool thing buried within  https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/MIN/pos.shtml   
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to WhenWillWeBeatNY in Twins Will Win the Division (An Overly Optimistic Post)   
    The Twins finished 78-84, 3rd in the division and 14 games back of Cleveland. This year however I believe enough has changed for the Twins to win the division and get past the Guardians and White Sox. Now I'm way to optimistic of a Twins fan and usually come up disappointed but as always "this year is different." Below is a list of 5 reasons of why this team is a winning one. 
    The first and biggest reason is this team is a lot different from last season. We picked up Joey Gallo who I am very skeptical of but also understand the value he can provide if he can be even a glimpse of what he used to be. We added Christian Vasquez who should anchor most of the games behind the plate. Kyle Farmer was the first acquisition of the off-season and initially looked like a sorry answer to losing Carlos Correa. However this move has turned into a trade for a solid utility player. Michael A. Taylor was another trade that didn't require much but is an upgrade to the defense and a right handed bat to platoon against lefties. Finally we acquired Pablo Lopez to sure up a rotation and potentially make it the best Twins rotation in years. 
    The next reason is the depth this Twins lineup has. Last year the injury bug never stopped and got worse as the season went on. The addition of Farmer, Gallo, and Taylor provides solid option when players especially Buxton get hurt. With these guys it should ensure we don't have any situations like last season getting stuck with guys like Gilberto Celetino, Sandy Leon, Caleb Hamilton, Jermaine Palacios, Tim Beckham, Mark Contreas, etc. getting playtime despite not performing. 
    Keeping on the topic of bad players. The Twins should get more wins this season based off of addition by subtraction specifically in the pitching department. Guys like Dylan Bundy, Chris Archer, Josh Winder, Emilio Pagan, Cole Sands. All of these guys lost games for the Twins. Guys like Winder and Sands are still on the team but should hopefully stay down in AAA. Pagan will sadly probably make the team but at least have a shorter leash before the Twins let him blow up this bullpen. Anyway, Dylan Buddy while he did win 8 games for us still lost 8 as well and didn't go deep into games costing our bullpen. Chris Archer lost 8 games as well and only won 2. Josh Winder lost 6 although I really like him I just think he needs more time to get healthy and develop. Pagan lost 6 games as well and half of those were the heart wrenching ones against Cleveland. Cole Sands didn't pitch a lot but he still lost 3 games for the Twins. Now I know wins and losses aren't always a good stat to describe pitchers but I think everyone can agree these pitchers hurt the Twins way more than helping them. Thankfully the way the roster is shaping out this year with the starting 5 basically already a lock we don't have to sign this bargain bin starting pitchers. Made coming back from injury whether he starts or pitches from the bullpen will be a big help too. This leads me into the next reason.
    The Twins struggled with injuries all year last and it was hard to watch especially after the Twins were projected to win the division. I saw somewhere that Twins players missed a total of 1,410 days due to injury. That was the most in the MLB by about 250 days. Thankfully going into 2023 spring training guys are finally getting healthy. I believe this year will be different for a few reasons. With last year being such a horrible year for injuries it will now be high on the Twins radar. We are already seeing this with the Twins firing the old trainer. Guys like Kenta Maeda, Trevor Larnach, Alex Kirilloff, Ryan Jeffers, Jorge Alcala, and Tyler Mahle who missed a lot of time last year should be able to positively impact this team. Buxton as always is a huge question mark but if he can stay healthy he has true MVP potential.
    Now I definitely have some hard Twins bias and way too much optimism but I think this Twins team is criminally underrated. Joey Gallo has the potential to  get back to his Ranger days hitting 40 homers a season while hitting 450 foot bombs. Guys like Trevor Larnach and Alex Kirilloff have dealt with injuries early on in their career and we still haven't seen what they can do with a full season. Guys like Jose Miranda and Nick Gordon broke out and showed they belong on this team. The biggest potential however is the starting rotation. Joe Ryan has been a star but I think he still has room to grow. The 6' 7 giant Bailey Ober also looks to improve after his rookie year. Tyler Mahle fought shoulder issues and we haven't even been close to seeing the value we thought we were getting when we traded for him. Sonny Gray has been pretty solid and looks to continue his success hopefully with less injuries. Finally newest Twin Pablo Lopez is still only 27 and some tweaks to his pitch selection and change of scenery could help him be even more successful than he was in Miami. Now a stronger and healthier rotation should help the bullpen as well. The Twins bullpen pitched a total of 654 innings in 2022. That's the fourth most in the MLB. Compare that to the 2022 World Series Champions, the Astros bullpen threw 159 less innings. If Rocco actually manages well and lets the starting rotation got longer we should not have to watch as many bullpen meltdowns in 2023. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to h2oface in Rumor: Devin Smeltzer signs Minor League Pact with The Fish   
    We had that many games Baldy let the pitcher complete, and the pitcher could complete, 6 innings? Not that it is a lot, but it still surprises me.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Area Cranks on High Alert with Mauer Hall of Fame Candidacy   
    Heh. I actually learned this last night while reading a novel.
    Always fun to realize you've been doing something wrong for about 35 years.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Yoke in Area Cranks on High Alert with Mauer Hall of Fame Candidacy   
    Lots of guys at Serum’s this afternoon are going to mad about this article.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Riverbrian in What will we get back from the likely impending trade of Kepler   
    Every off season I hear discussion about a log jam. Every single off season without fail... we have to move someone because of a log jam. 
    The log jam is like big foot. I have never seen an actual log jam in a Twins uniform out in the wild, there are no remains of a dead log jam found on a river bank. No log jams droppings.
    Log Jam also = Loch Ness Monster
    Never seen one 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to whosafraidofluigirussolo in What will we get back from the likely impending trade of Kepler   
    In the comments on the original announcement of the trade from yesterday, there's a rundown of the 13 position players who would appear likely to come out of spring training. It doesn't require Kepler being traded in order to work:
    C: Jeffers, Vazquez
    IF: Miranda, Correa, Polanco, Kirilloff, Farmer
    OF: Buxton, Larnach, Gallo, Kepler, Taylor, Gordon
    There's no one locked into the DH spot, so that opens it up for a rotation among the OFs (those of them whose hitting justifies starting at DH, ha.) Plus Gallo or Gordon can spot start in the infield if one of the infielders gets a DH day.
    There still is something of a redundancy of lefty-hitting outfielders, but there are enough places and situations to deploy them that it doesn't scream waste of a roster spot. If they had gotten a righty hitter to split time at 1B/DH (like the Gurriel rumors suggested) then all the outfielders would seem more superfluous, but maybe the Taylor acquisition means a shift away from that 1B/DH strategy.
    I bet the Twins still would trade Kepler to meet another significant need, but I doubt they do it because of any perceived roster crunch. I think they're going for more depth with, if everyone is healthy, a bench full of players who could be at least low-end starters. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Shaitan in Spend on Bats, Bank on Arms: This Front Office's Strategy Is Clear   
    They've also acquired above average defenders at C, SS, and CF.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to MN_ExPat in Rumor: Arraez Traded to Fish for Lopez and Two Additional Minor Leaguers!   
    Posted 1 minute ago
    Just breaking now... 
    more to follow

    View full rumor
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Doctor Gast in Rumor: Arraez Traded to Fish for Lopez and Two Additional Minor Leaguers!   
    It's sad. I have to admit. But this trade will make us better.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Dman in Twins Trade Luis Arraez for Marlins' Pitcher Pablo López   
    I know Trade values disagrees but I think this is a great deal for Miami.  They don't need Lopez and the Salaries offset and it will be an easy sell to their fanbase that they went out and traded for the American league batting champ.  I don't think this could have worked out much better for Miami.
    I tend to agree with NicksaViking in that getting just two years of a decent pitcher every time they trade seems most likely to be a losing proposition.  Still The Twins found value in this trade as they got a solid pitcher and a good Shortstop prospect to boot. The Twins kind of needed this trade as well for injury protection for Gray, Maeda and Mahle.  Also because they have Lewis, Jullien and Lee on the doorstep so hopefully hitters that can pick up some slack.  
    If I am on the Minnesota side it seems like an OK deal if I am the Marlins today was a great day.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to gunnarthor in Twins Trade Luis Arraez for Marlins' Pitcher Pablo López   
    I will say that I remember Roger arguing on Twinkietown years ago that Arraez was a top prospect while most of us had him off the top 30 because he was so small. Roger kept saying, "look at what he's doing." I'm glad you were right. I'm ok with the trade but can feel your hurt.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Puckett34 in Twins Trade Luis Arraez for Marlins' Pitcher Pablo López   
    I mean, on one hand Luis Arraez is a limited defensively, questionable knee's, and nil power in a position you need it (assuming he primarily plays 1B and DH).
    You also acquire a #2-3 rotation player, a top 100 prospect, and a lottery ticket while only giving up the aforementioned Arraez.
    On the other hand Arraez is a fan favorite and LUIS ARRAEZ.
    I think in the long run this is a great trade for the Twins, but its gonna hurt for a bit.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to MarkTwins in Twins Trade Luis Arraez for Marlins' Pitcher Pablo López   
    good deal, would have preferred getting another young arm in the deal. I love Luis at the plate, but he's a one tool guy. And you don't get starting pitching in this league without giving up soemthing.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to dex8425 in Twins Trade Luis Arraez for Marlins' Pitcher Pablo López   
    Well, Kiriloff's wrist better not turn to jelly again this year or this deal might not improve the 2023 club. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to stringer bell in Nick Gordon's Future   
    During the first half of the disappointing 2021 season, there was speculation as to whether Nick Gordon would remain on the active roster or be subjected to the DFA process. He was nominally the second backup option for the Twins at both second base and shortstop so there was no clear path for Gordon to get playing time. 
    With the onslaught on injuries in the outfield in '21 (remember Rob Refsnider and Kyle Garlick playing their first professional games in center) Gordon was given an opportunity to get playing time as an outfielder. Gordon eventually played in 45 games in the outfield, including 34 in center field. For someone who had never played there, he did surprisingly well. Adding the ability to play outfield including the key defensive position of center certainly added to Gordon's value going into 2022.
    In 2022, Gordon made the club as a utility infielder/outfielder and again got the majority of his playing time on the grass. playing in 95 games in the outfield including 62 in left field. Defensive metrics for what is still a small sample size indicate the Gordon is an acceptable outfielder and probably, with a bit more experience, could be above average in left field. Meanwhile, as a hitter Gordon has improved. In 216 plate appearances in '21, Gordon was worth -5 runs as a hitter. In 2023, in about twice as many plate appearances, he was worth +6 at the plate. Much of his improvement probably comes from experience and another positive factor in gradually increasing strength as he has mostly recovered from career-threatening intestinal problems. Gordon has shown he belongs in the major leagues and the trends are pointing north as an offensive player.
    Roster projections include Gordon as a utility player or perhaps the starting left fielder if Max Kepler is dealt away. I don't know if I am ready to declare Gordon a solid utility player or proclaim him as an every day outfielder. First of all, (again SSS) Gordon's metrics as an infielder are not good. At both second and short he grades out below average on range and defensive runs saved. He has played only six innings at third base and three innings in right field, so I wouldn't say he's a utility option at those positions. As a hitter, Nick is limited by rather extreme platoon splits, with only a .532 OPS versus left handers. Gordon only stole six bases (caught four times) last year so despite very good speed, his impact on the bases has been minimal. 
    The Twins currently have a bunch of left handed hitters as candidates for the two corner outfield spots. Max Kepler and Joey Gallo are veterans and both are good defenders. For Gordon to get ample playing time as a corner outfielder, where he's been at his best defensively, he will have to displace one of Gallo or Kepler plus be better than Matt Wallner, Trevor Larnach and Alex Kirilloff. There are DH at bats available and Kepler in particular has been rumored to be on the block, 
    Despite the improvement Nick Gordon has made and acknowledging his progress as a hitter and improved health, I think Gordon is a trade candidate, particularly since Kyle Farmer looks like the principle backup in the middle infield. I don't know how other organizations would value Gordon and whether he could get a suitable return, but despite what he has done in the last two years, Nick Gordon could well not have much of a role with the 2023 Twins.
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from Alex Boxwell in The Era of the “Woe is Me” Twins fan is Over   
    This is the most metaphysical article I've ever read on TwinsDaily.
    Thank you Alex!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Seth Stohs in Trade Target: Twins Should Say "Hello" to Adell   
    I'll see what I can do... actually, I think writing an article with the pros and cons of it is probably about all I can do... 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Riverbrian in The Era of the “Woe is Me” Twins fan is Over   
    Although, perhaps too much weight was placed on the meaning of the Carlos Correa signing. This article stills gets a 10 from me.

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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to tony&rodney in The Era of the “Woe is Me” Twins fan is Over   
    Alex has implored people to be more positive and pointed out that signing Correa recently and Buxton last year are signs of the Twins moving towards putting a solid team together. This is a fair idea. He also hopes the Twins add more guys, clearly indicating a wish to see even better players.
    The Twins have struggled the past several seasons with fundamental baseball and the station to station game is partially to blame for declining attendance. There can be disagreements with how a fan wants their favorite team to play the game and what happens.
    No use for anyone to get personal or too excited because we have no control. It is usually more beneficial for one's personal health to think positively and hope for the best in situations where one has zero control. We can disagree on baseball issues in a civil manner and still have strong opinions. Falvey makes the calls, we watch the results.
    I'm hoping for the best but am also  wishing to see the Twins clean up some of the poor play due to lazy mental errors which I see as different from tired or stressed mental errors. Physical errors are going to happen. I'm also hopeful of seeing a team that considers all means of scoring runs. Station to station baseball is too tough for me. 
    I'm almost ready for Spring Training. .... just one or two trades left.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to NotAboutWinning in The Era of the “Woe is Me” Twins fan is Over   
    Alex, you are spot on! Correa did not agree to spend his remaining career with the Twins without addressing competitiveness. Having been a Twins fan for longer than I will admit, it has been a roller coaster of good, ugly and amazing baseball. We've been in the ugly the last couple of years. But I think the future is bright... might even have to change my profile name 🤩
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