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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to HitInAPinch in Too-late idea for stretching out Berrios   
    1.  Hughes:  the contract.
    2.  After having Allen working with Berrios on his windup IN the MLB at the end of last season, I think being with the Twins and Allen in Spring Training is more important to Berrios career than playing in the WBC.
    Then again, I can't hardly criticizes Berrios too much for wanting to play in the WBC.  The excitement in that series is intoxicating!   
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Platoon in Too-late idea for stretching out Berrios   
    Good post, but you forgot #3. The Contract.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Platoon in Jay Represents Twins Past And Future   
    While I am not a Ryan fan, he and Bill Smith did not necessarily leave the cupboard bare. But while they have left a better than serviceable OF, and some potential offense, they never could figure out a way to acquire what is likely the two most important parts of a baseball team. Starting pitching and SS. They either truly believed you could consistently club other teams into submission, or found it easier to acquire players of decent caliber at less sought after positions. Tom Kelly was a fixture in this orginisation for decades, but his belief in SP and defense apparently did not migrate uphill in the chain of command.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Walter's Whites in Jay Represents Twins Past And Future   
    This has nothing to do with Terry Ryan personally, I've met him several times and he's a standup, high class guy. But does anyone else feel that his collective time at GM was overall underwhelming? The division titles were fun, but most of those division titles came in a very weak central with the Tigers, Royals and Indians all being pretty horrible. As soon as we got to the playoffs it was fairly obvious we weren't as good as the other playoff teams. Granted, the Twins had no flexibility for payroll and other teams did, but Terry Ryan really only made one aggressive move at the deadline in all of those years (Shannon Stewart). And I think it's fair to say his second stint as GM was a disaster. Overall, having one playoff series victory in his tenure just feels a little disappointing.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Walter's Whites in Twins In For An Overhaul   
    When the Twins signed Vogelsong I chuckled and thought: "Don't worry, there is no chance he'll make the roster".
    I never learn.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to DocBauer in How To Stop The May Fallout   
    This is incredibly bad news, not only for May of course, but for the Twins. I really hate to re-visit the past, but he lost real development time in 2015 with the inexcusable decision to move him instead of Pelfrey to the pen. One guy had 2 pitches and was struggling and would not be back with the team, and one had a better miss of pitches and upside. Huge blunder. Then May lost development time in 2016 for an even greater blunder. Now he misses all of 2017.
    I firmly believed two things:
    1] May was going to be solid in the rotation, and get better as the season went along and he got more and more comfortable, establishing himself as a solid starter. (Though I did worry a bit about wearing down late in the season after his limited IP the past year and a half).
    2] My expectations for May would make it all the much easier to move Santiago to allow for room for Berrios or Mejia at some point.
    What a massive, massive bummer.
    As to your other points, I think Santana will still be solid. (Though May's injury could halt any potential trade during the season now). I also believe Gibson will make a strong comeback. How strong, of course, is to be determined. I am also currently surprised by Hughes and fairly impressed FOR NOW by what he is doing. I honestly thought he was a dark horse before ST began and thought for sure he would begin the season in EST before a month of rehab assignments. Instead, he feels good, is throwing free and easy, working a lot on his change, and hitting low 90's. Many pitchers ramp up velocity, and IIRC, Hughes has usually been one of those guys. He's been getting ahead of hitters and throwing a good number of strikes. A few bombs or bad offering while working so hard on his change doesn't bother me FOR NOW.
    If there could be any sort of silver lining to the May's injury, it would be that it came early, and seems to be a "clean" injury, and could allow for a allow for a better/earlier/longer audition for young arms like Berrios or Mejia.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Alex Meyer Update   
    He seemed like a nice guy from his interviews and quotes and his off season job as a teacher. I wish him well in baseball and in life.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Rosterman in Are the Twins on the wrong path?   
    What is scary is looking waaaaay ahead. Who on the current 40-man roster do you expect to be here in 2019. Who in 2020.
    After you eliminate about half the names at the least, then you start looking at the prospects that will make the call this season (few) or in 2019 (many) and 2020 (hopefully everything is pretty set).
    Then you figure out the revenue you will have fielding the current team and the team of 2018 and who you might be looking at as a free agent, or better yet trade some of these prospects that MAY not pan out for the expensive guys early.
    Man, I look at the 62/63 names that opened spring training camp and the list that I expect to be here is 2018:
    Hey, I have my 25-man roster! For 2018. 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to beckmt in Are the Twins on the wrong path?   
    That is even forgetting Jay, Jorge, and Stewart. It will take the full 2 years to evaluate of the these pitchers. It also doesn't include the relievers. As for none of the FA pitchers will come here, money talks as does a young good lineup. Many players live to win a World Series, I would hope this group takes us there. You will get a good FA pitcher to come here with the lineup talent and money. The question will be if it is the correct pitcher.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to by jiminy in Are the Twins on the wrong path?   
    I like your main argument that there's no point in starting veterans who will be gone in two years anyway, when all they do is prevent us from seeing which youngsters will be building blocks when the good times come. I'd have no problem trading any veteran for prospects. It's better for the future when they mature, and better for development and evaluation of the young players now.
    However I am skeptical that any of the top free agent pitchers will ever come here. They wouldn't want to, but more to the point, Pohlad would never outbid the Yankees for an ace pitcher. Or rather, outbid every single  team in both leagues? Not gonna happen. And probably just as well -- we couldn't afford to eat a contract like that if they failed, which they do almost half the time. So I don't share your sense of urgency in cleaning house to make room for a free agent ace, though I do share your opinion that veterans can clog the openings for youngsters.
    But it's not just Molitor that wants to mix in veterans. In that interview with Falvey Myah linked to, he says, "Our goal is to build around that young core," but then says, "So we want to make sure we surround the young players with the right veteran talent and guys that will fit to build the culture we’re looking for" and mentions Belisle and Castro as people who help make "a nice mix."
     I'm sure they would happily swap Santana for top pitching prospects though. Realistically, that's their only hope of getting an ace. They're not going to sign someone like Price or Zimmerman or Greinke. And that may be just as well.
    Their best bet might be to sign or promote people to the closer role, inflate their statistics with meaningless saves, and swap them for young starters. The mystique of the "proven closer" is one of the last true market inefficiencies, and they should be doing everything they can to exploit that. Maybe they could even swap a mediocre reliever all puffed up with save stats for a  stud young catcher or a starting shortstop. I vaguely remember things like that happening before...
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Shaitan in Alex Meyer Update   
    4 wins is a pretty good line, though.
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from Jon Marthaler in Ranking: Methods of Speeding Up Baseball   
    Plus: watching players make challenges is hilarious because they're always wrong. Every team will have at least two players that cannot believe that they are ever out, and will challenge every call and waste their team's replay challenges, and we will all get to laugh at them.
    This reminds me of a book written by a retired NBA basketball referee. I never read the book, but I remember a great quote from it when he was speaking about the players.
    "Charles Barkley has never committed a foul."
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from Deduno Abides in Alex Meyer Update   
    Kyle Schwerber hit a triple? 
    Did Meyer interrupt nap time for the Angels outfield?
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to DocBauer in Predicting the Twins 25-man Roster - version 2.0   
    Right now, today, I think I would agree with your roster. Two interesting points, however:
    1] Still not entirely sold on Gimenez. I get he's an experienced vet and offers some positional flexability. The new FO is obviously familiar with him and Garver not only has options, but also limited AAA time. But I don't think he's locked in just yet.
    2] Is it really possible that the disappointing DanSan could actually be turning in to the versatile and sometimes exciting bench player we all hoped he might be?
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from beckmt in Alex Meyer Update   
    Kyle Schwerber hit a triple? 
    Did Meyer interrupt nap time for the Angels outfield?
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to gil4 in A Twins Surprise In Filling Out The Bench   
    Does Murphy still have options? (I know, I could look, but that clicking seems like a lot of work.)
    Are you planning on a 13-man pitching staff, or do we get to add one more name?  (Od do you have someone (Vargas?) penciled in as the primary DH?  
    Keeping Park would require a 40-man move.  Is Adrianza on the 40-man?  (That clicking thing again.)  I'd hate to dump Escobar and then find out that Adrianza really, really can't hit. 
    I also don't want to rush Granite and dump Grossman because I think Grossman is more likely to maintain his performance at the plate (esp vs LHP) than in the field (I don't think he had ever been that bad in the past and might return to being marginal.)
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Platoon in 2017 Twins Promotions Release Recap   
    Dissing ABBA should result in at least 3 warning points, and being sent to bed without supper!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to DocBauer in What Do Twins Have In Santiago?   
    Even though Santiago's overall numbers look better than Nolasco the past couple of seasons, the trade was done, from the Twins perspective, to unload a poor performing player that didn't fit for a younger player, with better recent performance, who could help. The Angels made the move, primarily, to see if lightening would strike, in a good way, for Meyer. A return to previous form for Nolasco wouldn't stink either. In a lot of ways, it was about change of scenery for the guys involved to see what happens.
    Santiago has, more or less, outperformed his peripherals. But even still, he does have a career 3.84 ERA and a 2-1 SO/BB ratio and has topped 180IP twice. He did finish last season looking much better than when he first arrived with the Twins. Frankly, while not good, he's not terrible either. All in all though, I hope his Twins tenure is short lived as it means we've found someone better to take his place.
    And if you had told me someone like Vogelsong...even at 40...supposedly healthy and tread on the tires despite his age...would be brought jn, I may have stayed away from Santiago. But other than Santana and Gibson, the Twins entered ST with no-one else who's name you could write in the rotation with ink. Yes, absolutely yes, I want Berrios and May in the rotation and think it's time and they deserve the opportunity and I believe in both. But there are question marks with each, at least initially. And there remains huge questions regarding Hughes coming back, and when, and to what degree. So for now, Santiago is an OK option and a necessary one. Here's hoping he performs well and has trade value at some point.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to dgwills in What Do Twins Have In Santiago?   
    They should of just DFA'd Nolasco. It was a bad trade. I never saw the point of it.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Platoon in Terry Ryan Getting Real Tired Of Putting On Derek Falvey Disguise Every Morning   
    The bad new about the last 6 years of Twins baseball, is the Minnesota Twins! The good news, in its wake comes an article like this. . As any reader of The Onion knows, the secret is to make a ridiculously impossible scenario appear to be almost plausible. Well done Sir!
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in Ten Bold Predictions for the 2017 MLB Season   
    Bold indeed!
    Trea Turner...
    A ball OPS...... .976
    AA ball OPS.... .860
    AAA ball OPS.. .821
    Not that he spent much time at any of those levels, but...wow!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Thrylos in Not A Drill, We Have Made It Twins Fans!   
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to twinstarheelsfan in 2017 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: 1-5   
    Thank you Thrylos. By the way that is a cool pen name...what is its significance? You have spent hours and hours researching and writing these rankings. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and your knowledge.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Seth Stohs in 2017 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: 1-5   
    Nine out of 52 #5 overall picks have had a career bWAR over 15. There have been some good ones like Buster Posey, Ryan Braun, Mark Teixeira, JD Drew, Vernon Wells, Jack McDowell, Dwight Gooden and Dale Murphy. Twenty-three of 52 never made it to the big leagues. 
    If he becomes a solid, average MLB shortstop, that would be wonderful... especially for this organization!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Seth Stohs in 2017 Twins Off-Season top 60 Prospect List: 1-5   
    He was 263 last spring training... not sure where he is now, but that certainly could be a concern. 
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