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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from GoGonzoJournal in The Twins might not suck   
    I think we are all rather counting on ESan to have a 'Santana-average' year. If he has a bad year things start to look even more bleak.
    We really need Gibson or Santiago to step up. I think we will see a lot of youth this year in and out of the starting rotation. Hopefully someone (or two, or more) takes the opportunity and compels the management to take them seriously.
    Because we seriously need starting pitching.
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from GoGonzoJournal in Twins set to save money, sign more, valuable draft picks   
    For a soon-to-the-majors college pitcher I was all in on Wright. He fell to #5 even while McKay was insisting on $7 million+. 
    Apparently several teams thought he was not as good as his numbers.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to TNTwinsFan in Hailing From State, Twins Pick Brent Rooker   
    Good stuff! Welcome to Twins Territory, Brent! I'll be rooting for you from deep in SEC country! Best of luck and I hope to see you on the Twins' 25 Man roster soon!
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from Platoon in Well.....maybe not...   
    Oddly enough, I would rather have Kinzler come in to start the 9th with the bases empty than come into the game in the 7th or 8th inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out.
    'Real' closers are expensive. The two you mentioned both went to the All-Star game multiple times. A very high bar. We have been spoiled.
    Ideal? No.
    On this team? He has done well for us.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Seth Stohs in Well.....maybe not...   
    Even those "real closers" blow leads and lose games... 
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to nater79a in So you want a darkhorse in the draft?   
    Certainly not past Atlanta at #5.
    Personally, I like Gore better than Greene.
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in So you want a darkhorse in the draft?   
    Actually I don't see him as much of a dark horse anymore. I have not seen a recent mock draft that has him falling past the #4 selection (I'm not closely monitoring all of them, however).
    I would be fine if the Twins took him with the #1 pick.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Deduno Abides in Twins Base-Brawl: Bobby Grich vs Roger Erickson, April 22, 1978   
    Fun memory, but this was probably Roger Erickson. Scott Erickson was 10 years old in 1978.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Parker Hageman in Luis Castillo Trade Tree   
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from Hosken Bombo Disco in Top Five Twins Prospects Who Should Be Promoted   
    LaMonte Wade is looking pretty good in AA and we are pretty slim in our MLB OF backups.
    Thanks for the list. Fun to pull for these young men.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Ain't Nobody Happy.   
    I'm happy. The Twins are over .500, it is the most beautiful month of the year, the Tar Heels are national champs in basketball, I just has some good North Carolina BBQ and my family is well...and I am alive! "The snail's on the thorn, God's in His heaven, all's right with the world".
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    Oldgoat_MN got a reaction from bighat in Gettin' Attached.   
    It's tough. It's like it is impossible not to like the kid, but I now cringe every time he comes to bat. I watch because I desperately want him to get a hit and I'm almost always disappointed, and usually I see a strikeout.
    I suppose we could send him to AAA to see if that helps, but this front office would just call up some pitcher with a high ERA and that would make me angry. 
    No idea what to do. Each year about two hundred rookies with far less talent than he get the the big leagues and almost all of the position players can hit .200.
    Just no idea...
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Push May Shove Molitor Too Hard   
    The one issue here is that it's Molitor that continues to make a case for Santana. He didn't need to be included, and not just out of this spring. I like Adrianza, but I'm not sure he and Escobar are different enough to coexist.
    Realistically, you bring up a healthy Park as a bat, and then have a true OF swap in for the 13th pitcher
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Platoon in Push May Shove Molitor Too Hard   
    I am not a Molitor fan, and your article touches on one game, but could be considered seasonal also. The worst part of the RG switch was we were behind, not the defense. Santana ain't no gem, but Robbie is also a butcher. Molitor has not improved an iota since he started. He has no feel for managing, he seems to make moves, to make moves. He burns out BP pitchers who are hot. His lineups and discipline are inconsistent. I would imagine no one except a couple veterans has a clue of their standing on the roster. I don't know about the last 4 games but I do know he used 8 different lineups in the first 8 games! C'mon. MLB does not have a participation rule. That said, I bet Falvine is not looking forward to the day they have to go see Pauls buddy Jim and break the news!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to David HK in Push May Shove Molitor Too Hard   
    I couldn't agree more.  Granted, this is only one game, but with such a marginal team we need all hands on deck to squeeze victories out of situations like this- and the manager once again has gacked up his chess pieces in willy-nilly fashion, and disregarded baseball 101 decision making.  
    Again, only one game, but a script so typical of so many others.  I am wracking my brain right now to come up with Molly moves that actually helped WIN a game we might not have otherwise, but I can quote you chapter and verse a myriad of situations where his mind-boggling decisions directly or indirectly resulted in a loss that most likely shouldn't have been.
    He is without a doubt the single worst in-game manager I can recall the Twins having-- and I suffered through the droughts of the 70s and early 80s along the way.  I mean, we're talking Ray Miller-caliber here.
    Granted, he's screwed in a sense with the 13 pitcher debacle-- but my Gawd, if you have 13 of 'em, how about using more than the same one or two?  He's got Pressley pitching multiple innings, which cost us one game, then got him NOT walking the hottest hitter in the entire major leagues, which cost us again.  Yeh, historically, Avi Garcia is no Joe DiMaggio-  but go ahead an pitch to him in the middle of July, when he's settled into his usual motif, not when he's in a total groove, and seeing and hitting the daylights out of any ball that comes his way.  
    And the DanSan thing- don't even get me started.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Tom Froemming in Mound Squeeze Coming To Minnesota   
    It would be nice to know when the new front office's "evaluation period" ends. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything plays out. 
    I didn't have any problem with Berrios starting the year in Rochester, but how many more great starts does he have to put together to get back into the rotation? I agree that Mejia should probably get a long look, at least a handful more starts regardless of results, so it's pretty tough to see Jose rejoining the rotation anytime soon, barring an injury.
    It's a nice problem to have. I'm still nervous about the current rotation depth behind Berrios, though.
    Pretty nuts that Tonkin has pitched in just two games and Breslow has logged just 1.2 IP thus far. Seems silly to me that they've stuck with the 13-man pitching staff for so long.
    Very interested to see how this all plays out ...
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to gil4 in President Trump brands Baseball-Reference redesign "Enemy of the People"   
    Well, if Obama hadn't promised "If you like your Baseball Reference site, you can keep your Baseball Reference site..."
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Dave The Dastardly in Twins Medical Staff Starting To Wonder About Peer Review Process At Yahoo! Answers   
    I get the feeling the Twins staff was short-armed by this report. Everyone knows the most accurate information is on Twitter.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to DocBauer in The Next Twins - 2017   
    Agree on the rotation candidates, Roster man. While it wouldn't shock me to see Stewart still take a major step forward, he's just too far away, at the moment, and there a couple guys at AAA that would probably be up first.
    Also feel Wade, Gordon and Rosario are just too far away, but a September cup of coffee is possible for any and all.
    Even though I'm always the optomist, I really like the guys on this list. Very excited about the future of the bullpen and don't believe it's that far away despite the hand wringing taking place about the current one. Love the way Granite plays and approaches the game. Intrigued by Palka a lot and very interested in Vielma as at least a utility infielder. Goodrum, believe it or not, is one of my favorite names on this list. Healthy and being productive now, he, reportedly, can play decent defense at 7 spots and has a decent bat with power and speed. He may never be good enough, or special enough in any area to be a starter, but he could end being what we all hoped DanSan would become.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to DocBauer in Puzzling Pitching, and Disturbing Designating   
    The lack of inclusion of Park on the roster, depriving the team of a potential power bat, a backup 1B, and a shortening of the bench is just inexcusable.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Rosterman in Puzzling Pitching, and Disturbing Designating   
    Who plays first when Mauer is the DH. I mean, now WE NEED Plouffe as a bench bat!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to pierre75275 in Twins Almanac for March 26-April 1   
    I was at the game in May 2009 that Cuddyer hit for cycle. It was against the Brewers, I don't remember the score but i think we were winning easily, and I was begging for triple when Cuddyer came up and when he hit down the third base line I knew he was not stopping at 2nd.my friend that I was with was a die hard brewers fan, which made it a little sweeter for me.
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Rosterman in The Twins Final 25   
    Yeah, the DL will probably have Vargas, Adrianza and O'Rourke on it to start the season, and the Twins would be wise to let Perkins ease back in and put him on the 50-day...because they can.
    Sure, they need a couple of roster spots. Boshers is a name that will be sent onto Rochester or elsewhere (all those non-roster guys will be taking up some space, unless the AA/AAA disabled list gatehrs some names). Interesting to have to choose between Tonkin and WImmers. The Twins have a bit invested in Wimmers, so it would be nice to see if he can be a presence for the next couple of seasons. 
    Of course, all players ARE on a short leash, especially Danny Santana and Escobar. Surprised Drew Stubbs didn't take the offer. He didn't show alot in spring training that will get him a major league roster spot, and I would think he might've been on the ball enough to know that if ANY of the Twins outfielders start off badly, they could be demoted for regular playing time at AAA, as well as the possible injury angle, and he would've been in a decent position for first call-up.
    I'm trying to figure out what the Red WIngs rotation will be. Is Duffey better suuted for the rotation, or the bullpen. But, I imagine, he will be on a leash, too, as the twins watch the progress of Mejia and Berrios for immediate needs. I'm curious to see what Jason Wheeler does at AAA. And what position Yohan Pino is used in the minors. Too many names down on the farm.
    Kudos to Park for finding his swing and getting into the groove. Plus, the guy is actually autographing items for fans after last season where he had the most "certified" autographs on cards available of any player in the Big Leagues. But his signature has shortened significantly.
    I'm hoping Stu Turner comes abck, as the catching depth is really light in the minors...no extra bodies if someone goes on the DL at the moment.
    Can the starters come out of the gate strong? What will the bullpen really contribute? Talk about a bench...really...ask yourself WHY would you play any of these guys on a regular basis compared to promoting someone from the minors to take a position if there is an injury. And what will the line-up be...and can that line-up be set this week.
    No need to have those extra bodies in camp. Give a good week to your regulars...you have to win games in April, Twins, if you want fannies in the seats this summer!
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Tom Froemming in The Twins Final 25   
    Biggest challenge I see here is having to add Park, Gimenez and Wimmers all to the 40-man roster. How do you see that playing out? Perkins to the 60-day DL, either O'Rourke or Boshers DFA'd and Tonkin DFA'd?
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    Oldgoat_MN reacted to Ted Schwerzler in The Twins Final 25   
    It's sure a nice story of resiliency
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