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  1. Get er done early or don't do it at all to avoid being the team left out when the music stops.
  2. Limiting range without a shift is going to require individual contributors to provide the utmost ability. Ted, you bring up a great point about range that I hadn't thought of previously. Having CC4 as SS would IMO reduce the number of hits that get through the IF due to range limitations. Part of that is range but a lot of that is his arm. All the more reason to re-think that signing. Also, I believe players did not get enough defensive reps in ST and it showed. The coaching staff should ramp those up considerably. Rocco keeping some consistency in the IF would improve defense also. Shuffling in and out players negatively impacts those instincts that come with playing with each other often. Lastly, I recall Koskie working his tail off taking grounders to become a defensive asset instead of a liability. If Miranda is not doing the same right now to personally improve, that would be a shame.
  3. This plan doesn't preclude Maeda from starting more games, it just means he has to earn his way back into that role. He's been playing for the Twins long enough to know that opportunities will come along in this rotation over the course of the year, and probably very early, if he's doing his part and showing he can still get outs. This might actually form an ideal scenario where he's able to limit his innings early on and keep him fresh later into the season (and playoffs?) in light of his minimal workload baseline. This paragraph is the key to your article Nick. I like the approach to work in the BP while building up innings towards moving into the starting rotation later on WHEN injuries occur there. In regards to him being unhappy, could the Twins tweak that contract to include RP incentives to make him financially happy?
  4. Heck, basketball has their players in verbal agreements BEFORE FA even starts. Maybe BB's FA period is in line with the game of BB in general, slow-paced with periods of excitment. In reality, I think that the Winter Meetings seem to be a kickoff point for all the FO folks to get together, have a few drinks, and get creative. Maybe those meetings need to be moved up to November to get this started earlier. That, or some sort of deadline needs to be developed. Not sure what that would be.
  5. I think what we have with Pagan is a low-leverage innings eater who doesn't get hurt. If the Twins feel, given that role, that he is worth the money, then fine. If they want to escalate him to the high-leverage role then I think this is a big mistake.
  6. A 3-45 contract seems fair for both parties. I like Gray and after losing a high-end prospect for him I want the Twins to get more out of him than 2022-23.
  7. I agree with you Roger. IMO, the Twins are nowhere near in the ballpark to sign one of the big 4 so this play fills that gap that we have been talking about to get us to Lewis or Lee, Farmer will be an ideal utility guy after that takes place and can even hedge against injury to one of our catchers while the other is a DH which Rocco likes to do. I expect the Twins to go with Farmer and put resources into other areas of the club like pitching, catching, and some big bats to replace CC4 in the lineup.
  8. Doubling down has killed two recent seasons with Columbe and Pagan (I'll throw Duffy in there also). The FO needs to build a BP that does not have weak points where they feel that they MUST hang with a bad hand for that long. As they say, games in April count just as much as games in October. I'd prefer that they put more resources in the BP for next season. I'm tired of seeing a single RP lose game after game and nothing is done about it until we've pretty much lost the season.
  9. This move helps eliminate the log jam of infielders to a degree making room for those coming up. Removing the salary should also help to acquire players in positions of need. Let's see what the Twins do with there salary before criticizing this trade.
  10. Like others in this post I'll say that I like both equally. I have a little more confidence in Lewis since we've seen him in the majors and he excelled albeit in a small sample size. I'd ask the Twins to hold on to both of them and let us enjoy watching them improve over the years.
  11. Exciting to see these two players do so well in the AFL. Those line up projections are also exciting to look forward too. Congrats to Julian and Martin. Now, keep that going next season and you'll both be in a Twins uniform by late 2023 or early in the 2024 season.
  12. I am not enamored with a hitter who strikes out as often as Gallo does. Didn't we just let a high-strike-out guy (Sano) go? Why would we want to add another one?
  13. I initially thought that with the staff going somewhat downhill the second half of the season that the cause was Wes leaving the team. But, given that the Twins did not hire a new pitching coach and just made Pete Maki the permanent pitching coach, I guess that the team at least feels that he was not the cause of the decline. Since they are closer to the situation that I am I guess I will defer to their judgement here.
  14. That's precisely why I said alternate days which should make Rogers fresher on the days he does pitch.
  15. All three of these guys can pitch multiple innings on alternate days. That is exactly what we need to get away from the 1 RP per inning strategy. Fulmer - Yes Rogers - Yes May - Maybe, depending on the cost Any of these could be signed to two-year contracts with a mutual option after the first year for flexibility.
  16. That'd be a helpful stat. I also think that looking at the raw numbers in this article does not take into account the number of games played by each SS nor the ground ball rate of each pitcher/team. A percentage type statistic would seem to be more accurate.
  17. I agree. It'd be nice to see stats comparing runs given up from catcher errors vs what they gain from framing a few strikes from balls. I believe that having that one leg down on the ground causes more passed balls and on a somewhat related note, it negatively impacts the catcher's ability to get into a solid throwing position to throw our a base stealer.
  18. This looks viable Cody and is very attractive. I'd prefer adding more quality to the BP especially after watching the playoff teams this year and if the Twins decide to keep with the philosophy of restricting their starters to only two times through the order.
  19. The Sanchez ranking surprised me the most and yes, Arraez got robbed of a gold glove which is supposed to be all about fielding but funny, it seems every year some slugger with less than stellar fielding gets the gold glove. That's a shame.
  20. Lots of questions. It's the same every year. I believe that you could ask other club's fans and hear the same types of questions about their rosters. Many of the answers are intertwined with how each question is individually addressed by the FO. It'll all work out as it always does. Give it time and do not lose any sleep over these questions.
  21. I don't care if the uni change is to pink long underwear as long as they build a competitive team and start winning again.
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