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  1. They wouldn't be doing their job if they have not yet checked in with Pittsburgh and all other teams.
  2. I hope that the Twins can get him on an affordable contract, but highly doubt that is possible with the Dodgers interest in him. They need to be careful not to be drawn into a massive overpay after the Dodgers jack up his price. I trust the FO here as this type of bidding process is typically not the MO.
  3. BIG decision for this FO. Do they keep grooming Jeffers and add a platoon player or go big with a trade or a Contreras signing? That decision will tell us a lot about what they think of Jeffers. I also noticed a comment in a different thread regarding Rule 5 catchers. Could we snatch one there that would be acceptable to platoon with Jeffers? Maybe one who has a long-term future also. I would include that in the equation.
  4. If he gets fully healed this winter one can only hope that that, plus good coaching, helps his mechanics improve to the point that he becomes the dominant pitcher that we all know he can be. Good luck to you Jordan.
  5. I agree with most on this post that we do not need to be in a hurry with him. I doubt he'd take that anyway when pitchers of his caliber in FA are making like 20MM AAV and with salaries going up, he may be vastly underpaid the last few years of his contract. That said, I also could see it going the other way given his age when FA hits. Tough call on his end.
  6. Good article Nick. I can't see the Twins going that many years at that total value. I think that they are OK with a high AAV for a shorter number of years because they value that flexibility. I'd be concerned that when FA hit for our up and coming players that we may not be able to offer a competitive salary to retain them and end up with any aging Correa and always having to supplement that with minimum salaried players. That said, I would not be totally disappointed with this offer in the short term, just not the long-term.
  7. Wow, can we at least let him settle into his new role for a week before the hammering starts? Nothing like judging him before even the offseason is barely started. The Pohlads have a mid-market team with a mid-market payroll. Why are some never satisfied. Sorry, but I just don't get it.
  8. I believe that they may be waiting for Toronto to field all offers and make a decision for the catcher they decide to trade before coming back to Narváez.
  9. I would say no on him at this point in his career, and at this point where the Twins have several younger guys that need at-bats.
  10. I'd say NO. I really do not want to see the Twins burn a roster spot on a player that is limited in what he can do for them.
  11. Get er done early or don't do it at all to avoid being the team left out when the music stops.
  12. Limiting range without a shift is going to require individual contributors to provide the utmost ability. Ted, you bring up a great point about range that I hadn't thought of previously. Having CC4 as SS would IMO reduce the number of hits that get through the IF due to range limitations. Part of that is range but a lot of that is his arm. All the more reason to re-think that signing. Also, I believe players did not get enough defensive reps in ST and it showed. The coaching staff should ramp those up considerably. Rocco keeping some consistency in the IF would improve defense also. Shuffling in and out players negatively impacts those instincts that come with playing with each other often. Lastly, I recall Koskie working his tail off taking grounders to become a defensive asset instead of a liability. If Miranda is not doing the same right now to personally improve, that would be a shame.
  13. This plan doesn't preclude Maeda from starting more games, it just means he has to earn his way back into that role. He's been playing for the Twins long enough to know that opportunities will come along in this rotation over the course of the year, and probably very early, if he's doing his part and showing he can still get outs. This might actually form an ideal scenario where he's able to limit his innings early on and keep him fresh later into the season (and playoffs?) in light of his minimal workload baseline. This paragraph is the key to your article Nick. I like the approach to work in the BP while building up innings towards moving into the starting rotation later on WHEN injuries occur there. In regards to him being unhappy, could the Twins tweak that contract to include RP incentives to make him financially happy?
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