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  1. If they can extend him, great. It'd be nice to have him another 5-7 years. I would caution the FO to map these years/costs against our young talent (Kirilloff, Miranda, Lewis, etc.) as they work through their ARB years to FA. I.e. we should not sign CC to a contract that forces us to lose our young talent down the road.
  2. Good to see Smith get out of HIS jam. He does not look like the same pitcher than he did earlier in the season. Good to see Gordon unleash one. Nice scoop at FB by Miranda on the Theilbar throw. I also was shocked to see Duran pulled in favor of Theilbar. This time that strategy worked but 10 time out of 10 I would prefer to have Duran face even left-handed hitters then switch to Theilbar.
  3. They are not in full free fall yet but recent results are not looking good. They are inconsistent both offensively and pitching, especially relief pitching. I think the pen is wearing down due to over use. We should consider getting at least 1 more inning out of each of our starters or start bringing up a few long relievers for the pen or move Smeltzer to the pen. Maybe try openers. We need something different other than 4-5 innings of relief pictures each game.
  4. Rocco tried stealing last night with Gordon who got caught. Then a big hit which would have scored Gordon did not because he was not on base. I also would like to see more stealing but we need coaches who can properly instruct runners the art of stealing a base in addition to coaches instructing pitchers in how to hold them on and catchers in throwing them out. Maybe if we get the computer balls and strike calls it will get catchers to stop the one leg on the ground to help with framing pitches and allow them to be in a better position to throw out the runner. I.e. we can't blame the players if they've not been coached up.
  5. I also like the rule as long as we do not see too many games with position players pitching. Those are not enjoyable to watch IMO. Seems that the Angels have an advantage as when I look at their roster Ohtani is NOT listed as a pitcher, rather as their only DH. This allows them to in-effect have 14 pitchers (13 plus Ohtani). In that light, how many at-bats would we need to give one of our pitchers in order for them to count as a position player even though we could pitch them? Could the Twins circumvent this rule to get Rocco 14 pitchers and would we even want to endure one of our pitchers actually getting enough at-bats to qualify?
  6. I like enhancing the BP idea put forward here better. With starters going shorter innings a quality BP would have a higher impact IMO.
  7. You did not mention that even Carew has been closely watching him and roots for him and has mentioned similarities like his crouch at the plate. I like that he fouls off a ton of pitches while waiting for one to hit. Rod did the same. I recall watching him have like 12, 13, etc. pitch at bats just fouling them off and then punching one to left field. This also helps the rest of the line up as they get to see the pitches plus he wears out the opposing pitcher. I am loving this small ball BB this year and he is a huge part of it for the Twins. I hope he can hold on for a batting title this year. Love his energy. Keep up the great work Luis!
  8. Don't trade him, try to sign him to a mid-term (like 4-5 year) contract. If he does not want to take that, and decides to opt out, let him walk and wait for Lewis . I'd prefer we try to keep him if possible. You don't want to send a message to other FA's that if they sign here we will just dump them when convenient for the Twins, but the price needs to work within our budget.
  9. I would not trade Miller. I know he is a long way away, but if CC opts out after this year and with Lewis's injury history we only have Palacios remaining for true SS's. I also agree with a few others that we should beef up the bullpen this year to help the current starters. Let those young starters develop and see what we have next year for a rotation.
  10. I do dislike how Josh has acted in the past but he is not the one who requested a trade so no need to boo him. Why do we boo X-players who did nothing against the Twins?
  11. For those of us who cannot get into Apple TV what’s the score and inning?
  12. He needs to be afforded more time. I see him as a 2B replacement for Polanco down the road. That said, the Twins need to definitely trade some prospect capital or risk losing them for nothing in the Rule 5 draft.
  13. We've got to go by what the experts on the team say as we do not have the medical information available to us that they have nor the medical knowledge to make an educated decision. We are only going by his stats and what we see on the field which is mostly "gut feel". I fully trust that team management and medical personnel have/will make the best decision here in Buck's best interest and in the team's best interest. Let's trust that these guys are making the right decision because there is no way we can know how it would work out going the other way.
  14. Bichette, Guerrero, Gurriel Jr, Biggio Is there any team out there with more MLB player's kids on their roster than Toronto? Maybe they can trade for Clemens or Yaz?
  15. Given all the injuries and COVID absences, I think they have overachieved this year and like where this team is going this year and into the future. Lots of positives to look at here.
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