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  1. I have to agree. Sign him now. We may never see a ballplayer this exciting for many years.
  2. Miss you Nellie. Glad to see MLB ready pitching come as that is EXACTLY what is needed. After the Twins, I love the Rays and hope they, with Nellie’s help win a WS championship.
  3. It seems like we are at a crossroads. We are a small market team that cannot compete financially with the big boys to stay competitive every year. I hate the tear down and rebuild strategy as we get windows that often fail due to the lack of funds to supplement the core. Maybe it’s time to mimic the Rays and Athletics approaches to trade players ahead of the curve to acquire rising stars in an effort to be competitive year in and year out.
  4. I’m just adverse to HS flame throwers. How many drafted by the Twins have actually made it to the big leagues and been successful. I hope he proves me wrong. We will see in about 5 years.
  5. We need quality pitching. If you can get a pitcher with any upside possibilities then trade him and include salary compensation. We will not be competitive in 2022 without pitching and we know that the FO will hit the bargain bin once again for pitching.
  6. I agree 100% on the JD take. We should be humble not trash talking.
  7. I do any of these deals. Rodgers is on the wrong side of 30 and will start to degrade around the time our next wave of talent matures. This assumes that the Buxton/Berrios (due to cost) and Sano era is done.
  8. If the season is for sure lost after we are through these White Sox games, and Miranda is still hot in St Paul, that makes trading Josh Donaldson very attractive so that we can promote Miranda to play 3b and get some major league at bats and see how he fields the position in mlb.
  9. I voted to retain both. I think they need more time. They did a decent job picking up cheap options last year and this year it did not work out. That’s what happens when you take chances at the lotto. I hope they use this opportunity to pick up a few pitching prospects at the deadline. Combine those with the few in the pipeline and work to develop them. Poland needs to open up the pocketbook and sign Buxton and Berrios plus one number one or two FA pitcher this off-season. If we fail next year then start over with new management
  10. Three key failures this season... 1. Lack of hitting with runners in scoring position. 2. Inherited runners scoring. 3. Injuries across the board. I don’t think any of these items are directly related to coaching,
  11. I’d prefer a contract with a nice base pay, say 15mm, with games-played incentives to increase the base. This would be fair for Buck while protecting the Twins against major injuries.
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