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  1. Sign him NOW. What if the MLB/player negotiations brings free agency one year closer and he is declared a FA and we lose the trade option?
  2. Yes, his value has improved some. I think the Twins would like to rotate at the DH spot next year to give some vets time off defensively meaning Sano would mostly be stuck at FB. Hence, if there is a DH market, I believe that they bundle him with a prospect or two for some starting pitching.
  3. Keep Garver and rotate him at catcher, DH, and FB to keep his bat in the lineup when healthy. He is an inexpensive offensive option.
  4. I like Jax’s stuff. Keep Gant. Thorpe, Barnes, and Smeltzer gone. Dobnak is #5, 6, 7 or BP. Jax BP, Gant same as Dobnak
  5. I think the FO should send him to winter ball and ask him to focus on defense. See if he has improved in ST and decide then.
  6. The mantra from the FO and the Manager has been a good SS glove helps our weak pitching. We need to rate SS defense highly and go there. No to this option please!
  7. Let’s see what he can do in the remaining games this season, then go back and make a fair offer with a nice base and incentives. If a deal can’t be done early in the off season, then get the best trade package you can get for him. I’d go for pitching knowing our two highest rated prospects can play center field. Do NOT wait until next year’s deadline or we will not get as much in return IMO.
  8. We can be excited for the quality of our prospects and their development. We can also look forward to a top 5 pick in next years draft. Sorry that our window closed so quickly, but this new group of kids could be special.
  9. The Rays seem to be pretty good at making the playoffs while keeping young unknown players on a low payroll. I believe Falvine is striving for this model and this trade deadline is kick starting it.
  10. I have to agree. Sign him now. We may never see a ballplayer this exciting for many years.
  11. Miss you Nellie. Glad to see MLB ready pitching come as that is EXACTLY what is needed. After the Twins, I love the Rays and hope they, with Nellie’s help win a WS championship.
  12. It seems like we are at a crossroads. We are a small market team that cannot compete financially with the big boys to stay competitive every year. I hate the tear down and rebuild strategy as we get windows that often fail due to the lack of funds to supplement the core. Maybe it’s time to mimic the Rays and Athletics approaches to trade players ahead of the curve to acquire rising stars in an effort to be competitive year in and year out.
  13. I’m just adverse to HS flame throwers. How many drafted by the Twins have actually made it to the big leagues and been successful. I hope he proves me wrong. We will see in about 5 years.
  14. We need quality pitching. If you can get a pitcher with any upside possibilities then trade him and include salary compensation. We will not be competitive in 2022 without pitching and we know that the FO will hit the bargain bin once again for pitching.
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