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    roger reacted to ashbury in One Fan's Opinion: Cleaning the Clubhouse in Three Steps   
    49 errors!!!! That's terrible!  With a glove like th- .... wait, across 4 years?  12 errors a year?  For a shortstop?
    If SS errors are your thing, you won't enjoy a return of Polanco to the most visible defensive position - he made 18 and 22 errors in his two full-time stints at the position (and he committed 17 this season, mostly at 2B).  Gordon was error prone in the minors and the team showed reluctance to even try him there this year. Arraez... no. Just no. 
    We need range in a shortstop, and an arm.  Simmons touched the ball over 500 times this season, as did every full-time shortstop in the majors - his rate of plays made per inning was second in the AL among full-timers (though in years past, he usually would be #1).  The number of errors that get charged are a drop in the bucket to a shortstop's total picture, in part because the official scorers are directed not to call an error on every play-not-made for statistics-keeping purposes.
    I'm not going to defend Simmons. He was "only" 31 but played like an old 31. He has slipped defensively to only better than average, and his bat is impossible to support no matter how good the defense - no player can save enough runs to make up for the black hole he was in the lineup.  He was below replacement-level and won't be missed IMO.  But I like to make roster decisions based on the full resume a player brings, not the superficial aspects.
    Oh, and, Welcome To Twins Daily.   I wound up doing a little deep-dive on one of the supporting points you made, but overall I like the ideas you raised in this article.
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    roger reacted to stringer bell in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    I don’t think most teams have much work to do. The Twins had a full 40-man, nine on the 60-day IL and only two free agents. 
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    roger reacted to Mike Sixel in Better Late Than Never   
    What do you base this belief on? Donaldson signing here? Pineda? Happ? Shoemaker? Colome? Others? We literally have no idea. I'm not making anyone the bad guy. I endorse players finally getting to choose where, and for whom, they work. Others are making the front office bad guys.....I think this is just big business and how capitalism works.
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    roger reacted to jmlease1 in Better Late Than Never   
    Will you come back an apologize when he doesn't sign a long-term deal with Toronto this off-season? Berrios wants to test free agency, and has made that clear. They didn't trade him because he wanted a market-rate deal; they traded him because the only way to lock him up long term was to offer something well above market rate, otherwise they were risking him going elsewhere for nothing.
    We have an excellent chance to compete in 2022 if we can add the right pitching moves and at least one of about 5 quality pitching prospects steps forward. The lineup is good enough to compete. The idea the franchise has "no belly to spend" is a canard: did you forget Josh Donaldson? Coming off an excellent season they spent significant money to take an very good lineup and try to make it a great one. 
    But never let reality get in the way of a chance to call the Pohlads cheap or the front office incompetent...
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    roger reacted to ashbury in Better Late Than Never   
    Twins had 8 more wins than any other last-place team in 2021.  Fact.
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    roger got a reaction from MN_ExPat in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    roger got a reaction from Twins33 in Better Late Than Never   
    Interesting facts, Johnny.  MSP is a mid-market, so having the 17th biggest payroll is about where they could be expected to spend.  Now finishing last in what arguably was the worst division in baseball says there were reasons other than payroll for their failure.
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    roger got a reaction from Melissa in Better Late Than Never   
    Many believe they will bring Pineda back, probably on a two year contract.  With Maeda returning late this year and lots of good prospects arriving the next couple years, a Kluber or Thor one year deal may be the perfect fit for a year in which the Twins could surprise.
    Kluber/Thor, Ryan, Pineda, Ober and Dobnak work for me as their opening day 5.  Send Jax and Barnes to St. Paul as early depth before Maeda is ready for the stretch run come August.  Add Winder and a few other prospects later in the year and the starting pitching should compete.  Will the Twins?
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    roger reacted to old nurse in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Other than the there are less home runs, how is Polamco’s  2019 season any less than 2021?  There are no reasons to think his 2021 season is a fluke other than inmate pessimism 
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    roger reacted to RonCoomersOPS in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Because it's damned near impossible to play LF and 1B at the same time.
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    roger reacted to RonCoomersOPS in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I'm not outwardly excited about trading anybody if I'm Falvine. The cost associated with everyone is very, very high, and my price tag for Buxton is just this side of certifiably crazy. But I'm definitely listening intently on just about everyone.
    It's not overly likely that Polanco has another season like this last one, and I don't want to have to pay for past performance if I'm negotiating his next deal. But, at the same time, a guy who plays solid 2B and swats 25 homers while batting in the .280-.300 range is still awfully nice to have next year. If someone blows me away, I'm going to think really hard about it.
    I'm not quite sure about Arraez after this past season. He could be that guy who comes into Spring Training healthy and serves as a .330+ hitting leadoff guy next year, but he could also be a good hitter with mediocre defense everywhere. I want to believe, so my price tag for him is higher than that of Polanco.
    I like the swagger that Donaldson brings to the team, and I want my young guys to cut their teeth in the majors around a guy like him. I'm paying a lot for his services, but on the other hand he showed unexpectedly good durability and was a big part of the offense this year. I'd especially love for Jose Miranda and Royce Lewis to get plenty of exposure to him, but how do I manage that while still getting the kids into the lineup on a regular basis? In the end, I'm probably most likely to trade him this winter but not without several gut checks first.
    Buxton is going to have to personally insult my mother to her face for me to even think about backing away from contract negotiations. Yeah he's hurt a lot, but on the other hand when he's healthy he's arguably the best player in the league. My asking price gets my rival GMs to hang up on me several times this winter.
    I really don't want to move on from Kepler either, especially since his defense gives me a lot of roster flexibility for those times when Buxton is hurt. He's a guy that, if he begins sitting back on pitches more often, he might start beating the shift and put up video game numbers for a good long time. I don't want to be the FO that traded him away right before he does that. On the other hand, I think Trevor Larnach is an all-star right fielder before his contract is up, and I want to show ownership that I was right to pick him. My price for Kepler is almost as high as it is for Buxton.
    I like Garver. He's among the better hitting players in the league when healthy, and he's elite at the plate compared to the rest of the league's catchers. But, on the other hand, he's also on the wrong side of thirty and his situational hitting was pretty poor last year. And while I really like Jeffers, too, I'm not sure I want to risk the offensive drop-off that will happen when he eventually takes over for Garver just yet. I know that I'm likely to get a ridiculous haul for Garver if I were to move him this winter, so I probably do mention his name more often than the rest but also set his price tag just this side of what I'm asking for Buxton and Kepler.
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    roger reacted to Hosken Bombo Disco in Houston, Does the Central Have a Problem?   
    I don’t think it’s an AL Central problem. If the Twins has pulled their weight and won 90+ games, the Central would have looked like several other divisions this season. So that’s why I say it’s a Twins problem, not a Central problem.
    As far as the possibility of the White Sox being swept and having this be the fourth consecutive season where the AL Central winner has been swept out of the first round? First, other teams are allowed to be good. But secondly, yeah, that’s a bad look. The Twins have played a big part in that streak. 
    Three different AL Central teams represented the American League in the World Series for 4 out of 5 years recently, from 2012 to 2016. So that tells me that a good team or mid-market team from the Central division can compete just fine. 
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    roger reacted to Mike Sixel in Better Late Than Never   
    You know for a fact he didn't say he wanted to test free agency, or even leave? Or, maybe they decided multiple years of what they got was more valuable? That's fairly likely why they did it. This year was lost. So, what is worth more, one year of Berrios next year, or six of the guys they got?
    As for spending, these last two years they've spent the most they ever have. They signed Donaldson to a huge deal. I'm just not sure we agree on your facts being facts and not opinions.
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    roger reacted to dxpavelka in Better Late Than Never   
    Not a single name in this article better than Jose Berrios.  And I know, I know he wasn't resigning here.  Question we have to ask is WHY?  The answer is simple.  We didn't blow him away with the money.  Sadly, we most likely won't with the other fellas in this article either.  And I'm OK with that.  IF a couple of the kids on the farm are ready to perform at a Berrios like level.  Any chance of that?
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    roger got a reaction from Squirrel in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    roger reacted to mikelink45 in Houston, Does the Central Have a Problem?   
    You made me laugh.  Of course we have a problem.  Winning 90 in a division in which teams 2 - 5 are all below 500 is not a monumental feat.  When the Rays win 90 in the American East that is a feat.  
    There is something that impacts the central teams when they get into the post season and maybe it is the fact that they are not hardened by the competition during the season.   
    We were 13 - 20 versus the East, 37 - 39 in our own division, and 13 - 20 versus the West.  And 10 - 10 interleague.  
    We often fool ourselves and think we are better than our record - even this year that might be true.
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    roger reacted to darwin22 in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    Totally classless and clueless decision by Baldelli and Falvey.  Still leaves a very sour taste with me.  Maggi was EVERYTHING you'd want as a professional with over 4000 milb ABs.  F- grade on failing to get Maggi into a game.
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    roger reacted to old nurse in Ranking the 2021 Twins Rookies On Long-Term Value   
    Celestine is probably a better value based on what he did in AAA vs Larnach
    Ober at an ERA a little over 4 is better than a back end starter. The state of pitching is that bad. If he can pitch every 5th time through the rotation for a full season at that ERA or slightly better that is a very high value
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    roger got a reaction from tarheeltwinsfan in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    roger got a reaction from Melissa in Ranking the 2021 Twins Rookies On Long-Term Value   
    Interesting, Cody.  Thanks.
    As I read this was thinking that Ryan should be at least second.  But as I finished reading about Larnach and Kirilloff, nah!
    As much as 2021 was an absolute horse crap season for the Twins, and us fans, this is an awfully bright five some for 2022 and beyond.  Considering you didn't include Celestino and Rortvedt, it gets even more exciting.  Both were brought up way before they were ready, having never played a game at AAA, they did fine defensively.  Matter of fact, it appears that Rortvedt is their best defensive catcher who should only get better.  And both proved when they finally got to AAA that they can be counted on to be decent hitters a year or two down the road.  
    And this group of seven doesn't include several other rookies who contributed in 2021, guys like Barnes and Jax.  There have been a lot of very good pitchers who put up results similar to those two before taking that final step and becoming very good.  Will they, who knows?
    Add a young Alcala to this group and you have a 10-man core who should be part of very good Twins teams over the remainder of the 2020's.  Add a couple of the young guns who are close and Miranda, Lewis and Martin and the future is bright, oh so bright.  Will they be back in the playoffs in 2022?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the rest of the decade sure should be fun. 
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    roger got a reaction from Rigby in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    When I read your comment about “roster scraps,” it pained my heart.  These are all fantastic baseball players, just not among the best 780 in the world.
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    roger reacted to ToddlerHarmon in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    Getting more than a wild card bid in 2022 is a long shot, even with trade and free agent acquisitions, mostly because the starters that would put us in the World Series aren't available at a price we can pay. Hopefully the young pitchers develop enough to make 2023 more realistic.
    That says to me:
    - *don't* trade Arraez, he's just 24. If this had been his rookie season performance at age 24, we'd be moving pieces all over to find a place for him to play. He can be a huge part of the next group if this group doesn't perform. Start him at 3B as often as you can. Donaldson will need the rest anyway.
    - Sano and Kepler are tradeable as underperformers, and have candidates for their position (Kiriloff, Larnach) waiting to prove themselves
    - don't trade for rentals
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    roger reacted to Sielk in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    I don't want to trade Garver. Catcher is a position of strength right now. But would it remain one if your catchers are Jeffers/Rortvedt/new acquisition? I'm not convinced that Jeffers could just replace Garver right now. 
    I hate to say this, because Luis Arraez has been my favorite player these last three years, but it might make sense to trade him. 2B/3B is really a strength of this team. Between Polanco, Donaldson (who you probably can't trade), Miranda and Arraez you already have four players for two spots. And while there are always some injuries, we already saw that little logjam this season when the lack of regular playing time was probably one of the reasons why Miranda wasn't called up.
    Speaking of injuries, let's talk about Arráez'. He has already missed a lot of time because of his knees. Even when he has been on the field, the injuries have caused some extended slumps we haven't seen from him before. A Luis Arraez who hits .330 is a special hitter. If he hits only .280 with no power and bad defense? Not so much. 
    That doesn't mean the Twins should just dump him. But right now he is still only one season removed from hitting .320. If another team is willing to bet on his health and offers them a good return, they should maybe pull the trigger instead of banking on better health in the future. If you wait longer and it goes poorly, his value might plummet rather quickly. 
    Ugh, I really hated writing this...
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    roger reacted to Doctor Gast in Who Can the Twins Deal?   
    If we aren't really rebuilding, we trade those who we can live w/o and is worth something.
    We can live w/o Sano but we won't get anything for him. Kepler is hard to replace and is underrated.  I'd prefer Garver to stay but if a team which would offer a good deal on a premier pitcher I'd be willing. If Rogers and Duffy can be replaced and could be added to a trade, I'd say yes. But the one that makes the most sense is Arraez. He is easily replaced defensively and for a one dimensional player he's overrated.
    I hope that the FO surprise me and inniate some needed tough trades, sign Buxton and avoid a devastating rebuilding.
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    roger reacted to ashbury in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    Hand me a pitchfork and one of those torches. I'm with the rest of you anyway!!!!!1!
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