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    roger reacted to Mike Sixel in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    Which player on last year's roster should have tried to steal more? If you aren't successful 80% of the time, you are giving up runs.
    As for Martin, I'm still a believer. However, he didn't face anywhere near good pitching in the AFL. Most analysts compare the pitching there to AA or lower. 
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    roger reacted to bird in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    Yeah, I like the idea of having him concentrate on becoming a decent left fielder and an adequate fill-in in CF. Lewis, Correa, Lee, and Kirilloff might end up being a very solid infield.
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    roger reacted to puckstopper1 in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    Which unfortunately is a moot point with the current Twins manager.
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    roger got a reaction from mikelink45 in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    At #10, do you have him too high?  Or too low?  Hopefully, 2023 will answer those questions.
    Add me to the list of those who would encourage the Twins: "If it ain't broke, don't fik it."  Like many of you, I see a ton of value from an Arraez like player, a player who has a ton of value without much or any power.  Add the fact that Martin has lots of speed, and we could (note I used the word could) have someone who becomes Luis +.
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    roger reacted to terrydactyls in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    The obsession with power appears to be hindering as many players as it helps.  Why would any team go after a player and then try to change him into a player he isn't?  Reminds me of when the Vikings gave up players and draft picks for the best I-back in the NFL and tried to turn him into a two-back player.  That sure turned out well (for Dallas).  Let Martin be himself and be satisfied with what he can bring to the team.
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    roger reacted to mac098 in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    I've never understood the idea of attempting to change a player's swing to make him more of a power hitter. If he is hitting for AVG and its working, why try to change that? I would take a player that hits .275-.290 w/ a OBP of .360+ over a someone who hits .210 but hits 30 HR's a season. Yes, homeruns are exciting, but so is a player beating out an infield single. Then they steal 2nd and are driven in with a single to the OF. As a team, you need table setters for the big guys to do their damage. It's pretty hard to win games if you're relying on homeruns (ask the 2019 Twins about their playoffs that year). 
    But I think this is a make it or break it year for the Martin. He definitely needs to show us that he belongs in MSP.
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    roger reacted to gman in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    I look forward to seeing Martin in the lineup at St Paul this season, that should be a very strong lineup. Probably our strongest in years. Maybe late summer we can see him in the Twins lineup. He would be a very traditional leadoff hitter.
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    roger reacted to Karbo in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    An Arraez with speed is a good thing IMO. Lets not forget how a guy with speed on 1st base can mess with a pitcher. Now factor in the larger bases and new throw over rule, and I acn see a very valuable player, So please Twins coaches, just let the guy hit. Forget about pushing him to change into a slugger. Square pegs into round holes usually just don't work!
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    roger reacted to Trov in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    Many are saying he will be like Arraez, but he is not that much like Arraez, other than both had high OBP. with little Slugging. The big difference is Martin can steal bases.  If he can get on base near a .400 clip or more, which he has done everywhere he has played but at AA last year, after Twins tried to get more power, he will have huge value near top of line up.  If he can steal at high percentage he can get on base and steal second, basically same as double if no one was on base.  Sure, adding some pop can be helpful, but not getting out and being able to steal bases is very helpful.  Do not forget Marin had an injury last year that made him miss some time.  When you look at what he did in September and Fall league, he is riding high, could it be SSS?  Sure, but hopefully it is something to build off and carry into this year. 
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    roger reacted to awmonahan in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    He seems like one of the better options, internally, to begin replacing Arraez's production. Hope he can put together a solid start to the season. 
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    roger reacted to Dman in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    He could be a sort of Arraez type player with speed.  A tough out who can take walks and makes contact as he only struck out at a 13% Clip.  For teams looking for contact hitters along with working counts he is rock solid there.  He also has been able to steal bases so his speed plays as well.
    He needs a good year at the plate as his value is now tied up in OBP IMO.  Still we all know what a catalyst Arraez could be and while the current trend is power we are starting to see cracks in that line of thinking as contact seems to be making a comeback.  
    He is a nice piece of the puzzle if he can put things together and just excel at what he does well which is get on base.
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    roger reacted to RJA in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #10 Austin Martin, SS   
    I always wonder why teams try to change a hitter's approach when what he has been doing has been working.  In this case, it reminds me of Buxton, and all of the attempts the Twins staff made to change his approach at the plate.  Finally, he just chucked all the advice except Oliva's--see ball, hit ball--and regained his confidence.  I suspect there are many success stories of players who changed their approach and were more successful, but sometimes I wonder if they outnumber those cases where attempted adjustments mess up players.  This kid is an on base machine (career .391), like Arraez, and like Arraez, will likely never hit with power.  I don't think that is a horrible thing.  We need contact hitters as well as the Joey Gallo's of the world.  I would vote for letting the kid play his style at St. Paul and see what happens.  I think it will be a good result.
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    roger reacted to terrydactyls in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    All of your examples relate to 1B and OF.  Trading Urshela doesn't impact those positions.
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    roger reacted to jkcarew in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    I like Gio…nice 3rd baseman. 
    But you’re going to need several more paragraphs to get me to even start seeing how Kepler has anything actually material to do with Urshela as far as roster construction goes. They are not going to move Miranda to every-day 1B at this point in his career…the Urshela trade is proof of that. I’ll listen to arguments that Kirilloff/Gallo are redundant…maybe even Kepler/Gallo.
    Gio will be making over $9M this year…to platoon with the Twins?  Instead, the Twins sold high on a nice, not great, player…and signed Farmer for $5.5M to platoon.
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    roger reacted to stringer bell in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Yep, outwardly the Twins have addressed depth by having Farmer and Gordon in the infield and Gordon, Larnach, Celestino (at least) in the outfield. For first base they have Kirilloff and then guys slated to play elsewhere. I guess they are really believing Alex'  wrist problems will be behind him. I hope so, I really think Kirilloff can be a lineup fixture and potential All-Star if he is fully healthy and I do believe this year is a make-or-break for the former first round pick.
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    roger reacted to stringer bell in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Here is the quote, taken from fangraphs:
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    roger reacted to chpettit19 in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Yeah, I literally said "or Miranda slides over." I haven't seen a single report that Gallo might platoon with Kirilloff, but you're running with that. I've seen them mention that Gallo can, and has, play(ed) 1B, but nothing that they're planning a platoon. Why would Farmer being the platoon raise the question of Urshela being moved? Farmer can play SS, Urshela can't. Farmer can catch, Urshela can't. Farmer played 1B as recently as last year. He played 2B in 2021. He even played LF in 2021. Urshela isn't doing any of that. Farmer replaced Gio, Gallo didn't. Gallo replaced Garlick.
    They have a bunch of LH cOF who can't stay healthy, and/or haven't proven themselves. Could they replace 1 of them with a righty? Sure. But you've said "they could have put this roster together a whole lot better" like switching out 1 lefty for 1 righty is some gigantic thing. It's 1 roster spot. Let's keep some perspective here.
    Gallo might, but that'll be against righties in place of Kirilloff. What do you think Farmer's role is on this team? Bench guy who only sees the field when someone is hurt? They have 4 righty IFers and a switch hitter. Farmer and Miranda are the 1B platoon. Larnach is the opening day DH. That's a position you seem to be ignoring. Gordon is their super utility guy. Is Rocco suddenly going to try to get 160 starts out of 9 guys, or is he still the guy who will give planned rest days to 100% of the players on the roster and make sure he plays everyone a bunch? Why are people concerned about playing time? The most obvious thing the Twins do is rotate players constantly.
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    roger reacted to Mike Sixel in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Why are we assuming Gallo plays first, and not larnach, if AK is hurt? Why are we assuming larnach isn't the DH many games? 
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    roger reacted to Mike Sixel in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Good thing you weren't the GM when Hunter struggled. Miranda was a rookie. He might not be great at third, but to write him off after one year is amazingly impatient. 
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    roger reacted to chpettit19 in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Yeah, I don't think it's as big of a concern as others do, but I get the cOF/1B/DH complaint. I just don't get why a 3B is being brought into this. I mean Kyle Garlick fits better into this argument. He's the righty bat who plays cOF/DH and is a pure platoon bat against lefties. He's a better fit on this roster than Gio is. I'm not really even pushing back on the "too many LH cOF" argument. I'm just pushing back on Gio being the comp when he doesn't play that position, and I don't want him as my DH.
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    roger reacted to stringer bell in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    I agree and adding a left handed corner outfielder like Gallo is questionable at best. I just don't think they considered making Gio a platoon first baseman. Making Miranda the primary third baseman seems to always have been their plan and he certainly could hit enough to make us forget Gio in that role. I've said in other threads that I view Kirilloff's as probably the most significant recovery from injury. The club's actions really seem to underscore their belief in his recovery and eventual positive contribution.
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    roger reacted to chpettit19 in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Gallo will spell Kirilloff, or replace him, against righties, not lefties. Kyle Farmer is the logical platoon role (or Miranda slides over and Farmer mans 3B). I'm really confused by your stance that Gallo is going to platoon with Kirilloff. Larnach, as of today, is the opening day DH. Like you seem to just be making up scenarios to fit your narrative. The argument you could try to make is that Gio would make it so Miranda could DH against lefties. But that's not what you're saying. Gallo is Kirilloff's backup plan, not platoon.
    I mean your article is literally Gio vs Gallo. "Why sign Joey Gallo at all as opposed to keeping Gio Urshela" is a direct quote from you. That's not making this Gio vs Gallo? You took the Gio trade and Gallo signing and built an article around it. 
    Gallo vs Kepler I get. I think we all expected Kepler to be gone by now. But Gio doesn't play corner OF and Gallo and Kepler don't play 3B. So I don't get why you're pulling him into this. Why not just write that Gallo and Kepler are redundant and stick with that comparison? Why bring in a guy who doesn't play the same position?
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    roger reacted to chpettit19 in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    Why do you think Gallo is going to have to play 1B for playing time? Who's going to be playing out of position?
    Vs Righties:
    C- Vazquez
    1B- Kirilloff (he's the last option in the cOF now)
    2B- Polanco
    3B- Miranda
    SS- Correa
    LF- Gallo
    CF- Buxton
    RF- Kepler
    DH- Larnach
    Bench- Gordon, Farmer, Jeffers, Taylor
    Vs Lefties
    C- Jeffers
    1B- Farmer
    2B- Polanco
    3B- Miranda
    SS- Correa
    LF- Gallo
    CF- Buxton
    RF- Taylor
    DH- Larnach
    Bench- Gordon, Kepler, Vazquez, Kirilloff
    If Gallo is bad Gordon takes LF. Maybe they actually DH Jeffers or Vazquez against lefties since Farmer can hop behind the plate if needed. Or Buxton probably gets a lot of DH days against lefties with Taylor in CF.
    I don't see the connection between Gio and Gallo. I get the argument that they're too left handed in the corner outfield, but Gallo isn't the platoon with Kirilloff, Farmer is. Gio on this team instead of Gallo doesn't fix anything since they play different positions. Really it's more Gallo over Garlick since Garlick is the guy he actually replaced as a cOFer. But Gallo's ability to step into 1B if Kirilloff can't go actually makes a ton of sense. Otherwise you were looking at Kepler moving there probably. The Arraez trade and the Farmer trade have way, way, way more connection to the Gio trade than the Gallo signing.
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    roger reacted to Riverbrian in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    And the Yankees and Blue Jays are all right handed. 
    Turns out we have a bunch of left handed hitters. 
    Clearly survivable. 
    Let's see if they can hit. 
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    roger reacted to Riverbrian in Trading Gio Was A Mistake   
    I've always assumed that Gio was basically traded for Farmer. They were traded bang bang so it makes sense.
    Farmer was necessary if we didn't land a SS and Farmer could do what Gio did if we landed a SS so it was a better fit. 
    I don't see any connection to Kepler, Gallo or Kirilloff at all. 
    If I were to continue my assumptions. I assume Gallo was signed primarily because we had some money to spend after we didn't get Correa. It wasn't long after Correa agreed with the Giants that Vazquez and Gallo were announced. 
    I also assume that if Correa would have signed with the Twins right away and not flirted with the Giants and Mets... Gallo and possibly Vazquez as well would probably not be Twins right now. I assume that 11M would have been too much and they might have went with a cheaper catcher instead. 
    If I were to continue my assumptions. When Correa became an option again and the Twins got the deal done... it created a new unplanned thing called Correa plus Gallo and Vazquez. 
    Kepler? No idea. I assume that the right deal would have pried him loose from the very beginning... even before Gio/Farmer. I just don't think the market was ever going to pay the right deal and I think the front office has moved on and have included Kepler, into a new Correa, Gallo, Kepler, Vazquez paradigm.
    I think all front offices start the off-season with a plan but end up with adjustments to that plan based on opportunity or lack of.  
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