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Posts posted by snepp

  1. Nope.

    More like an intermediate leash.

    Sano adds a potential game-changing dimension to this team. Adding even a .265 BA/.870-ish batting line to this already-potent lineup could easily put the Twins over the top heading into post season.


    And the fact that the team has done well without him actually BUYS him a LONGER leash to make his adjustments to becoming a regular contributor at the 5-spot in the order and at 3B or DH.

    Concur, concur, concur.


    Sano, playing to his capabilities, adds something to the lineup that they're not going to ever add through any type of in-season acquisition later.



    "It's just like making a trade....only better." ©­®­™


    Schur was also Ken Tremendous on the Fire Joe Morgan blog. He's had a wildly awesome career.

    My degree in philosophy makes me nerd out about the show. I wish it were a tad funnier but I enjoy it. Parks and Rec is probably my second favorite sitcom all time behind the early years of the Simpsons. So, for me, it's no shame not to be that good.


    They just need more consistency.

  3. It's been frustrating without a doubt, and I had zero confidence in them going into Wisconsin today, but color me very impressed.


    I was at the Wisconsin game last year, at home, and it was one of the most embarrassing displays of football I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing (the weather didn't help the mood either).


    His BABIP was consistent to that of all his minor league career, so I do not see much of problem.  K% will improve hopefully with maturity as a hitter 



    Not consistently at the extreme he posted his season though. Minors BABIPs tend to be about 15 points higher than in the majors. His high minors BABIP (AA/AAA) in 1,900 plate appearances was .344.


    Without digging in any further I might expect his to be in the neighborhood of ~.330, and even that's being optimistic as only 34 qualified batters hit that mark. That's a pretty dramatic difference from the unsustainable mark of .368 he had this season.


    Hopefully his strikeout rate will improve, a few more balls in play will offset the BABIP drop, and with the decent speed he's got that will turn into a good chunk of xbh's.

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