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  1. 1) Again, you are the master of talking right past the facts with arguments that are nearly entirely "tangential" (ie "erratic"). Case in point, your summation about my Zito comments is nothing short of other-world absurdity. As I stated, Zito's case is entirely different, as: A) he is a starting pitcher who plays in 20% of his team's games AND the Giants had a contingency plan with extra arms in the farm system to take up the slack if Zito(as it turned out) ended up underperforming. You are evidently completely unable to read and understand a simple use of the English language in a string of coherent sentences. (And you obviously relish in playing the role of the Bully-Boy of the Keyboard.) C) Mauer was signed as- The Face of the Franchise- an everyday player at a physically demanding, key position who already had a demonstrable injury history- who inked the big contract while playing with a knee injury that would later require subsequent-season-debilitating surgery. The 2011 mystery and murky atmosphere surrounding Mauer and his "condition" was so palpable you could cut it with a knife, as the club's official party line on the matter seemed to change every week. To suggest that this situation wasn't The key concern of the Twins organization throughout 2011 is pure fantasy. 2) Your use of "incoherence" is directly related to your inability to comprehend the written language, not "rantings". Given my hypothesis that: Mauer's health and the self-inflicted damage that the club ("bilateral leg weakness") and Mauer (his Wet-Rag public persona led to wild speculation about what exotic disease-of-the-week was afflicting him) combined for, coupled with a collapse of personnel performance virtually across the board, led to the Twins becoming paralyzed at what direction to take; it is demonstrable by the Twin's actions subsequently, that they really floundered for direction (are we a "seller" or a "buyer" in July? became "dump salary at any price" going into August, September and the post-season). This is not speculation, this is what happened until they finally made public their intention to cut payroll to $94 million. I am further applying deductive logic (not "pure speculation") that the Twins master plan to build the new "big market" Twins around the "Face of the Franchise" came crashing down to Earth amidst the once-unthinkable choruses of boos for Mauer upon his return in 2011 and led to panic and inertia within the franchise, which had apparently made no contingency plans about what steps were needed to swiftly remedy the situation. I presented a careful and precise hypothetical scenario with how the Twins could commit to a $120 million payroll (with exact contractural breakdowns included) that was one way the "newly competitive Twins and their beautiful new ballpark" could fulfill their promises to the fans when they agreed to build the new stadium for them. Every one of the moves I proposed for a quick fix for 2012 was workable and had a realistic outcome for success, with very low downside risk (a series of one-year FA contracts that the athletes themselves actually signed with other teams). There were no pie-in-the-sky Darvish, Buehrle, Wilson, Pujols in my proposal, just solid, obtainable players and a move to retain some of the core cogs that were keys to past success. That the Twins didn't pursue such a reasonable course demands a case be made for their rationale, I offered one reason why that was the case. If you would choose to become active in the discussion rather than rant, you might want to propose your reasoning why the Twins did what they did and in turn, propose your own alternative solution at getting out from under the status quo. 3) It's amazing how many Keyboard Nazis get cheap orgiastic delight in employing anonymous perjoratives against someone else equally anonymous, it's really quite sad and pathetic. You are completely misinterpreting my posts as I've never "whined" on this topic once. Apparently unlike yourself, I attach no emotional involvement in my posts or interest in the Twins, I merely enjoy the observational exercise of studying the dynamics of professional sports teams and athletes and other non-sports related businesses and organizations, as well. Your declarative statements, because you say them, doesn't necessarily make them so, as do mine. I did, and will continue, to offer reasons why I think the Twins are paralyzed by what to do with "The Face of The Franchise". To watch the media's coverage of Mauer's troubles last year and the Twins PR disaster in handling the situation and pretend that what to do next about handling Mauer the athlete, and his 24% imprint on the payroll, in the short-, intermediate-, and long-term isn't always, or should't be a front-page concern of the Twins, shows an incredibly opaque area in one's perceptive ability. Furthermore, the Twins appear to be moving in the opposite way from which I proposed, actively demonstrating their paralysis (ie, cutting payroll w/o a "new" master plan laid out to the buying public, illogical retention of players who have repeatedly proven they are below replacement level, bargain-basement FA signing of Marquis, a succession of waiver-wire castoffs claimed and immediately placed in the starting line-up, etc), meaning that Mauer takes up a bigger chunk of the payroll as the talent pool dissipates, continuing the cycle downward. "Basis in facts and logics" is easily demonstrated and has happened to past Twins teams and other sports franchises, as well. In the Twins case, past history showed that as the product declined on the field, revenues fell, causing another cut in payroll, and so on. This finally led to shedding virtually all established players and starting all over from practically ground zero and resultantly leading to two very long stretches of ineptitude while rebuilding from the ground up. I think I can make a strong case by the Twins behavior thus far that this is likely where this franchise is headed and "The Face of the Franchise" is a front-and-center issue in why it is headed that way. Certainly, someone, or many in the braintrust of the Twins were already aware and are having sleepless nights, of what Nick Nelson just recently posted on, ie, the sharp drop-off of the career of Jason Kendall from one of the best, to one of the worst catchers in baseball after he reached 30. This tends to be the norm for catchers rather than the exception- Mauer turns 30 next April.
  2. Finally, the first "glimpse", now let's see if he can duplicate that sweet stroke a few more times and grow into a power bat role beyond just teasing the fans with glimpses (just like last year)
  3. Just further proof to the old adage- "Timing is Everything"...
  4. I think we have a bit of a "inability to comprehend the situation" problem here. I also note you failed to acknowledge or refute certain parts of my refutation of your counterpoints, I am reluctantly forced to assume that you therefore agree that they were largely irrefutable. For the record on your point #2, I have made no assumptions or projections about how Mauer's contract will play out, I don't know- and more importantly- the Twins don't know- but no one denies things have gone from bad- to worse- to uncertain-...and that is where the paralysis kicks in. I think most commenters agree though, that the physical demands at his position strongly suggest that we have likely seen his most productive seasons behind him (see Nick Nelson's latest blog post for further evidence). I haven't seen or heard anyone argue that Joe Mauer will be having a Carlton Fisk- or Ivan Rodriguez-type career ahead of him- his numerous past injuries suggest exactly the opposite. 1) You calling my remarks "melodramatic and silly" does not make them such and you fail to demonstrate that they were. Tampa Bay has done things right because their market dictates this is what they must do to survive (see Highabove's post, because the Twins haven't duplicated this model, as HA says: "payroll will matter"). The Twins, their 3 million plus attendance, and in a new ballpark, were transitioning from the mid-size market small-payroll model to the "big-time" and had done a horrible job in the interim in terms of drafting, trading, signing and developing talent, while overpaying to retain current talent (Mauer obviously, but many others, all the way down to Blackburn and Casilla) Here's a demonstrable scenario that shows the Twins are paralyzed by Mauer's contract: 2): You acknowledge that the Twins payroll was $112 mil in 2011 and $94 mil this year. This is strong evidence that the Twins recognized they would not be able to compete in 2012 (what with nearly 25% of their payroll holding a no-trade contract for a $23 million roster spot and a huge cloud of uncertainty about Mauer's ability to resume previous production numbers). If the Twins were confident that he would come roaring back, they could have gone in full "win-now" mode, to which, it is highly arguable that the Twins could have gone all-in in the free agent market and gone from $94 mil to a $120 mil payroll. Let's say they were even conservative with how much money they wanted to spend, they still could have signed 3 very good-to-decent FA starters who all inked 1-Year deals in the off-season- Edwin Jackson ($10.96 mil), Eric Bedard ($4.5 mil) and Paul Maholm ($4.25 mil). Their combined salaries come to $19.71 million. Even if the Twins "overpaid" this group to a combined $21 million, that still would have put the payroll at $115 million. Now, subtract the horrible contract to Jason Marquis ($3 mil) and the Twins would now be back to the exact payroll they had in 2011!!!($115 mil-$3mil= $112 mil). But wait, that still leaves the Twins with Pavano, Baker, Blackburn and Liriano. It has been obvious that Liriano should have been properly showcased and dealt previously to this year and he would have been traded in the offseason, regardless. That takes Liriano's contract off the books ($5.5 mil). The Twins should have known about Baker's arm problems and didn't, but let's say they would have kept the other three, designated Baker and Pavano as starters and put Blackburn in the bullpen. That still reduces the payroll to $106.5 mil. I get the PR disaster delayed and the long-term plan in mind for the reasons for re-signing Capps at $4.5 mil. I would have sent him on his way, reducing the payroll to $102 mil. If the Twins were certain of Mauer bouncing back, Joe Nathan is retained, moving the payroll up to $109 mil. This would leave more than enough room to re-sign either Cuddyer or Kubel (the logical choice for me is Kubel, but retaining Cuddyer would still bring the payroll in under $120 mil), AND, remember, we already made room to sign Willingham, Carroll and Doumit under the $120 mil cap and/or fill at least one of the holes at 3B and 2B by trading Liriano/Valencia/Casilla/1 excess SP/prospect(s). This is what a team would do if it wasn't paralyzed.....
  5. You should be looking for any positive you can find for Capps. The organization has to already be sending out feelers around both leagues based on his 7/7 save conversion rate and new-found magic out pitch. If the Twins play it right they will find their very own, just-desperate-enough, GM like Billy Smith and land themselves a prospect before July 31.
  6. I know your comment is made in jest, but look at the Twins pitching stats. The RPs are outperforming the SPs, hands down. Should the Twins consider going fully Billy Martin- Oakland As Edition- and employ a 3x3 pitching alignment? It has to be far better than what the starters are giving them now, right? I mean seriously, who wasn't embarrassed for the club watching Marquis labor today into the 5th inning and turn the Indians into the 1927 Yankees?
  7. In many states, including Texas, children as young as 14 who commit "adult" crimes can be charged and later sentenced as adults.
  8. Hey Sparkler, there are none. Apparently Mauer's days as a catcher are numbered as well. It is arguable that it was a bad deal then and there is little doubt that it now is widely recognized as one of the top two (at least) worst deals in baseball(See Highabove's post above for just the latest confirmation). Just wishing it weren't true doesn't make it go away. The problem with the deal at the time was that there were strong hints that Mauer's health would always be in question, his leadership ability at a leadership position was non-existent, his personality was "aloof" and his hitting production was frequently untimely or inconsequential. The problem with the deal now goes beyond Mauer's complete power outage, he quite demonstrably is no longer a top-level defensive catcher, which coupled with his apparent unpopularity with the pitching staff makes him more a liability at the position.
  9. I haven't instilled any melodrama in my comments, pretty much just facts. You have instilled few facts into the discussion and gone emotionally bombastic in the other direction. 1) I agree with your point, but you completely ignore the facts on the table. Mauer's health and production have fallen off markedly since Shapiro held up the Twins. This risk was not properly assessed by management and you now have one player who is unable to play his proscribed postition full-time and has a "grossly" (your word) distorted salary that represents about 25% of the entire payroll. Any corporate exec would tell you that tying up one-fourth of your payroll in one unproductive entity for 8 years paralyzes a company's ability to react to changing market conditions. Not silly or melodramatic. 2) Zito's contract was one of the worst, no question, but, as a starting pitcher, Zito only affected 20% of the Giants games and the club was fortunate to have SP depth to fill the breach. This is called "contingency planning" in worst-case scenaros. What was the Twins contingency planning? Oh yeah--trade away Wilson Ramos.... 3)No tears or tantrums, hissyfits or whining from me. Refer back to point #2 about proper stewardship of resources for a mid-level-market baseball club.
  10. Speaking of annoying, how about swinging on those first pitch meatballs down mainstreet? It seems that Mauer's goal in every at bat is to draw a walk, rather than taking an agressive approach, the result is he looks for one kind of pitch in his preferred zone and then swings one way and resultantly ends up with ground ball after ground ball.
  11. Really? Look at the amazing production numbers, in contrast to Mauer's paucity of power, from most of the players above him, (ie, what will McCutcheon command for a contract when he finally escapes Pittsburgh? IMO, on a team like the Pirates, he is the perfect #3 man). In numerous internal batting measures, Mauer is hitting lower marks than even last year's disatrous season, marked by numerous career lows (Check his GB/FB %-- Scary!). Only in walk rates is he hitting career highs. I agree about moving him to a different spot and have advocated the #2 spot since he got here, he never has been a great #3 hitter with the exception of his one (apprently) "career year" in 09. But in moving him to another spot in the batting order, and with his apparent evolution to becoming a half-time catcher, I would argue that he is/would be even MORE overpaid.
  12. I guess I'm asking what is the "proper" mix of power/timely hitting/ability to get on base for a "typical" #3 hitter. And with applying a salary metric to the mix.
  13. I purposely used the "trendy stat-lines" to appease the sabre-geeks:p
  14. I posted this elsewhere, but thought it was worth general discussion, as well. I've argued that this ridiculous contract has paralyzed the Twins ability to compete until 2018. For #3 hitters, Joe is 6th overall in OBP, but second from the bottom (28th) in slugging percentage, does this sound like the attributes needed of a "typical" batter in the 3-spot? Mauer's Ranking Versus Other No. 3 Hitters Ranked by OPS (Including Contract) 1) Hamilton 402/455/866/1321 $15.25 Mil 2) Kemp 359/446/726/1173 $10.25 3) Wright 400/489/591/1080 $15.25 4) Votto 319/466/543/1059 $11.41 5) Beltran 298/406/653/1058 $13 6) Ortiz 348/412/614/1026 $14.575 7) Braun 306/386/636/1022 $7.399 8) Dunn 250/393/600/993 $14 9) Joyce 287/374/565/939 $0.499 10) C. Gonzalez 300/378/550/928 $5.43 11) A. Cabrera 315/411/495/906 $4.55 12) Me. Cabrera 348/396/504/900 $6 13) McCutcheon 339/403/496/899 $0.708 14) Reddick 290/338/536/874 $0.485 15) Freeman 284/340/507/847 $0.535 16) Mi. Cabrera 224/345/485/830 $21 17) A-Rod 280/334/424/808 $30 18) Markakis 254/346/455/801 $12.35 19) MAUER 286/406/387/793 $Twenty-Three Million
  15. No. 3 batters (continued): 9) Joyce 287/374/565/939 $0.499 10) C. Gonzalez 300/378/550/928 $5.43 11) A. Cabrera 315/411/495/906 $4.55 12) Me. Cabrera 348/396/504/900 $6 13) McCutcheon 339/403/496/899 $0.708 14) Reddick 290/338/536/874 $0.485 15) Freeman 284/340/507/847 $0.535 16) Mi. Cabrera 224/345/485/830 $21 17) A-Rod 280/334/424/808 $30 18) Markakis 254/346/455/801 $12.35 19) MAUER 286/466/387/793 $Twenty-Three Million
  16. Mauer's Ranking Versus Other No. 3 Hitters Ranked by OPS (Including Contract) 1) Hamilton 402/455/866/1321 $15.25 Mil 2) Kemp 359/446/726/1173 $10.25 3) Wright 400/489/591/1080 $15.25 4) Votto 319/466/543/1059 $11.41 5) Beltran 298/406/653/1058 $13 6) Ortiz 348/412/614/1026 $14.575 7) Braun 306/386/636/1022 $7.399 8) Dunn 250/393/600/993 $14
  17. Those WOULD be great numbers if he was batting in the 8 spot and playing the middle infield and making $2.3 Million, unfortunately he's making 10x that- at $23 Million, batting in the 3 spot and his comparables for his peer group at first base are horrendous, horribly overpaid. Sorry, no amount of cheerleading is going to change the fact that he's a cast-iron anvil around this team's neck until 2018.
  18. One name instantly refutes that, Kirk Gibson. Veteran bloggers willing to post their own names who make statements like this boggles my mind and causes me to wonder if they have ever played organized team sports at any significant level. Those who are uninformed on this topic aren't working hard enough or paying close enough attention.
  19. Fine, but you will have to admit, Gardy wouldn't have had the "guts" to pinch hit Plouffe for Butera in the 7th, exposing the club w/o an emergency catcher or spare bench player...
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