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  1. Joe Ryan is the best pitcher in baseball and the Twins will win 90 games and go to the playoffs this year! GO TWINS GO!!!!
  2. I really hope the Twins can manage one run against that pitching staff
  3. It was a joke. I like me a good pitcher’s duel
  4. I believe we’ve had a discussion before on HOW to address the Twins’ bullpen. The next question is WHO to address it with. Just like every year at the trade deadline, there are going to be many RPs on the move. Some big names, some not as big names. The Twins absolutely need RP help, so they will likely be in the running for some of these names. Which RPs would you like to see the Twins go after at the deadline and why?
  5. But blatantly incorrect calls determining the result of a game should not be part of the game.
  6. True. But if a computer can come up with an answer that quickly, why not just have the computer doing the work?
  7. I feel like allowing managers to challenge individual pitches would slow the game down, which is already a problem in the modern MLB.
  8. I would rather have it where both teams have equal chances to win, rather than one team having an advantage due to the umpires being on their side. This is an issue that not only hurts baseball, but sports in general.
  9. All aspects of the game are important. You need the full package to win. The Twins did not have the full package in the 2020 postseason
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