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  1. Should have at least won one game against the Rangers, Perkins was clearly not himself, and they seemed to have left 30+ people on base over that series. Offense will be fine, and could be one of the better ones in the league if everyone stays somewhat healthy. Pitching.....errr....will be interesting to say the least. Blackburn getting healthy, and Liriano pulling his head out of his ass would be a nice start to getting the rotation in a place where people could count on them.
  2. Morneau thus far has been SUPER encouraging, not only is he exceeding my expectations on what he would do this year, but he is starting to suddenly look like the Monreau of old, which would absolutely be huge for this team moving forward.
  3. Sadly he is still a better option then our current "ace" Liriano
  4. Though I think they could/should have sent someone down instead, Hughes was never going to be anything special in the majors. I question his ability to play an even decent defensive INF and he is to injury prone and doesn't hit enough to ever be considered a serious option in the outfield. Hopefully this indicates that the Twins are planning to bring up Dozier very soon, which more or less would have pushed Hughes out of the equation anyways. Blackburn to the DL however would have made the most sense (unless he comes back soon)
  5. Destructive Spam? Credibility? This isn't the New York Times Bonnes... is this same the same "credible" site that as recently as this week (by its creator) suggested that the Twins front office is racist with no basis what so ever? The same credible site where people talk about calling up 19 year olds who have never seen full season A ball into the major leagues? Sorry about hurting your credibility with my "destructive spam" which by the way increased your page views about 20x over a 30 minute period.
  6. No, actually you never informed me in a personal message "what you were doing, why you were doing and that you would reconsider bringing me back after 1 month" First off, one month? LOL slow down Roger Goodell. 2nd off, if you wanted to respond to me directly, I sent you a personal message or whatever you kids call it on facebook. Personal attacks? Me thinks not, you got pissed because I swore one time, and I apologized, I criticized those who tried to bring up the claim that the Twins were somehow "racists" by the most loosely based logic ever posted on the internet. Or at least outside of 4chan.
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