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    Joey Self got a reaction from Fatbat in On interleague play and interstate realities...   
    I've never cared for interleague play when the AL team couldn't use the DH in NL parks. Now, with uniform rules (or if there's differences in the leagues, it's so minor I can't think of them as I sit here), it's time to consider realignment.  I did this about as fast as I could type it, and don't pretend it couldn't be improved:

    Toronto Yankees Mets Phillies Boston Southeast 
    Washington Baltimore Atlanta Tampa Miami  
    Twins Guardians Brewers  Tigers Pirates
    Cardinals Royals White Sox Cubs Reds Southwest:
    Astros Rangers Colorado Angels Dodgers  
    Seattle SF Oakland San Diego D'Backs The logic, or what little there was, intended to keep the NY, CHI and LA teams in the same division, so as to make it easier for fans of one team to travel to the other ballpark--same with WASH and BAL, SF and OAK. More ticket sales, better for the bottom line. Admittedly, AZ and COL presented a problem, as did dividing the two teams from Pennsylvania.

    But this is a framework of what could be. Now, if MLB expands to 32 teams, you'd have 8 divisions with 4 teams each, and many of the same problems in lining it all up.


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    Joey Self got a reaction from DocBauer in Unthinkable? Let Cruz go after 2020?   
    I will admit it: I was not in favor of signing a guy that could only DH at this point.  I figured that a fourth or fifth outfielder could be the DH, and play the field when necessary.  

    In the immortal words of the comedian Ron White: I was wrong!

    So I don't want my opinion now to be tainted by that.  If Cruz is available at the right price, AND seems to be healthy, I'd be fine for another year with him.  If the NL goes to the DH, though, the first part of that equation may be a problem.  15 more possible suitors for him could drive up the price.  

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