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    adjacent reacted to stringer bell for a blog entry, Embarrassing   
    The Twins have just been swept by the Angels. They were competitive for three games, but got beat up on Sunday. The fact is that, despite a fairly good offense in the five games, the Twins had no chance because the Angels are superior in all facets of the game. At least some of the young guys are playing and a few are thriving. Kennys Vargas is hitting and slugging and Danny Santana is established as a good hitter who has played center field more than his natural position of shortstop.
    In the last four years, much has been made of the Twins' continuing futility and much of this stems from non-competitive Septembers. It sure looks like the same thing is happening again. Of course, this year, as mentioned above, they are playing some guys who will be around when the roster is turned over. What is particularly disappointing is that there apparently is no one ready to help the pitching staff. We've seen Phil Hughes go out almost every time and give the team a chance to win, Kyle Gibson has faded a bit, but has been satisfactory. Beyond that? Well, Ricky Nolasco has one good start since returning from the DL, Trevor May has improved, but previously was historically bad, the team has gotten nothing out of Tommy Milone. The bullpen is in tatters. All the guys who have been with the team all year seem to be worn out. The late-season reinforcements have been underwhelming and these are the guys that will be getting the first chance if some veteran arms are let go!
    Maybe this gives guys like Jake Reed and Burdi a quick path to the majors. Maybe it is time for management to change. I have been embarrassed by my favorite team in the last four years and I just don't think it has to be this bad.
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    adjacent reacted to mascherano for a blog entry, Javier Maschrano; the rising star of Argentina   
    Javier Maschrano, famously known as Argentina's "little boss", though it was unbelievable. As he is always ready to bleed blue and white for the cause. He started his professional career 11 and half years ago, initially he played for the Under-20s in the South American Championship. He made his debut for Argentina against Uruguay. However, it was his first international appearance for his Nation, before that he used to play for the club, River Plate.
    Javier Maschrano’s country afterward identified his talent and skills and observed the Argentina’s rising star in him, thus he was given an opportunity to do something for his nation and make it proud.
    However, it was not that easy as it sounds, playing 10 years for Argentina, achieving Olympic gold medals from 2004 and 2008, the entire nation was still waiting for his extraordinary performances indeed.
    Eventually, Argentina won the competition in 2004 against Brazil, with the help of a young player Mascherano who secured the midfield. As a result they defeated Brazil by 2-1.
    However, Argentina played against Brazil again in the next Copa America final three years later in Venezuela. It had become the strongest team of that time and was believed as the hot favorite team for the world cup, but unfortunately Argentina failed to turn its dream into reality once again.
    Even though, both of Mascherano's previous World Cup battles have also over in quarter-final defeat - and both times to Sunday's competitors.
    In 2006, Argentina faced another penalty shootout and finally they managed to win against the Dutch - which places Mascherano up for the biggest game of his life.
    Despite the fact, Seven years ago Argentina won its last World Cup trophy Under-20 with a team that consisted of Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria and goalkeeper Sergio Romero. But the team selection seems to be getting down. Especially youth side of Argentina has been remained very disappointing.
    Conversely, the FIFA World Cup always appeared like the golden opportunity for Argentina team but after winning 2 World Cups in 1978 and 1986. After that Argentina couldn’t win any other trophy of the world cup despite its best performances.
    But Mascherano always emerged as an important player of his team by his exceptional late block on the Netherlands' Arjen Robben in the semi-final, which was for his defensive alertness and willpower, however, it is now deemed as one of the key moments of this World Cup.
    Mascherano has made 28 tackles in the tournament, more than any other player. But his spirit to win the trophy and fierce covering work often obscures the reality that he is also a thoroughly skillful football player of his team.
    Probably, the real hero of Argentina's campaign is Javier Mascherano, 'the little boss' who has been performing terrifically well for his team and nation both and has been striving hard to further flourish the future of his team.
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