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    darwin22 reacted to DocBauer in For The Future: A Possible 2025 Roster   
    Definitely something to look forward to and contemplate. And there's enough depth at each spot that a couple guys just don't turn out, or are traded, there's another prospect to potentially step in. Would be nice if another LH could step up in the pen.
    A couple guys you didn't list that I think should be added are Steer and Julian as utility types. I'm excited by them as potential contributors.
    A lot of fun!
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    darwin22 reacted to TopGunn#22 in No, Top FA Starters Are Not Risky   
    You make a great point.  The Twins have always spent for "QUANTITY" not "QUALITY."  It's like Slick Rick of the Vikings always trading back to accumulate more and more 6th and 7th rounders instead of just drafting Tyler Johnson (#3 WR spot SOLVED) when he was sitting there.
    I   GUARANTEE  the Twins, if they spend the money on bringing Max Scherzer here,  he will be worth every penny !!  Now I get that Max would be crazy not to just stick with the Dodgers who will pay him more and give him a better chance for a World Series ring, but that's not my point.  The point is, when you spend on QUALITY you lessen the risk.  The wins and innings that kind of SP/RP give you add up to tremendous value for what you spent.  Honestly, I don't know why this FO doesn't understand that.  I thought they were brought here to replace the antiquated thinking of the Terry Ryan regime.  Maybe this is a Pohlad "thing."  It's hard to understand how the Twins have never figured this out.
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    darwin22 reacted to jkcarew in Who Is Twins Best LF of All Time - Reopened with 3 new choices!!!   
    I don’t think of several of these guys as Twins ‘left fielders’. Turns out, for good reason. I went back and checked...Shane Mack and Larry Hisle, neither put in more than one season where they played LF in even half of the games. They both moved all over the outfield (they both had big-time arm-strength issues)...and put in time at DH. Meanwhile, Bostock played considerably more CF and RF than LF for the Twins.
    So, to me it comes down to Allison, Rosario, and Gladden (Stewart was good for 2 seasons)
    Bob Allison was pretty clearly the best player in this list, offensively and defensively. Gladden gets consideration for the 800+ OPS across two WS wins. He’d be my number 2.
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