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  1. I think I might be too jaded as a MN sports fan. My gut tells me that what ever happens, it wont work out for the Twins. Buxton signs, and he chronically injured with minimal impact for the Twins and people complain about the wasted money. He's traded, the return players dont work out and Buxton becomes an perennial MVP candidate, WS champ and HOFer for another team. God forbid, let him walk, and hes this FO's David Ortiz.
  2. The signing Simmons isnt as embarrassing as "continuing to play him once the season was lost". And the HR Tortuga gave up wasnt as embarrassing as how everyone responded to it, both TLR and the Twins afterwards.
  3. You forgot to mention the best part of the Jeffers HR. It hit a guys "hit it here" target sign. that was awesome
  4. I get it, because JA didnt pitch yesterday they are "Hapless". well done. What's that? no, I didnt read the rest of the article.
  5. a physical HOF would be cool, but as Seth mentions not a lot of space (unless they give up a bar at TF). plus theres a lot of stuff on display at Bat and Barrel
  6. "However, when I got to participate in yesterday's VIP/media event showcasing the Twins virtual-reality Hall of Fame experience" Sick "I'm a Twins VIP" humble brag Seth...
  7. is there a way to "buy" more to donate to any service industry worker, or anyone else, that would like one, but doesnt have 20$ to spend bc of the pandemic/unemployment, etc?
  8. I went to Roseville HS, I played ball with Toby. It blows my mind that the AAA manager for the Twins is a guy I went to high school with.
  9. MVP 2005. Man. my roommates and I in college played that non-stop. We had by-laws made up because one of my roommates was a dirty cheater (like distracting us to pick runners off), and had standings and kept track of run differential. any free time we had, we played. Then I got a C on a test, and had to drop out of the "league" as I remembered why I was in college, and it wasnt to play video games
  10. Absolutely brilliant. Simple, to the point, and powerful. Sorry, I meant...STICK TO SPORTS COMEDY!
  11. "Kansas City is clearly trying to cover up the TV that’s playing video." Parker Hageman pointed out on twitter (cant figure out how to embed the tweet) that it was the bullpen phone ringing, which is right next to the video monitor, and they were reacting to that. There were other shots in the bullpen that clearly showed the monitor, and there was no effort to cover it up, plus they wouldnt have any idea which camera is live and theres a delay too.
  12. If anyone can get ahold of Dustin, I would volunteer to take over the duties for him...
  13. I agree with John, the fact that they try to improve it every year is nice, makes me hopeful that they wont pull a Rangers and get a new stadium when the "old" one has only been used for 20 years. As a father of 2, I like that they added TC's clubhouse in the outfield, so my kids can play a bit before the game or during if they get squirmy. And the turfed area just inside Gate 34 is nice too. In the same vein, I agree with Rena, the water filling stations are HUGE! I think one of the under appreciated aspects is the staff. The ushers/guest service are great. They seem to genuinely love their jobs. This article made me miss Target Field so much. Cant wait for the Touch 'em all Pub Crawl, whenever we are able to do that again.
  14. I know Gleeman had mentioned something about Toby Gardenhire likely being there as he is the AAA manager. Any word on him?
  15. Tony Batista Craig Monroe PS God I miss Deadspin.
  16. Same, I was there in 2018, and it bugged me they had both (they may have had some of the Senators/Rangers franchise too, but who cares about them). You dont get to claim any team that ever played in your city. It doesnt work that way, especially if those teams are still playing.
  17. I went down to Target Field with the family this weekend (got some Glam Doll donuts and played on the grass by the LRT station for my birthday, we really miss baseball...) and I noticed a few things that hadn't been publicized before (as far as I know). 1. Large banners have been placed outside for the Senators pennants (2 AL and 1 WS) 2. "The Catch" seems to have a new Corporate-overload name PS sorry for the rotation of the photos, cant figure out how to have them correct when they attach
  18. Can we get a metric on table flips? or at least an opinion on if they should act like they've been there before?
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