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  1. I can still hear Dick Bremer's "oh no..." in my head after he threw that pitch. Liriano was the first real twins jersey I ever got. Like every one above, biggest "what if..." of my fandom.
  2. Nick, these have been great, but, (and nothing personal) I hope this series doesnt make it to TD's 10th anniversary...
  3. Not directly Twins related, but Baseball 100 by Joe Posnanski. (from your local independent book seller, of course) https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Baseball-100/Joe-Posnanski/9781982180584
  4. Are you asking if billionaires have made more than $43 million dollars?
  5. I think I might be too jaded as a MN sports fan. My gut tells me that what ever happens, it wont work out for the Twins. Buxton signs, and he chronically injured with minimal impact for the Twins and people complain about the wasted money. He's traded, the return players dont work out and Buxton becomes an perennial MVP candidate, WS champ and HOFer for another team. God forbid, let him walk, and hes this FO's David Ortiz.
  6. The signing Simmons isnt as embarrassing as "continuing to play him once the season was lost". And the HR Tortuga gave up wasnt as embarrassing as how everyone responded to it, both TLR and the Twins afterwards.
  7. You forgot to mention the best part of the Jeffers HR. It hit a guys "hit it here" target sign. that was awesome
  8. I get it, because JA didnt pitch yesterday they are "Hapless". well done. What's that? no, I didnt read the rest of the article.
  9. a physical HOF would be cool, but as Seth mentions not a lot of space (unless they give up a bar at TF). plus theres a lot of stuff on display at Bat and Barrel
  10. "However, when I got to participate in yesterday's VIP/media event showcasing the Twins virtual-reality Hall of Fame experience" Sick "I'm a Twins VIP" humble brag Seth...
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