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    bdodge22 reacted to Cris E in Do Leaked Screenshots Provide a Glimpse of the New Minnesota Twins Rebrand?   
    The font change doesn't even register, but I'm not a fan of the gold. Not sure why, it just seems muddier or something.  
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    bdodge22 reacted to Linus in Correa confirms Opt-out   
    I enjoyed watching him play. His throwing alone was worth tuning in for me. It’s too bad we didn’t put together a pitching staff to go with him. 
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    bdodge22 reacted to jorgenswest in Correa confirms Opt-out   
    I appreciated watching him play this year and appreciate the Pohlad’s willingness to do the deal. 
  4. Haha
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    bdodge22 reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    Imagine if someone went to sleep a week ago and woke up this morning to look at the projected lineup:

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    bdodge22 reacted to Vanimal46 in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    Not going to lie I didn’t think signing Correa was in the realm of possibilities, which is why so much focus was put on Trevor Story. Correa is significantly better than him and I’m thrilled he’s coming to Minnesota! 
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    bdodge22 reacted to PopRiveter in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    “The delicious irony of trading the expensive contract of aging third baseman Josh Donaldson, only to sign the All-Star shortstop coveted by the Yankees with the newly-freed funds, is a breathtakingly brazen and exquisite move almost too delightful to put into words.”
    So well said! I’m on board. Let’s make baseball fun again!
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    bdodge22 reacted to bighat in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    He has redeemed himself.
    Correa hit 279/.366/.485 with a career-high 26 homers in 640 plate appearances this past season.
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    bdodge22 reacted to twinssporto in Breaking Down the Twins Signing Carlos Correa   
    This move should also energize the other Twins players...I bet they will have fun at camp today.
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    bdodge22 reacted to chpettit19 in What to Expect From New Twins Catcher José Godoy   
    Career minor league lines:
    Rortvedt: 5 seasons, .241/.316/.355/.672
    Godoy: 9 seasons, .276/.357/.366/.723
    Why do we still talk about Rortvedt like he's got some sort of high hitting upside? He's never been scouted as a good future hitter and his numbers have never suggested he'd be a good future hitter. He doesn't have upside with the bat.
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    bdodge22 reacted to Cap'n Piranha in Pineda   
    He had a better FIP in 2021 than Jon Gray, Zac Gallen, Mike Minor, Rich Hill, Jameson Taillon, Michael Wacha, and Jake Odorizzi (among others).
    He had a better xFIP in 2021 than Adrian Houser, Mike Minor, Aaron Civale, John Means, and Casey Mize (among others).
    He's not an ace or even a #2, but he's a very solid #3 or good #4, which would be welcome on an extremely shallow Twins rotation.
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    bdodge22 reacted to AlwaysinModeration in Twins “showing interest” in Trevor Story   
    Dan Hayes of the Athletic reports the Twins have been in touch with Story’s agent.
    MLB Trade Rumors had projected Story would get six years, $126mm.  Maybe the Twins could get him for 5/110?
    With Donaldson and Kiner-Falefa gone, the left side of the infield is wide open…for Jose Miranda and Trevor Story (and some Gio Urshela.)
    Story posted a (BBRef) 4.2 WAR last year and 6+ WAR in 2 of his 6 seasons, finishing top 11 in the MVP voting in 2018, 2019 and 2020.  He excels at defense and offensively as well.
    if the Twins sign Story, the madness of the past three days begins to make a whole lot more sense…
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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Richie the Rally Goat in How Did You Find Twins Daily?   
    I was looking for more coverage of the twins online and found some of Nick's articles and really enjoyed his writing and point of view. Led me to Twins Daily, (10 years ago?), where the depth of coverage is better than anywhere else. Love the minors/prospect/development/roster construction conversations. I'm a die hard twins fan but you need more than just the major league team to stay engaged when its a down year which most of the 2010's were....
    Thanks from all the Twins Daily users!
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    bdodge22 reacted to TopGunn#22 in Could the Twins Weather the Blowback of a Luis Arraez Trade?   
    So the alternative is not to do anything because this FO is lousy ??  I'll agree, I lack a certain degree of confidence in this FO given that they've completely failed in 2 of their 5 years.  But inaction is inertia and without any movement, we're right back in last place.  The trading of Arraez is something I've often suggested on TD with various trade offers.  Everyone knows that despite him being one of my favorite players, I'm earnestly suggesting trading him for pitching.  I don't think the Twins would miss him at all given the young talent ready to take his place and the DIRE need to upgrade our pitching staff.  Rocco refuses to put him at the top of the order and give him 550 AB's anyway.  Arraez probably hit 6th as much as he hit leadoff of 2nd in the lineup.  
    As was stated right off the bat, it all depends on what you get for him.  But isn't that the case with ANY trade ??  And there is NEVER a guarantee that the trade will work out.  NEVER.  If there was, do you think the Cubs would have traded Lou Brock to the Cardinals for Ernie Broglio ?  Or the Dodgers Pedro Martinez for Delino DeShields ??  
    To those clamoring to trade Donaldson or Sano, I understand your desire, but I think MLB Trade Values is a great site to play around with trades to see what the relative "cost" would be.  It's not perfect, but what is ?  It at least gives you an idea of what could work or what would never work.  Here are some values of Twins players in a trade.  Keep in mind that Donaldson and Sano are NEGATIVE trade values, meaning that in order to move them, you either have to take back someone else's bad contract or accept entirely fringe prospects.
    Arraez  27.9  Polanco 31.6  Larnach  22.6  Kepler  23.6  Sano -7.1  Balazovic 14.5  Jhoan Duran 6.9  Donaldson -19.1 Austin Martin 30.8  Jeffers 19.2  Kiriloff 37.0  Miranda  11.7  Rooker 1.9  Sabato 3.0.
    I listed a bunch to give you an idea of each players relative value.  Now lets look at some trade values for the Miami Marlins to give additional perspective and to create a trade.
    T. Rogers 96.7  Alacantara 75.3  Pablo Lopez 57.1 (25 yrs old)  Sixto Sanchez 30.0 (23 yrs old)   Max Meyer 22.2  Jesus luzardo 10.0 (23 yrs old) Cabrera 14.9 (23 yrs old).  You can easily see we can't afford Rogers, Alcantara or Lopez.  Just too expensive.  And if I'm the Marlins, those are my core pitchers I'm hanging on to and building around.  
    So lets say the Twins want to acquire Sixto Sanchez.  He's very talented but not one of the BIG THREE. 
    Marlins get:  Arraez 27.9 and either Larnach 22.6 or Kepler 23.6.  Trade value is either 51.5 or 50.5 depending on if we traded Larnach or Kepler.
    Twins Get:  Sixto Sanchez  30.0 and Max Meyer 22.2  Total 52.2 .  
    The Twins are not giving up enough.  To acquire two young pitchers from the Marlins, I think the Twins would need to slightly overpay, so adding Sabato 3.0 or Rooker 1.9 makes a slight overpay and a workable trade.  Possibly the Twins include a pitcher like Strotman if the Marlins want to add an arm back instead of all bats.  
    The Marlins do this because they have a glut of young arms but desperately need offense.  Arraez provides a top of the order bat who would primarily play 2B but also provides versatility.  They get an OF bat with either Kepler or Larnach and they either add a power bat/future DH (Sabato or Rooker) or a future BP arm in Strotman.  All players with the exception of Kepler are young and cheap for the future with the exception of Kepler, who is still on a very team friendly contract.  
    The Twins get two young arms in Sanchez and Meyer.  Sanchez would open the season in the Twins rotation.  Meyer would be added to the LONG list of Twins pitchers who could make a mid-season debut.  
    If this was the trade that involved Arraez I'd be on board.  
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    bdodge22 reacted to big dog in MLB Trade Rumors & the Outfielder That Got Away   
    I don't know who on earth would have predicted that Wade would hit 18 homers. I don't blame them for trading him, especially given that he was left-handed. I do wish they would have gotten a player that had some actual value, though. That's the real mistake to me.
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    bdodge22 reacted to jmlease1 in Byron Buxton Agrees to a Contract Extension with the Twins   
    I love this deal for Twins fans. Byron Buxton will be in MN and not kicking butt for the Dodgers or the Mets or god only knows whom.
    If Buxton is happy with it, then that's great for him. It gives him life-changing, generational wealth, which is terrific. I don't care about whether it costs ownership; the Pohlads are doing fine and will always do fine.
    From a franchise perspective and being a team with more limits on payroll than some other teams, this is great too. Huge bonuses for MVP? Sure. If Byron Buxton wins an MVP, he'll deserve every penny of those multi-million bonuses and the club should be happy to pay it. I had assumed that the sticking point was escalators, not bonuses; if they were getting jammed up on stuff like this earlier in the summer then someone needs to give some wakeup calls to the FO, because good lord this is pretty ideal for the team. Sure, you don't have the same cost certainty when there could be a multi-million dollar bonus hanging out there, but a) if he wins it the revenues will probably be pretty strong, and b) you could simply escrow a year's potential bonus and wait on it if you're that concerned about payroll certainty. The PA bonuses are also ones that the team should be thrilled to pay, because if Buxton is on the field that much, then the potential $2.5M increase is worth it.
    Byron Buxton could be the best player in all of baseball and the most we'll have to pay him will be like $25M. And with the way it's structured, this is a deal that's going to age really well.
    But mostly, I'm just super happy that the most singularly exciting player in my Twins lifetime (and I'm not young) is staying with the team. Losing Byron Buxton because we wouldn't pay him a good, but under market contract would have been soul-crushing. He's one of our guys. We've seen him from the start, and there's something wonderfully joyous about having a player who combines such great skill with excitement and happiness be on your team for 10+ years of their career all the way from the start, and uniquely painful if they leave during their prime.
    Today is a great day for Twins fans.
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    bdodge22 reacted to KirbyDome89 in Byron Buxton Agrees to a Contract Extension with the Twins   
    Literally no reason not to like this deal for the Twins. They're paying a guy who legitimately could win an MVP the same amount they paid for Happ + Colome last year. 
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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Dantes929 in All Eyes on Free Agent Target Jon Gray   
    Bottom line is, the Twins need arms. Sign Pineda and Gray, both are reasonable money and steady production with some upside. Even if they go hard after one of the top line guys history has shown that it's highly unlikely that they would choose Minnesota if money is equal. 
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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Heiny in All Eyes on Free Agent Target Jon Gray   
    Bottom line is, the Twins need arms. Sign Pineda and Gray, both are reasonable money and steady production with some upside. Even if they go hard after one of the top line guys history has shown that it's highly unlikely that they would choose Minnesota if money is equal. 
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    bdodge22 reacted to VivaBomboRivera! in Twins Offseason Status Update: Early Maneuvering and Rumors   
    Juan Minaya stays on the 40-man.

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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Mark G in All Eyes on Free Agent Target Jon Gray   
    Bottom line is, the Twins need arms. Sign Pineda and Gray, both are reasonable money and steady production with some upside. Even if they go hard after one of the top line guys history has shown that it's highly unlikely that they would choose Minnesota if money is equal. 
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