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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Doctor Gast in Could the Twins target Chris Sale?   
    Absolutely not! After years of injuries, the potential upside is limited. 
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    bdodge22 got a reaction from Greglw3 in OOTP: Acting aggressively to rebuild Twins   
    Rodon for 7 years?! Holy cow, I'd be surprised if he gets a 3 yr deal this offseason.
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    bdodge22 reacted to Seth Stohs in A heavyweight name weighs in on Twins FO and organization   
    It's an absolutely ridiculous tweet. Makes no sense. Viola has no idea. He's had nothing to do wit with the organization for like 30 years. He's been whining about the Twins since they hired someone else to be their pitching coach (clearly a good decision). So what he says doesn't confirm anything. What's his purpose in the tweet? Who is he upset at? Falvey because he didn't hire him?
    Not baseball people? Falvey has been around the game for a long time. Played in college, scouted, worked in a variety of front office roles. Levine was the assistant GM of a couple of World Series teams in Texas. He's also been in a variety of roles. Rocco Baldelli has done pretty much everything in the game over the past 20+ years. 
    The team has won. This year, the pitching and the injuries just became too much. 
    The previous front office hadn't won for a long time either. The player development at that time was a big question mark. And, frankly, Viola was part of the 1987 and 1988 teams that won, but he was also part of the 1982-1986 teams that lost a lot of games with 'baseball people." 
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    bdodge22 reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Blueprint for the Future after Cruz   
    I agree with a lot here but I'm not sure why so many people minimize Berríos' skill level right now. No, he's not an ace, at least not by my personal definition, but it's almost impossible to classify him lower than a good #2 right now.
    His ERA rank out of American League qualifying pitchers the past three seasons: 8, 13, 11.
    HIs ERA+ over the past three seasons: 119.
    That's pretty clearly a guy who, if he's maybe just a click below a traditional ace, is clearly in that second tier of starting pitchers.
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    bdodge22 reacted to Kelly Vance in A Rift at the Top in Minnesota?   
    Anderson and Reed definitely should be called up and Addison rested. Rather than Fields or Grossman or Petit playing, I'd like to give guys who have done well in AAA a reward.. 
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    bdodge22 reacted to Ted Schwerzler in One Day Makes Twins Difference   
    The addition of Odorizzi while giving up next to nothing in return is big. Twins can still turn prospects into a nice piece at the deadline if they want to.
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    bdodge22 reacted to Seth Stohs in Mauer's Future   
    I think it would be horrible if he signed elsewhere. There's not much better than a player who spends his whole career with one team and one organization (Puckett, Hrbek, Ripken), and it's rare. Mauer was strong in 2017. Obviously let's see how 2018 goes. But there isn't anyone right now that's close to ready to take his spot. He's still an on-base machine. He's terrific at first base with the glove. 
    In a year, all of that might be different, but I personally would like to see him keep climbing up all of the all-time Twins stats. And, he'll be older, and there will need to be more games where he isn't playing, which may allow them to ease in someone like Brent Rooker if he's ready in 2019. Rooker can play 1B, LF, RF, DH. Mauer can DH more. There is definitely a way to keep him, and they should...
    Especially since we'll be talking about $4-8 million instead of $23M. 
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