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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Who will the Twins Send to the AFL?   
    I like your list.  Enlow could use more time refining command and control.  Cruz could use more time refining control and would be nice to see what he can do against that kind of competition. Rijo had a late start and could use the extra work.  Laweryson was there last year and I would swap him with Bentley or maybe German
    Martin definitely needs more work. Sabato and Holland could use more work and Winkel is a nice dark horse pick but I think I would go with Isola as he missed a fair bit of time this season and the Twins might need to decide if they want to add him to the 40 man so I think it would be a good idea to get another look at him there but Winkel works too.
    Still I like most all of your picks! Especially Cruz as I hadn't thought about him but I think it would be a good idea to see just how refined he looks as they might need to add him to the 40 man as well.  He will get taken in rule V as he can throw 100 MPH and his K rate at 12 per 9 is strong as well.  Yes he has control problems and his ERA is inflated from April and May where he gave up 9 runs in 8 innings of work each month but if you look at the numbers after those two months they are really strong.  I think sending him to the AFL makes a lot of sense good pick there.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to farmerguychris in Should the Twins Sign Jose Miranda to a Long-Term Extension?   
    Whats the rush?  He's under control for 5 more years right?  So let him play this well for another 2 years and then hopefully still want to buy out his arb years plus a couple more.  Too early to have this discussion.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to PseudoSABR in Trade Rumor: A Hypothetical Twins Trade for Luis Castillo from The Athletic   
    Those 14 games starting at 3B sure give us the full picture. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to weitz41 in 2022 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread   
    577 Ben Ross
    SS Notre Dame College Springfield, OH Ross had a mammoth freshman campaign with Notre Dame College, hitting .426 with eleven homers, striking seldomly. Reasonably unknown on the national scouting circuit, Ross is a rangy defender with good hands on the dirt and a strong arm. He doesn't possess a ton of bat speed, but his bat path is optimized for damage and he drives the ball with authority to all-fields. Scouts will want to see how he can fare against better competition, something that will be a challenge given NDC's current slate.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to BH67 in Twins 2, White Sox 12: Twins Crushed in Game 1 vs Sox   
    It is increasingly difficult on this site to find rational concerns expressed about the Twins amidst the flood of wannabe Pat Reusses every time the Twins have a bad game.  I stopped by last night's game chat briefly and couldn't tell if the fury was rooted in disappointment or schadenfreude.
    Reusse has numerous trenchant thoughts, but to me this skill is superseded by the adrenaline rush he gets from being satiric about the latest moment of Minnesota sports misery.  News for the wannabes: you lack the trenchant thoughts entirely.
    Many here blend sharp critique and thoughtfulness very well, and thanks to all of you who do.  I hope when I comment that I am not guilty of what I criticize.  And this has been an inexplicable season from one game to the next -- but the Twins keeping fighting hard despite the physical and strategic obstacles.  Positive I remain.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Nashvilletwin in Twins 2, White Sox 12: Twins Crushed in Game 1 vs Sox   
    I know I’m in the minority on this, but it’s hard to see why we would mortgage our future by trading any legitimate prospect or big leaguer likely to be part of the plan in 2023 and beyond for any rest-of-year rental.  It’s painful to say, but based on our play over the past month, we’re just not that good and have too many holes to fill, mostly on the mound, to truly be considered real contenders. Let’s see how the rest of this series plays out, but the data points are starting to accumulate.
    Sure, we may hold on to take the weak central, but we should still be focusing on a bigger open window over the next several years. So if we move anyone, move the players who are not likely to be here next year - the list might include Kepler, Sano, Urshela, and Sanchez. Maybe even Correa if you can’t get a commitment out of him - even though by keeping him you still retain some chance of catching lightning in a bottle this year. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to jorgenswest in Do the Marlins Have the Best Lefty Reliever for the Twins this Deadline?   
    Unless they are willing to go big also I am not interested in marginal moves like this one. I am particularly not interested in a buy high when the peripherals are concerning.
    They need to focus their attention on the best starter and reliever moved at the deadline or they need to focus on the future as they did on the Rogers deal.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Twins Minor League Report (7/14): Wallner and Encarnacion-Strand Earn Promotions   
    I went to the Kernals game in Beloit last night to watch David Festa pitch and he pitched well only giving up one run through 6 innings.  I have to say I knew he was a skinny\lanky guy but I still was surprised at just how thin he is.  Still at the start of the game he was really popping the catchers glove with the fastball.  I guess with the slight frame I can see why some think he is likely more destined for the pen than starter.  Last night I wouldn't say his stuff looked  overly impressive to be honest and yet he was very effective.  The Beloit hitters really had a hard time getting solid contact so he must be doing something right.  All in all it was a joy to watch him pitch.
    I watched Javier a few years back and he looks different now.  Looks more confident and I felt he had a good eye at the plate.  He didn't get a hit last night but I still think that he can become a solid hitter.  Looking at him I don't see the elite player we might have been hoping he would become but he still could be a valuable utility player and if the bat heats up then a solid regular.  He has a ways to go but this is the best he has looked in a long time to me.
    While I was hoping to see Christian Encarnation-Strand they promoted him one game before I got the chance.  At any rate to me the most impressive hitter last night was Kyler Fedko.  This guy has legs like tree trunks and looks like he could deadlift a bus with good speed as well.  Maybe he just had a good night as he started the game with what looked like a double but just cleared the fence for a home run and went 2 for 5 with no K's. His stance is odd as his crouch is low and he sticks his butt out but he puts the bat through the zone well and made good contact all night.  I know he was a lower pick but he kind of reminds me of Spencer Steer somewhat in that he has good plate discipline, makes solid contact and just looks good in the box.  I think the Twins might have something in Fedko.  
    While I wasn't impressed with Winkel's defense as he looked slow trying to throw runners out he was making good contact at the plate.  I think his bat might play and guessing the D will improve.  He looked like the second best hitter on the team to me.  Granted based on just one night just a few at bats.
    Soularie has a slighter build than I thought he would have but he was making good contact last night as well.  I guess I can see why other scouts thought the Twins picked him too high.  He looks OK just not sure about him though.
    Was a great night for baseball and the Kernals had some clutch hits and defensive plays to round out the win.  They look like a pretty solid team even without CES.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to roger in Twins Minor League Report (7/14): Wallner and Encarnacion-Strand Earn Promotions   
    I don’t understand Balazovic.  His stuff appeared to be too good for these results.  Is he dealing with an injury?  Is it mental?  Many of us were hopeful he would pitch for the Twins later this summer.  Now have to wonder if he ever will pitch for the Twins.  Has to be the biggest disappointment this year.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to MMMordabito in A Surprising Starter for the Twins to Target In Trade   
    You figured that out in 16.1 innings?
    Imagine if the same had been done with Jax after last season.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Loosey in A Surprising Starter for the Twins to Target In Trade   
    "Hey Padres, we have a nice bullpen arm, his name is Emilio."  "Have you heard of him before?"
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    LoveMyPug reacted to MN_ExPat in Twins Daily Draft Preview: Gavin Cross   
    "He consistently produced some of the most consistently high exit velocities in the country in 2022, a trend across recent Twins draft picks. Cross is virtually a lock to go in the first 12 picks on July 17th. If the Twins take him, they’ll be getting one of the most consistently evaluated players in the draft."
    So....... you're saying he's consistent??   

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    LoveMyPug reacted to nicksaviking in Twins Trade Deadline 2022: Buy or Sell?   
    There is zero reason to sell, even if you don't buy that this team is ready to win a WS.
    There is NO ROOM for more prospects on the 40 man. It wouldn't be a trade of Correa for prospects A, B and C, it would be a trade of Correa AND Brent Headrick AND Alex Isola for prospects A, B and C. If you take back more prospects, the team is going to have to get rid of some, and unlike most years, they ones they'd have to get rid of look really, really good. They need to clear 40 man spots at the moment, not add to them.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Major League Ready in Is José Miranda a Deadline Trade Candidate?   
    I agree.  A front of the rotation SP will require a front of the rotation prospect going back plus Miranda.   Winder and Miranda is probably the rough equivalent to SWR / Martin in the Berrios trade which is a very good comp.  Trading away 6+ years of players like this to up or chances of going deep in the playoffs from very slim to slim is incredibly foolish.  It's a good way to never be a team with better than a slim chance.  
    Trade for a good RP and keep our top prospects.  
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    LoveMyPug reacted to bighat in Is José Miranda a Deadline Trade Candidate?   
    This strikes me as a wishlist, not a realistic possibility.
    It's just too perfect. An older "prospect" who never had much value until he had one good year, who also doesn't really have a position with this team just happens to be the guy everyone else wants and lands us Frankie Montas?
    C'mon, man. Get real. A guy like Montas is going to cost us something like Larnach and Kirilloff and/or Steer. We're going to have to prepare to lose some guys we really, really like.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Major League Ready in Minor League Report (5/8): Kernels Win in a Walk-off, Martin Homers on Mother's Day   
    It seems like there are a lot of pitching prospects this year that are improving their "prospect status".  The mid-year prospect rankings are going to be very interesting.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to olepancoast in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    Jax has been great out of the pen so far. And I'm personally not a fan of locking one guy into a closer role. I like having the best reliever come in whenever the leverage is highest and the opposition has their best hitters coming up. This time that was the ninth inning but other times it could be the 7th. The days of a true full time closer could be at an end.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Major League Ready in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    In terms of acquisition strategy or asset management they are basically the same in my mind.  You see a big variance here in terms of that philosophy/strategy.  Many fans want immediate results and are big advocates of trading prospects for established players.  Trading for prospects is obviously philosophically and strategically the opposite side of that coin.  It requires the same type of insight / projection and most of these players required additional development.  If you look at how mid/small market teams have developed playoff teams.  Trading for prospects has been as important as drafting where trading for established players plays a very small role.
    Deadline trades are looking like they are going to have a big impact on this team for the next several years.  Ryan / Duran / Alcala / Celestino already here and Martin / SWR not far off. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Rosterman in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    Duran got the save! Jax looked good!
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Monkeypaws in Twins 2, Orioles 1: Paddack, Bullpen Pitch Twins to Series-Opening Win    
    Interesting fact: Paddack, in spite of loads more experience, is about a year and a half younger than Wells.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to jmlease1 in Twins Daily Minnesota Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month: April 2022   
    I would have put SWR #1 as well. Stankiewicz is off to a great start, but he was also 23 pitching in low-A. Stankiewicz has a better k/9 & bb/9, but SWR takes him on WHIP & ERA, while doing it at a younger age and two levels higher.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Sean.h in Twins Daily Minnesota Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month: April 2022   
    probably would have went with SWR. 0 earned runs with a 0.65 whip in 21+ innings. Hard to beat that.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to AKTwins in Twins Minor League Report (4/28): Mack Attack Keeps Kernels Rolling   
    My question on Encarnacion-Strand is whether the walks are plate discipline or high A pitchers won’t pitch to him any more.  Regardless I think he needs to be promoted.  Steer can go to Saint Paul.  With Miranda in the wings I don’t Steer will be an everyday 3B.  I thought he was looked at as more of a utility type.  In Saint Paul he could play 2B and maybe some LF.  He could play 3B when Miranda plays another spot, DHs or is called up.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to mikelink45 in A New Sheriff In Town?   
    I reserve judgment - Rogers has 8 games, no runs, 7 saves, 0.625 whip, 8 Ks - I think we could still use him.  Paddack is better than he has been and hopefully will continue to develop - I am glad we have him, but my expectations are limited until I see more. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to adorduan in A New Sheriff In Town?   
    too early to tell.....
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