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    LoveMyPug reacted to Cory Engelhardt in Organizational Depth: A Look at Hitters Throughout the Twins System   
    I still have quite a bit of hope that Miranda can get healthy and be a solid bat for this lineup. Not certain where he can play defensively other than 1B, but if he can do that AND be able to backup 3B, that is a good player to have.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Linus in Matt Canterino: Bullpen Force?   
    I wish him nothing but the best. His role is irrelevant right now as he has two big hurdles to get over. First stay healthy. Second show that he can get AAA hitters out. Until then no point worrying about it and the Twins should not be planning on him for anything. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to roger in Matt Canterino: Bullpen Force?   
    I expect there isn't any question on his role for '24.  There is no way he is going to pitch over 100 innings, if that many. 
    Likely he will be stretched out a bit in spring training, then begin at either AA or AAA pitching 3-4 innings every 5th day to get some innings behind him.  After shaking off the rust, expect a move to the bullpen with him joining the Twins around late May or early June.  Could be the final piece to a tremendous Twins bullpen. 
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Karbo in Matt Canterino: Bullpen Force?   
    Another pitcher from Rice with arm trouble. Sure seems like a common issue with Rice. Obviously, coming off surgery will mean a pretty tight innings limit for him. This may be a season to put him in a relief role, at least for a trial run. Maybe next season try to stretch him out more if they have a need in the rotation. If they decide to leave him in the pen he probably could slot in as a pretty good set-up guy.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Major Decisions Imminent Regarding Two Twins Minor Leaguers   
    I agree with OP on the adds.  Camargo needs to be added or will be gone and while he has warts in K rate and walk rate his HR power seems to make up for it.  He seems solid behind the plate so really a perfect third catcher that with better plate discipline could be more.
    I like Enlow and he could be a good reliever in the end, but how many young relief guys that might or might not make it. can this team carry?  They already have Sands, Winder, Henriquez, Headrick, Balazovich, Moran and Canterino. If Enlow deserves a 40 man spot one of those other guys has to go IMO.  I'm not sure Enlow has shown enough to even beat out those names.  Would love to have him back just not on the 40 man.
    Celestino is under rated IMO.  His walk and K rates are really good.  He simply lacks power.  If the power ever shows up he is a major league Centerfielder.  The issue is he and Martin have similar skillsets with Martin showing more power and better stealing numbers and Celestino the better defender.  The issue is you really can only afford one of those two on the 40 man and with Celestino having two option years used up already and a bat that hasn't been a difference maker to this point he feels like the odd man out to me.  Again I hope they sign him to a nice AAA contract and he doesn't get picked in Rule V but it doesn't seem like there is room on the 40 man for him IMO.
    Bechtold is really good third baseman but the bat just hasn't been MLB worthy to this point.  If I were him I would see if the A's or Angels are interested as the Twins infield is stacked.  The odds of him doing well in relief seem low to me but if he wants to stay on in that role with the Twins in the minors he would be a nice piece to have around.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Brandon in Home Run Hunting: Exploring Trade Prospects to Bolster the Minnesota Twins' Offense   
    Severino in LF is best power acquisition or at DH or everyday utility player.  He doesn’t cost more than league minimum and we can horde talent.  
    Soto at 33 million is too much.  If not resign Gray and have a strong rotation again.  Soto would cost Wallner and Varland and something like Winder as the Padres would want major league talent so the can use that and 33 million in savings to get Gray….. I mean a starting pitcher or two and be able to compete next season.  
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    LoveMyPug reacted to mikelink45 in Home Run Hunting: Exploring Trade Prospects to Bolster the Minnesota Twins' Offense   
    What I would like is to see Lewis, Kiriloff, Lee, Wallner, Julien, and the addition of another two good prospects coming in (step up Austin Martin and Severino) and hitting the ball.  No more Gallo moments, contact and enough power from Severino and Wallner.  
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    LoveMyPug reacted to nicksaviking in Don't Forget About Jose Miranda   
    A return to form for Miranda would be bigger than just about any free agent addition. His ability to limit strikeouts was sorely missed last year and would be a big help next.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to jmlease1 in Don't Forget About Jose Miranda   
    I think Miranda will get another opportunity with the Twins, and should if he comes back from the shoulder injury. He should practice reps at 1B and 3B as soon as he's cleared for drills, because he looks like a fine option to spell Kirilloff with his RH bat, or even jump on the job if Kirilloff isn't ready to start the season (possibly platooning with Julien at 1B). Maybe Brooks Lee is ready to be the first infielder up if there's an injury next season, but Miranda has the hit tool to make it a race. Royce missed time even after returning from the 2nd ACL tear, so Miranda should be ready to go, and look for his opportunity.
    I think if everyone is mostly healthy to start the season, Miranda starts in AAA, but he will get a chance. If he's hitting in AAA like he did before, then he'll either force his way back up to MLB or be one very nice trade chip.
    i haven't forgotten about Jose Miranda and neither has the Twins organization.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to chpettit19 in Twins Daily Draft Preview: Paul Skenes   
    Well there's a little more to it than that. The Rangers, for example, have a total bonus pool of $9,925,300 this year. If Skenes is demanding 9 mil (not saying he is, just an example) that'd leave them with less than 1 mil to sign the rest of their first 10 rounds of picks. It'd be one heck of a bold move for their FO to give 1 guy 9 out of 10 mil available to them. Unless they're planning to go over their bonus pool and incur the penalties associated with that.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to jishfish in Twins Daily Draft Preview: Wyatt Langford   
    I think the only path I see to him getting to the Twins is:
    Clark - Cuts an under-slot deal. Crews - He won't get past here. Skenes - Haven't seen any connection between these two, but maybe they just don't expect him to be available at 3 and once he is and they're on the clock they can't pass it up. Jenkins If Langford gets past Detroit at 3, I could see the Twins trying to get Langford past Texas with their bonus pool difference. I have to imagine he's either 1 or 2 on the Twins board.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to roger in Twins Minor League Week in Review (5/1-5/7)   
    May not be a lot of playoff baseball from the organization this year.  Maybe the Saints.
    So I guess we have to shift our focus.  Instead of watching team success, we need to focus on individual development.  Follow guys like Enlow who are resurrecting their careers.  Young men like ERod or Prielipp, when he returns.  Have forgotten, anyone know if Canterino will be back at some point this year?
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Twins Minor League Report (4/20): Cossetti Continues to Clobber   
    Really happy to see Rosario have an exceptional day at the plate.  He looked so good in the spring training games with patience at the plate and home runs mixed in.  I thought he would have a better start than he has had so far.  I'm going to blame it on the April weather for now.  If the plate discipline is there I think he has a bright future as the bat has plenty of pop and hopefully enough contact to make him special.
    Still SSS but Cossetti has been impressive.  More walks than K's. 6 of his 11 hits have been for extra bases 4 of those home runs and his OPS is 1,280.  Those are nice numbers for a catcher.  He has come up in some favorable plate appearances with the bases loaded the pitcher is generally forced to throw strikes and he isn't exactly young for the level but those are really nice numbers regardless. If he has the defense to match could we have a true catching prospect\top 30 candidate?
    Ross continues to hit and I am surprised that he is hitting for power although he does have a lot of singles too.  It looks like he has been very aggressive at the plate as the K rate is much higher than his walk rate.  I thought that was more balanced when he was in college.  At any rate all the SSS look good for him so far.  He looks like a really good contact hitter to me.
    Lewis pitched really well and I hope to continue to see lines like that from him.  Several posters were pretty high on his potential right after he was drafted so hoping for good things there as well.
    Some tough nights early especially for the Kernals but hoping that with the weather warming the bats will warm up a bit more too.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Draft Preview: Catchers #PersonalCheeseballs   
    I Kind of have a thing for Cole Carrig.  Wouldn't mind grabbing him in the second round if he falls that far.  Just love the versatility and he has been the same bat the last two years at about .930 OPS and an over .300 batting average.  He is a 60 runner with a 60 arm. A very well rounded player.  MLB.com gives the bat a 55 but I wonder how well it translates as he currently lacks power.  He could go in the lower half of the first round if scouts feel the bat holds up.
    Agreed that he might not stick at catcher but if he did make it there he would have an awesome skillset for a catcher.  Still would be valuable in center and maybe short as well.  Hard to say where he will fall but I Would love it if the Twins grabbed him.
    Don't generally like grabbing high school catchers as they are very volatile when it comes to working out.  Best to let them go the college route and see what they look like there before popping a high pick there IMO.
    I have liked what the Twins have been doing grabbing college catchers in the 9, 10, 11 area of the draft.  They also picked up a fairly highly rated international catcher signing this year as well. I don't see them going catcher early in this draft but you never know as it is the biggest weakness in the system right now.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in Twins Minor League Report (4/12): Ober Dominates, Lee and Rodriguez Homer   
    Happy to see Ober back on track.  The control problems had me worried there for a second.  Probably just the cold weather that was bothering him some. Wondering and hoping if Bechtold can keep his bat hot enough to get called up at some point.  He looks really good at third base defensively.  He looks like a beast at the plate and has been hitting like one to start the season.
    Really happy to see Miller hitting well to start the season. He started hot last year as well so consistency will be key. Ben Ross hitting for power is also good to see.  If he keeps this up he will be moving up the top 30 list.
    Enlow looked real good through 4 and then it looked like he ran out of gas.  If he can get back to where he was or slightly better pre surgery he could be valuable number 4 or 5 or long reliever.
    Lot's of guys off to good starts just hope everyone stays healthy.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to jkcarew in Twins Minor League Report (4/12): Ober Dominates, Lee and Rodriguez Homer   
    Yep. Enlow’s start not as good as his first start was…but still kind of encouraging…only one XBH, lots of K’s.
    Would love to see him have a strong season, and put himself right back into the 2024 conversation.
    Also, would have expected a 2nd appearance for the Saints by Balazovic by now?
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    LoveMyPug reacted to roger in Ranking the Twins Top-5 Hit Tool Prospects: 2023   
    Curious why Em Rodriguez isn't on this list?  Also, Mercedes.  Didn't he hit better than Acuna in last summer's DSL?  Do recall that Acuna was batting .100 something the first few weeks of the season, then tore the cover off the ball the rest of the year.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to FlyingFinn in Ranking the Twins Top-5 Hit Tool Prospects: 2023   
    Not Royce Lewis? Projecting more power than batting average maybe.... But I would have him on my list rather than Martin.
    If we are including a young guy like Acuna, I would have Yasser Mercedes in my list. Julien would be an OBP champ possibly but probably not a batting champ.
    Thanks for putting these lists together. They are fun to debate.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Bigfork Twins Guy in Twins Spotlight: LHP Jaylen Nowlin   
    Love to see late round picks make it and I sure hope he does.  The strikeout rate is very encouraging, but I doubt the "Keep everything simple. Shove it right down the middle and see if they can beat me" approach is going to make it in MLB.  IMO once he gets better control he needs to start working the corners or he will get mashed up here.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to Dman in 2023 Prospect Previews: Ben Ross   
    I am very intrigued by Ross and while you don't see many D2 kids drafted that high, his Cape numbers indicate the skills he has play just fine at higher levels of competition.
    Everything is a SSS right now so hard to get a read on much but his pro ball debut was good and he is even holding his own in spring training (not many chances I think 6 PA) with an .821 OPS mainly made up of walks.  Still every time you look at his numbers he seems to be doing well and honestly he should be in way over his head in spring training.
    He is a bit skinny and or has a slighter build than I thought he would, but he also appears to run well and as noted earlier has a good eye at the plate. If his level of contact is as good as his past results I think the Twins might have gotten a steal in the 5th round as he has the skills of a player taken late first round to early second IMO.  Still there is risk just based on the fact that his level of competition wasn't the same as your typical D1 player and his build is lean so not sure how that projects out.  I really liked the pick where they got him and with a good full year in pro ball he could rise up prospect lists real quick.
    I am bullish on the pick and hoping he just keeps putting up the same numbers he has in the past.  
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    LoveMyPug reacted to terrydactyls in 2023 Prospect Previews: Ben Ross   
    "Some fans might grumble at Ross's low ranking or placement on pre-draft lists"
    Really?  He has already become a Twin.  Why complain that he wasn't ranked higher prior to the draft?  That "low" ranking may have the reason he was available for the Twins at pick #144.  And, IMHO, as soon as the signing is complete, what you do on the field is the only thing that matters.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to DJL44 in The Twins Top Prospect in 2025 Will Be…   
    Hopefully the #5 pick in the 2023 draft.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to DocBauer in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #2 Royce Lewis, SS   
    I love Lee a ton as a prospect, think he's the real deal, and believe he's got a great future in MLB...and soon...at either 2B or 3B. But Lewis is just so talented and has already flashed in 2022 at just how good he might be. He's still my #1 prospect. But honestly, doesn't it even matter which one is ranked #1?
    Lewis is young, hard working and diligent. He made a great recovery the 1st time. This 2nd injury was not a complete tear, only partial. Also, it's being reinforced with the new "brace" technology that's been developed. I fully believe he just needs a little time and it's a "when" he's 100% and ready to go, and not an "if".
    While Polanco is one of my favorite Twins and great ballplayer, and I am in NO hurry to move him, Lewis and Lee could both be some combination of the 3B/2B of the near future, while each being able to cover SS as well when Correa needs a day off. Further, nothing says Lewis can't be a tremendous OF, of play a combination of both. He's that talented, athletic, and potentially versatile. His skills play anywhere you want to put him. 
    The future is looking pretty right on the dirt and the grass for the Twins.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to TwinsDr2021 in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #2 Royce Lewis, SS   
    At no point should a prospect be rated #2 in any system where he is used as a fill in for a couple of years at the age of 24 (He turns 24 in June).
    If he is good enough to be ranked #2 (and I believe he is) here is a list of players that should take a back seat to him (Gordon, Miranda, Gallo, Wallner, Larnach, Kepler, AK, and possibly Polanco if he isn't playing well) if he is playing well, you find a spot on the field for a talent like that and currently only Correa and Buxton (and maybe AK if fully healthy) have his level of talent, so you find a spot for him 3B, 2B, 1B, LF, or right field, there is ZERO reason (if playing well) for him to be in the minors or behind the guys I listed above.
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    LoveMyPug reacted to gman in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #2 Royce Lewis, SS   
    I think i would keep Lewis away from second base, at least for this year. Try to reduce the risk of hard slides away from his injured knee.
    With the way the roster is, everyone coming up will probably need to play multiple positions. Unless there are several trades this year between now and the trade deadline. I'd expect at least 1 trade. He should be one of the guys backing up shortstop, along with Farmer.
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