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  1. Well said. They still deserve blame for obeying their own self imposed boundaries.
  2. Robbie Ray was the one I heard. They should've been aggressive in FA. Then you wouldn't have to give up last year's first round pick because you're desperate.
  3. I heard that they caved on no trade clause as in my previous response. I believe they were motivated by their failure in FA to get it over the finish line.
  4. That's coming from agent and team officials, it's going to be rosy. But I found the Gleeman and the Geek podcast. It's on their Patreon page. Gleeman: "According to Dan Hayes"..."they were unwilling to give Buxton a full no trade clause in the talks in July"
  5. The mindset that should adjust maybe is the FO's preconceived notions about pitching contracts before dealing with Berrios Maybe not the "exact" same deal. Did Buxton not want a no trade clause before the deadline?
  6. I'm talking about negotiations before the deadline. Of course they were more motivated after failing FA.
  7. The same deal was offered to the Twins before the deadline, as I understand it. Only after failing FA did they feel forced to do something.
  8. I feel like they wouldn't rather than couldn't. You can give them the benefit of the doubt, though.
  9. He signed up lon term for Toronto. What do they have that we don't? As far as what we know, why should I give them the benefit of the doubt. If they had their way I believe Buxton would've been traded even though willing to take a discount.
  10. Why the fans of these trades aren't asking themselves why they couldn't have just been active in free agency rather than have to give up players or prospects. Is it the goal of this FO to only trade for pitching and NEVER just sign a good pitcher out of free agency? I hope Petty isn't in the Majors by age 21. And I hope he isn't a Cy Young award winner by age 25. Otherwise this will end up a horrible trade. It will be a bad trade anyway if the Twins don't win a playoff game in the next 2 years, no? The Twins are in desperation mode. They just traded away Garver and Petty because they sat on their hands during FA. Out of reluctance they signed Buxton. They would've traded him if he hadn't been injured. The sweet deal we signed Buxton to, they had previously walked away from at the deadline. I'm done with this FO. FIRE FALVINE!!!!
  11. 1) Story 2) Polanco to SS. Arraez at 2B. Miranda back up 3B and 2B. Simmons back up SS. Platoon DH of Donaldson, Sano, Garver and Polanco. Martin/Gordon super utility. Lineup will be Arraez, Polanco, Buxton, Donaldson, Kiriloff, Sano, Garver, Kepler, Miranda/Gordon/Martin/Jeffers/Simmons
  12. Sounds good... Even better. I agree, we are not a contender. I didn't know that about Martin. Doesn't sound like he'll be any better than Polanco at SS from what I hear, like a 45 arm tool. Average defense, almost Polanco in the field but maybe not as good. Likely, a weak arm, maybe worse. I strongly disagree with you on Arraez though. If some don't want Polanco at SS, Arraez is a worse option imo.
  13. Two division titles are the most recent proof. It's not about his value at SS in a vacuum. It's also about not having to trade for or pay another SS(Polanco is a relatively low cost SS) and being able to play the hot bat at 2B.
  14. I like your thinking. A SS by committee is probably the best answer. Simmons and Polanco with Gordon peppered in. If Royce Lewis has a future at SS and is healthy get a look at him near the end of the season and especially if we aren't contending.
  15. 2nd basemen are a dime a dozen. Polanco is far more valuable at SS even if not good, because he allows you to pick from about a half dozen strong 2B candidates and you can go with who's hot. Trading for a SS is the absolute worst idea. The team who seeks to trade is the more desperate and imo it shows, especially at a high value position. Want a mediocre SS? It's going to cost a prospect that hurts to give up. Think about someone in our minor league system who would hurt to give up. Now keep him in mind, do you still want to trade? Want to trade Noah Miller for Dejong? You know if it hurts, it is feasible. I'm interested with what those who want to go the trade route, what are you willing to give up? Name names. I bet most of their suggestions will be non starters, won't move the needle for the other team. If you are proposing a trade, remember, the prospect(s) you give up HAS TO HURT to do so. Now let's hear some suggestions...
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