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  1. Buxton and one of these SSs would be my top two priorities this offseason. You'd have a very flexible lineup with said SS and to back up you have Polanco and possibly Lewis. I agree with some of the commenters above who have very little or no faith in Lewis as SS of the future, but I hope he might be decent enough to spot start there. The defense looks good to help out young pitchers, with Buxton and a new SS. Those two would get the bulk of the offseason spending so I'd maybe pick up one solid FA pitcher but not get in a bidding war for a top tier guy. Someone who might take less in years or dollars and pitch out of the #1 spot (Greinke?). I'd also check in on Pineda and/or comb through the bargain bin.. See what happens in '22, with that lineup and some fortune regarding rookie pitchers, we could possibly be competitive. And beyond that, it's a very flexible lineup custom made for guys like we have coming up looking for playing time in the corner OF and IF, built around the CF and SS signings.
  2. Wax off

    Jorge Polanco and The Twins

    I was hoping we might sign one of those shortstops but looking at those price tags, I've lost hope. Just give Buxton an extension instead. This article has changed my mind on Polanco. Now I think we should move him back to SS, instead of trading him or keeping him at 2B. Not ideal, but we have no SS for next year or maybe even the next few depending on how Lewis pans out. But we do have Arraez, Gordon, Martin, Miranda, Lewis as options at 2B.
  3. They had a really good pitcher in Berrios whom they traded for Martin. You're not gonna get a pitcher near as good as Berrios back for Martin. If they wanted a really good pitcher instead of Martin then they should've paid Berrios. Royce Lewis is at an all time low in value, so he's not even close to getting anyone "really good" back. Trading him now would selling really low, the return would be very much lower than what you're suggesting. You ask "how much do they want to get a really good pitcher?" But you gave two examples who wouldn't come close to accomplishing that, especially Lewis. Buxton and Polanco are the only players who could bring a solid pitcher back and probably only Buxton could get you something "really good".
  4. Trade Polanco if someone offers up a solid starter, what like a borderline #2-3 which would be good enough to be our #1 until Meada returns whenever. Then I throw Arraez, and Martin/ Miranda/Lewis at 2B. It all depends on what the offers are, so I suppose the entire roster is on the table except maybe Ober and Ryan. I want to extend Buxton, but he might be the obvious choice here, if they prefer Polanco with his contract to a huge extension for Buxton. Buxton I think draws the most value in a trade, then Polanco. I don't think anyone else draws a pitcher who could anchor the rotation.
  5. The chances Garver and Jeffers both remain healthy and playing well for most of the season and the team is still in contention at the deadline are less than half I'd guess. Then you've got at Rortvedt who isn't ready. A Twins' team that is serious about '22 going in should put very high price tag on Garver. Or maybe he's even not expendable as suggested above by chpettit. Catchers only play 2/3 of games anyway so having two is at worst only a minor problem. Besides that even, if both are playing well and there aren't enough at bats to go around I doubt, you can still trade during the season, and for a pitcher who is showing at the time.
  6. "What really grinds on me is that first follow-up message. "Not into politics [peace sign]."" That always irritates me too. Don't pay attention to politics? OK, the rest of us will pick up the slack for you. Sick of slackers who are "not into politics." Grow up, Kepler, past time to consider becoming an adult. Thanks for speaking out Nick.
  7. Jorge Polanco has made it mashing righties. This article has him batting 6th against RHP (his strength) and moves him up in the order against LHP. Opposite day!
  8. Hill could contribute in a few ways: as a starter, or reliever because we don't have a lot of southpaws in the pen, and as a mentor with postseason experience to the younger guys like Thorpe and Smeltzer. I'm not as negative on the FO as many are because I believe the deck was stacked against them in free agency. I like what they did re-signing Odorizzi and Pineda and signing Bailey and Hill. There should be good group competing for the back end of the rotation all year with the talent coming up from the farm.
  9. That's very encouraging to hear. Twins should move quick and then they will have more room in the budget for dealing with Boras. Twins could think about adding to their side of the deal to maybe get some impact player. As much interest as he's drawing, it's still likely they won't get anybody who'll be ready this year without upping the ante. I'm alright with them getting not much in return for just Eddie as well. Take a chance on some low level prospect with some upside.
  10. What's crazy is some Twins fans' expectations. Did you read the article above where he talks about how the Twins are out of luck through no fault of their own? I mean, Bumgarner wants to hit and then we hear "down right refuse fo spend money". Wha? You assessment appears to be way off base. They just can't compete with the big markets. Not their fault. "why are we rewarding them again?" They won 101 games last year! Sheesh I hope they dump Rosario! He's not good. Put that 8.9 mil towards pitching.
  11. I'd be OK with 3/75. He's probably the best we can get and we need get one of the best. Place him between Berrios and Odorizzi in the rotation. Cole's out of reach, Strasburg too, I suppose. Ryu is quite better than Bumgarner, most recently. We NEED to land this guy.
  12. If you're cheering for Twins profits, that would probably be reassuring. I disagree with a lot of what you said in the quote. That's not much money. It seems like a lot to a Twins fans, but look at these contract signings. We can't just say, "Oh we can afford to swing a miss on a big contract on a controversial pitcher" (2016 Bumgarner vs 2019 Bumgarner). It seems as though you're arguing that the Twins can be more careless with their future commitments because they have so much money to spend yet THIS year($40m or so).
  13. As far as injury history goes, Madbum was injured in a dirt bike accident and hasn't been the same. Idk that he trumps Ryu there. I think the most recent season should weigh most heavily, and Ryu blows Madbum away. Anybody who throws 2.32 has figured something out. I don't care if it's the NL, that's still very good. I'll take 180 innings of that over 200 of Bumgarner's.
  14. Ryu? But... ... what about Ryu? I thought you were leading to him as the "one candidate". I think the Twins net him soon. 2.32 last year, I'll be very happy if he's 3.32 with us in 2020. I'm still holding out hope for Strasburg, too. $200M
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