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  1. Well said. They still deserve blame for obeying their own self imposed boundaries.
  2. Robbie Ray was the one I heard. They should've been aggressive in FA. Then you wouldn't have to give up last year's first round pick because you're desperate.
  3. I heard that they caved on no trade clause as in my previous response. I believe they were motivated by their failure in FA to get it over the finish line.
  4. That's coming from agent and team officials, it's going to be rosy. But I found the Gleeman and the Geek podcast. It's on their Patreon page. Gleeman: "According to Dan Hayes"..."they were unwilling to give Buxton a full no trade clause in the talks in July"
  5. The mindset that should adjust maybe is the FO's preconceived notions about pitching contracts before dealing with Berrios Maybe not the "exact" same deal. Did Buxton not want a no trade clause before the deadline?
  6. I'm talking about negotiations before the deadline. Of course they were more motivated after failing FA.
  7. The same deal was offered to the Twins before the deadline, as I understand it. Only after failing FA did they feel forced to do something.
  8. I feel like they wouldn't rather than couldn't. You can give them the benefit of the doubt, though.
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