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    Five minute major got a reaction from Doctor Gast in Twins sign Jake Cave to 2022 contract for $800k   
    After everything the FO has already invested in him regarding the initial trade and the various players not protected on the 40,  there is no way they are going to simply cut him loose as they look to save face.   And the more they invest in him, the more desperate they seem to be getting in hopes he turns in something.
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    Five minute major reacted to Linus in Twins sign Jake Cave to 2022 contract for $800k   
    Well they traded Gil for him so apparently they are all in on him. This is a seriously bad trade that nobody talks about. No decent pitching prospect should ever be traded for a 4th outfielder that are available in the discount bin. 
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    Five minute major got a reaction from farmerguychris in The roster purge begins   
    Jake Cave instantly and violently comes to mind..............
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    Five minute major got a reaction from dxpavelka in The roster purge begins   
    Jake Cave instantly and violently comes to mind..............
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    Five minute major reacted to bighat in The Twins Don’t Need a High End Utilityman   
    I agree! To put it simply, Luis Arraez is the Twins high-end utility man. He's not supposed to be the full time left fielder.
    Speaking of which, let's put Arraez back in his old utility role and pick up a solid corner outfielder who can hit 30 HR, drive in 100+ and play 162 games? Funny thing, didn't we have one of those guys already? I kid, I kid. I don't want them to re-sign a Eddie, but they should be looking for a guy who can give them 2019-like Eddie numbers. Players like that are a dime a dozen. 
    Amazing that the Twins need outfield help when they let Wade and Baddoo go and got nothing in return.
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    Five minute major reacted to Vanimal46 in The Cusp Guys   
    Rooker - Depth and potential DH if Cruz isn’t replaced 
    Larnach - Wouldn’t mind him starting at LF/RF for the Twins opening day. Potential trade bait as well. 
    Kirilloff - Dude is a stud. He was hitting the cover off the ball before he tore ligaments in his wrist and tried playing through it for 1-2 months. It’s a shame he couldn’t show off his skillset for most of 2021. 
    Lewis - Don’t think he’s a realistic option in 2022. I’m the low guy on him and would trade him if he’s still a top 100 ranked prospect. 
    Celestino - Competing with Larnach for a starting spot in RF/LF for the Twins. More than likely starting in St Paul opening day 2022. 
    Gordon - probable utility guy for the Twins. 
    Rortvedt - AAAA filler. Ideal 3rd catcher
    Smeltzer and Thorpe - I’d hate to give up on left handed, breathing pitchers. Their best bet is in the bullpen. Hopefully both gain a tick or 3 on their fastball in the pen. 
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    Five minute major reacted to Seth Stohs in In unsurprising moves Twins Outright 6 Players Off the 40 man Roster   
    It also doesn't typically have 9 guys on the 60-Day IL. 
    These were definitely the easy decisions. There are the free agents who will come off after the World Series. Then there are several tough decisions. 
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    Five minute major got a reaction from operation mindcrime in Edwar Colina Claimed by Rangers   
    Another aweful move by this FO regarding the 40 man.    What is up with the ineptness of the GM's of all our pro sports teams here.
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    Five minute major reacted to chpettit19 in Edwar Colina Claimed by Rangers   
    I've been about as big of a supporter of this FO as you'll find on these boards, but this is an awful start to the offseason and I feel like I'm going to end up joining the ranks of the very upset fans by the end of the winter. I don't get this at all. They have SO MANY AAAA relievers on the 40 man and they waive the kid who throws 100 with a nasty slider? Don't see the reasoning at all. Feels like they're going to try to thread the needle and really contend in 2022 and end up losing a handful of young guys and tank the future along with the present. Not a fan of this move at all.
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    Five minute major reacted to rv78 in Envisioning a Good Twins Rotation in 2022 (For Real!)   
    #1. Ober looks to be a solid addition. 
    #2. Free Agency will only work if you sign quality arms. No more Shoemakers or Happs. If ya don't spend here you might as well forget it.
    #3. Yes, trade where you have extras. Kepler, Sano, Donaldson, consider Arraez if the return is huge. 
    #4. I'm ok with giving Pineda another year. He shouldn't be expensive and he slots in at #4 or #5 easy enough.
    #5. Seen enough of the Dobnak experiment. Move on please. 
    #6. For heavens sake what are we waiting for. The pitching was atrocious and none of these guys were worth taking a look at before now? Let's see what we have before they die from old age.
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    Five minute major reacted to Danchat in Are Joe Ryan and Jordan Balazovic inbound to Minnesota?   
    Miranda, Ryan, Moran, Strotman - yes, do it. DFA the chaff blocking them if need be.
    Balazovic - I say nay, for the reasons given above. He has been streaky at AA and IMO still needs to keep working on his stuff in the minors. It wouldn't be a big deal if he was called up, especially since he's already on the 40 man, but it's not a necessity.
    Also, I'd consider calling up one or more of the AAA overachievers just to give him a chance over the mediocre veterans - Hamilton, Vasquez, Kerrigan, Contreras, etc, over the likes of Barraclough, Albers, Refsnyder, etc.
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    Five minute major reacted to AceWrigley in Ian Gibaut coming to a MLB team near you   
    Ian Gibaut (pronounced jih-BOH) called up, Alcala reinstated. Edgar García and Kyle Barraclough banished to St. Paul.
    Luke Farrell transferred from 10-day to 60-day injured list to make room for Gibaut.
    I'm not sure if Gibaut's 7.20 era  or 1.80 whip excites me most.
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    Five minute major reacted to h2oface in Ian Gibaut coming to a MLB team near you   
    Gibaut. One of the adds off season with the roster room created because Baddoo and Wade weren't added or removed. Colassal fail.
    I get injuries. Every team has them, and some have had even more, and are still competitive. The pitching decisions have been particularly atrocious.
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    Five minute major reacted to roger in TD Top Twins Prospect Rankings (Post Draft and Trade Deadline): 6-10   
    When I look at this group, not certain that Cavaco belongs with the other four.  There is a good chance that you have Ryan too low at #7.  And I know that Miranda is too low at #6.  Personally, I would have to think a long time about whether he should be #1 in the organization.  Yes, he doesn't have the speed of Lewis and the hype of Martin, but who in the Twins organization is hitting better?  Who is hitting close to what he is?  I don't follow other organizations, but I doubt there are many others hitting as well as him anywhere in MiLB, especially at AA and AAA.
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    Five minute major reacted to bighat in In Defense of the Twins Front Office   
    Everyone deserves a fair shake. I don't think Falvey or Levine should be fired.
    That said, they should not be immune to criticism. They made terrible decisions and those admonishing those decisions have every right to do so. 
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    Five minute major reacted to Seth Stohs in Minor League Report (8/8): (Gonna Make You Sweat) EVERYBODY PITCH NOW   
    Jump from High-A to the big leagues? After elbow issues? It'll just be nice if he can make his final 6 or so starts and stay healthy. 
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    Five minute major got a reaction from Nine of twelve in Did the Twins Win or Lose the Trade Deadline?   
    I am not a fan of this FO at all but I will say that they did have a good day at the trade deadline.   Hate to see two of my favorite current Twins players leave but we did get very solid return in both.   I think there is a strong likelihood that Cruz will be back next year as well.
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    Five minute major reacted to SanoMustGo in POLL: Grade the Deadline   
    B+  I think they traded away the guy the knew they couldn't sign.  They also got return for two of the horrible free agent signings.  And, two good prospect arms for Cruz.  We also save money for free agency in 2022 since we don't have to go through arb with Berrios.  The pipeline is now full of good arms.  I am optimistic about the future, maybe even 2022 as long as the FO does a better job with free agents.  Still a decent remaining group of of vets, and a very good core of young position players.  Time will tell if the gaps can be filled properly.
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    Five minute major reacted to Brock Beauchamp in POLL: Grade the Deadline   
    To be more specific, I'd probably give them a B-. They did a very good job with Cruz and Berríos but missed with lower wattage moves, particularly Pineda. I don't see a reason why Pineda couldn't bring back an interesting prospect in the low minors.
    I'm giving them a fair amount of slack on Kepler or Donaldson, as the position player market looked really weak yesterday and there's no reason to trade Kepler if the return isn't good. I doubt they even had a real shot to move Donaldson given the rest of the market.
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    Five minute major reacted to jmlease1 in Did the Twins Win or Lose the Trade Deadline?   
    I think the Twins did pretty well at the deadline. They did well in their trades of Berrios & Cruz, getting real value and quality players that are already playing and showing success at higher levels of the minors. They got rid of Happ, who had declined from being a solid pitcher in the first month or so of the season to a trash fire.
    The demerits are not moving Donaldson, Pineda, and Rogers (arguably Simmons too) but there are reasons for all of them, I think. We just don't know if there were good options for Donaldson that didn't require them eating far too much of the contract. He's still an excellent player when healthy and he's been pretty healthy this year so if they had to eat the rest of this year's salary (ok) and a big chunk of 2022 & 2023...then maybe not ok. Pineda is a guy they might be looking to keep to help anchor the rotation. Rogers was hurt and it probably tanked his value. Simmons is still a fine defender, but it didn't look like SS defense was an area of significant interest among contenders.
    I'd say they were slight winners by getting excellent value in the trades they made. It gets pulled back a little by not being able to make additional moves that seemed to make sense, but the net is still a positive for the Twins at the deadline.
    ESPN pegged them as losers...but most of that grade is influenced by the rotten season as a whole. That's fair, but looking at just the deadline moves, I'd say they "won" as much as you can when you're selling.
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    Five minute major reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Twins Acquire RHP John Gant for J.A. Happ   
    I've been hard on this front office lately but they literally traded JA Happ for a live human being that plays baseball.

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    Five minute major got a reaction from Hosken Bombo Disco in Do the Twins Have a Self-Scouting Issue?   
    Great article.  The obsession this FO has with Jake Cave is mind-boggling.   Protecting Cave over Wade was just one of the many errors that have surrounded the decision making process regarding playing time and protecting Cave.   It was clear that this was a poor decision on Day one regarding Wade.    The pitching errors are dreadful as well.   To continue to protect older AAAA relievers over younger prospects is borderline criminal.  
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    Five minute major reacted to twins_89 in Do the Twins Have a Self-Scouting Issue?   
    The twins front office has made a number of mistakes on the edges of the 40 man roster (Zack Littell is another example), but I'm not sure they are worse than the majority of teams in the league. 
    The mistakes that frustrate me the most are the trades of Luis Gil and Huscar Ynoa. Trading them for Jake Cave and 1 game of Jaime Garcia were blunders that are looking pretty bad today.
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    Five minute major reacted to redstorm in Getting $10M better than getting a solid prospect?   
    Isn't the opposite also true then?
    Say they spend $140M on payroll, but pocket the $10M. Then they actually only spent $130M, since they would have kept the $10M?
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