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  1. Interested to read your reasoning behind your username. I've always thought he sounds ok, but he must have said something? 

    Thanks. Go Twins!

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    2. Fire Dan Gladden

      Fire Dan Gladden

      I am at a constant loss as to how anybody can like what he brings to the game.  The folksy, aw shucks garbage is suited for High School, not MLB games.

      Provous is considered one of the better PBP guys out there, to take him off the mike for 3 innings a game is a travesty.

    3. Reptevia


      Agreed. He is the worst PBP guy in Minnesota not named Allen. 

    4. Fire Dan Gladden

      Fire Dan Gladden

      PA is a homer, but he isn't a terrible announcer.  He speaks legible English, you know what is going on when the game is being played, you don't have to figure out what is happening based on crowd noise during dead air, he doesn't immediately repeat what his co-host says word for word acting like it was an original idea  Can't say the same regarding Gladden.

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